An Interview with Judy Carroll

An Australian “Contactee”

by Brent Raynes

Judy Carroll is an Australian “contactee” whose interactions with “the Grays” she reports have been quite positive for her. She is the author of the soon to be released book The Zeta Message. For more information and updates visit her website:

Brent Raynes: Judy, you're an Australian who has had a life-long and ongoing experience with what are commonly referred to as "The Grays". Could you please share with us some about yourself and how this all began?

Judy Carroll: Hi Brent. Yes, I’ve had ongoing contact with the ones known down here as “Grays” since early childhood. The first contact I can consciously recall was at about age 3, and occurred at our family home in Brisbane, Queensland, where I lived with my mum, dad, elder brother and grandmother. I still recall being taken by a tall, thin female person with whom I felt deep familiarity. We went to a “railway station” up near the top end of our street where we boarded a “train”. The woman, whom I thought of as a grandmother-figure, held my hand tightly and protectively, just as an adult would with a 3-year-old child.

The event was exciting and enjoyable, and so clear in my mind that on several occasions afterwards I asked my real-life grandmother to take me on the train again. Of course she had no idea of what I was talking about, pointing out to me that there was no train station anywhere near where we lived, and that it must have been a dream, but even at that age I knew it wasn’t, and every time I thought about it, my mind seemed to split in two. I could never recall what happened after we actually boarded the “train”, but the memory of walking towards the open carriage door is still clear in my mind to this day, over 50 years later.

I now understand about the screen images used by the Grays (and we also create these images ourselves on a subconscious level to cover experiences that our mind isn’t quite ready to handle). This experience obviously took place in an altered state of mind, as many ET encounters do, and in such cases it’s the astral (spirit) form that is taken, leaving the physical body safely tucked up in bed, often immobilized in a state of paralysis for safety.

Brent Raynes: Your "Grays" have actually encouraged you to evolve, to develop spiritually I understand. You don't perceive them the way many do, as ruthless, evil, and/or uncaring. To you they have been positive and nurturing in your life, right? Can you please share with us details of this facet of your experience please?

Judy Carroll: Wow, that’s a big question to answer, because I’ve had evidence of their caring and protection on many occasions. As a child I did experience a lot of fear – of eyes, of puppets and clowns, of birds and of the dark. I can’t consciously recall anything scary happening to me, but the fear was there right up until my teens. Over the following few years I don’t remember much happening apart from a weird experience with an owl that flew under our house in broad daylight and perched on a rafter directly above my head, but in 1983 at age 30 I underwent a very full-on daylight encounter during which several of the beings appeared beside me, blocking the light coming in a window. This experience began with the paralysis, which really scared me, but as soon as I saw the beings my fear completely dissolved. It was like I recognized them as “family”, and my response was: “Oh, it’s only you! That’s okay then!”

During this encounter I was aware of an exchange of information between us, and a downloading of guidance/instructions, and from that point on, my life changed dramatically for the better. Completely out of the blue I developed a strong urge towards spirituality, to learn to meditate and to do Tai Chi (although I hardly even knew what that was back then). Until then I’d been a very physically-oriented type of person leading a busy life - a dancer by profession and running a cleaning business with my husband, as well as looking after a number of animals on our acreage property. But after the encounter came this urge towards pursuing a more spiritually-oriented life-style.

Over the next couple of years many changes took place for us, with a move back to the city, lots of “amazing coincidences” happening, and opportunities being literally dropped into my lap to learn those things I’d been advised to learn by my gray friends. They’d actually told me that I was to eventually teach Tai Chi, which I now do, as well as Reiki, which they also guided me into through a meditation group I attended for a period of 8 years.

Sitting in this meditation group gave me the opportunity to master the art of automatic writing, and from then on, huge amounts of teaching and very beautiful messages started coming through from the “Grays”. This information has helped me enormously through my life, as well as touching the hearts and minds of many others around me. In 2000 I was called upon by a mutual friend to help out a family going through some very heavy, full-on contact with the Grays. Once they were reassured that there was nothing to fear, one of their children, a 12 year old girl, established full conscious contact with one of the Gray teachers (the tall “Grays”), who proceeded to provide amazing confirmation by repeating messages to her that I had been given earlier on (unbeknown to her). The mother of the family, Helene, kept very careful diary notes of this very full-on contact that went on in their home for a period of about 3 years. These have been described in detail in a book Helene and I have co-authored, which covers my earlier experiences as well as the experiences of this family.

The gray teachers have provided us with pages of wonderful information, on human evolution and consciousness, on energy, on the nature of the universe, God, the whys and wherefores of so-called ET “abduction” and implants, the 2012 shift and lots more, and it still keeps coming.

