An Interview with Hector Jusino:

An Alien Nightmare, a Spiritual Quest, and a Search for Elusive Answers

by Brent Raynes

I met Hector Jusino while attending the MUFON UFO Conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on Saturday, December 5, 2009. I had been invited to do a one hour presentation on close encounters, after which I was approached by Hector and got to speak for a few moments with him. Hector was one of the attendees and at one point during the meeting he stood up and shared some details with us of his own close encounters with UFOs and alien beings! His personal story is quite fascinating and thought-provoking, and at times it sounded like it must have been quite frightening too. Originally from Puerto Rico, today Hector lives with his wife and two children in Clarksville, TN.

Hector is scheduled to do a talk on his experiences in the Memphis area on March 13th. Further details will soon be forthcoming at:

Brent Raynes: Hector, you were born, raised, and educated in Puerto Rico, where at an early age you and some others had an extraordinary, life altering and frightening experience with some very strange beings. Please share with us some details about your early life and that unusual experience.

Hector Jusino: Well, I am 52 years old. I was born, raised and educated in Puerto Rico. I have a degree from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. I served in the US ARMY for 24 years and retired in 2004. My first

paranormal experience was when I was12 years old during a religious retreat of a Presbyterian Church (my mother was a member). The second experience happened when I was 16. At this age I went on a trip around the Island with a group of friends from high school. Two of my friends acquired a couple of Jeep Vehicles that were what we call an SUV today. Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long and 35 miles wide. In other words, you can go around the Island in a day if you wish. We wanted to go around the Island, stay one night at the

beach, and then go to the highest mountain on the Island and camp there for a night. The name of the mountain is El Yunque. It is a federal reserve, a rain forest. We made it to El Yunque late in the afternoon.

We did not have tents, so we were looking for a dry place where we could sleep. We found that the Ranger's station could be a great place to stay. The ranger's were gone for the day. The station had a huge awning, and there was a gazebo with a grill where we could cook. At the gazebo was the first encounter that we had that night. I was walking to the gazebo with another two friends to start the fire. It was that time of the day that is not dark yet, but is not full day either. Then, in the bushes behind the gazebo, we saw a humanoid figure, sort of a shadow, One of my friends asked "What is that"? Then I asked him for a flashlight, and when I directed the light towards the animal, he ran so fast that we could not tell which way it went. Then it came back, went between us and ran towards the vehicles knocking down one of our friends and leaving a trail of broken branches. We ran scared towards the vehicles. We were asking each other to be able to identify what kind of animal was that and we decided that there were mountain cats (there is no such animal on the Island). Later that night we went to sleep under the awning in our sleeping bags. Our sleep was interrupted by several bats flying under the awning. There were so many that we decided to abandon the place and move out and off the mountain. While traveling down the mountain we saw three humanoid animals

standing by the road. The road is very narrow. I was sitting at the passenger's side of my vehicle, so I had a very good look at these animals. The tallest one was over five feet tall. The other ones were between 4 and 5 feet tall. The face was triangular and resembled a dog. The arms were long and skinny, ending in claw-like hands, and the legs were long and skinny ending in something that resembled hoofs. The eyes were orange and they were shinning in the dark. At this moment we went into a daze, then we found ourselves out off the mountain, close to a baseball park. About 2 1/2 hours had passed. We have no recollection of what happened during that time. All my friends were like in a trance, I saw a police car coming and I got out of my vehicle with another of my friends and talked to the police. They asked us the reason we were parked over there so late at night and we told them that we were looking for a place to camp. We were told that we could not stay there, that camping was allowed only on the mountain. We decided to go back to the Ranger's station. Going up we saw two more of these animals. By the time we arrived at the station we were tired. We went to sleep in the vehicles. In the morning, during a conversation with the rangers, they told us that on the radio some people were talking about seeing UFOs in the area and seeing the animals we saw that night.

Brent Raynes: I believe on the Night Search interview I heard you state a specific date in October 1973 when your creature encounter happened in Puerto Rico.

Hector Jusino: The date was the 20 of October 1973.

Brent Raynes: Were the luminous eyes reflecting light from the jeep headlights or were they indeed self-luminous like a lightning bug?

Hector Jusino: The animals I saw had self luminous eyes, orange in color.

Brent Raynes: Another question that comes to mind: in your radio interview on Night Search with Eddie Middleton, didn't you state that people disappeared around the same time you and the others saw those creatures in Puerto Rico in 1973?

Hector Jusino: Yes, during the 60's and the 70's people disappeared at El Yunque. Some of them were soldiers, some were civilians, but most of them were children. Jorge Martin, a Puerto Rican ufologist has several articles on these disappearances. In some of these articles, he talks about people disappearing after seeing similar entities to the ones we saw. The 70's was very active on the mountain. Today most of the mountain is off-limits to the general population.

Brent Raynes: The memory of that being experience certainly never left you. How did it shape and influence your life, and what other experiences and influences may have also brought about changes in your life as well? When we met back on December 5th in Murfreesboro at a MUFON conference you told me that you had been on quite a journey searching for answers and that this indeed had affected you and others who were with you at the time.

Hector Jusino: My first experience was when I was 12. I was in an outdoor chapel in a religious retreat. We were praying and noticed a very bright and small light traveling towards us in the sky (it was about 7 PM). The light became bigger and bigger and stopped in front of us. It was huge, perfectly round. It had no noise and was shinning in a white-bluish color. The orb was floating above a cross that is on the chapel. Then it started to send rays of light up, down, left and right. At this time we believed that this was a miracle. Then the Orb sent a ray of light toward us, illuminating the whole area with a very bright light. Then the orb regained the original shape, became smaller and flew away very fast, disappearing into the sky. After this event people started to tell me that I was selected by GOD to fulfill a mission that never came. Since that experience, for the rest of my life, I have been having paranomal experiences that make people think that I have something special. The truth of it is that I do not have anything special. I was for many years believing that there was something spiritual to these experiences. I joined many churches and ended up frustrated. Then I joined groups of New Age believers, only to get to the same spot I was with religion.

I decided after retiring to research about my experiences and concluded that there is not a religious or spiritual thing to them. It seems that I have been abducted, but in reality I do not know, I am still looking for answers.

Brent Raynes: What have your ongoing paranormal experiences since age 12 consisted of? Were any of them beneficial, like healings?

Hector Jusino: After the two experiences mentioned before, I started to have some sort of psychic ability. I could tell what was going to happen a few minutes before it happened. I would develop a migraine headache and get sick after these episodes. I used to hate them. They were out of my control. My peers thought