Brent Raynes: A few years ago, you had a very powerful, profound sounding experience after visiting an ancient site in England. Can you tell us more about that?

Judy Carroll: In 1995 I visited the UK for a family gathering, and was taken to the Rollright Stones on the Oxfordshire border. It didn’t even occur to me at the time, but we happened to go there on the day of the mid-summer solstice, and I “just happened” to be standing in the very centre of the circle at 12 noon. I’d noted the time because we had to be back in Oxford for an appointment that afternoon. I was aware of a lot of energy in the circle, but nothing more at the time. When I returned home to Australia a couple of weeks later, I started to become aware of deep energy shifts in my body. I kept experiencing a strange sort of inner shaking sensation, and had difficulty going amongst crowds of people in shopping centers and on public transport.

Three weeks later I experienced a most amazing “dream” one night in which I was taken back to the Stone Circle in the company of the gray beings. They laid me down in the very centre of the circle and held me down firmly as a long needle with a most beautifully-faceted light blue crystal on the end was plunged straight into my Third Eye chakra point. It really hurt, and I yelled out and struggled, pleading with them to pull it out, which they did. The next morning I woke, remembering the experience but putting it down as just a very vivid dream – until I examined my face in the mirror and saw the small red mark exactly where the needle had gone in. Not long after this event, the idea came through to begin writing about the Grays and their contacts with humans, but to present the material from their point of view. This was to help dissipate the fear, and to help people understand more clearly what is really going on during encounters with them.

Brent Raynes: What seems to be the essence of the message that "The Grays" wish to communicate with humankind, and why do you think that it has gotten so garbled or distorted over the years?

Judy Carroll: The “Grays”, or Guardians as I call them, are caretakers of energy within the universe. Their job is to assist in the process of human evolution. Evolution is more a spiritual process rather than being purely physical, and is linked in with reincarnation. It’s a process of spiritual growth, and a major part of spiritual growth is moving beyond the fear barrier – fear is the opposite to love, and while we remain in a state of fear we cannot evolve further as a species. All the negative things that happen on Earth in the way of war, racism, religious intolerance, the need to indulge in destructive behavior such as taking drugs, drinking to excess etc are all born out of fear, which keeps us vibrating on a very low energy frequency, thus blocking our ability to evolve to higher frequencies.

Part of what the gray Guardians are doing is helping people to bring these sometimes deeply hidden fears (often based in past lives) to the surface so they can be dealt with more effectively. While fear remains hidden on deeper levels of the psyche it cannot be properly addressed or cleared. This is the reason why some encounters can be scary. Evolution in the Human Kingdom is all to do with expanding our level of conscious awareness. As psychologists tell us, we are only able to access about 10 percent of our potential consciousness. This process of expansion involves breaking through the limitations of fear to connect with the energy of unconditional love, which humans call “God”.

Beings on higher levels of what the Guardians refer to as the “Human Ladder” (the cycle of human evolution through the universe) are able to access much deeper and broader layers of conscious awareness. Planet Earth is actually right at the very bottom, while those at the top are basically pure mind – 100 percent pure conscious awareness and no longer needing to express through the limitations of physical form. These are the ones Humans of Earth think of as “Angels”.

The problem the Guardians are up against on Earth is the fact that people here are more “unconscious” than conscious, and therefore still caught up in fear. Planet Earth is basically a very fearful place to be. During an encounter experience, this fear forms an impenetrable barrier around the so-called “abductee”, cutting them off from any attempts the Guardians may make at communicating with them. The Guardians communicate telepathically, and for a human to pick up on this they need to be in a relaxed, alpha state of mind, otherwise the ETs just can’t get through.

The other problem is that there’s a lot of interference from right down here, which is a major cause of distorted messages and information being put out. This is the MILAB stuff they talk about. Their job is to make the real Guardians appear negative. My feeling is that there’s a lot more of this type of interference than many people are aware of, and also more of these type of “abductions” than genuine ones. What is often not understood is the fact that this interference often takes place on the astral plane, where they can easily mess with peoples’ minds. Some of the “channeled” information coming out about ETs and the so-called “Grays” is an example of this.

Brent Raynes: If our readers wish to learn more about your experiences and your thoughts on this very controversial and thought-provoking subject, how can they go about learning more?

Judy Carroll: People can go in and have a look at my website at I also have a couple of books out now, which were published in Australia and are available from Zeus Publications via the link on my website. These are presented as “fiction” but are firmly based on fact, and contain a wealth of information and messages from the Guardians. Our non-fiction book, entitled The Zeta Message, published by Wild Flower Press, is due out mid-year and will be available through Amazon.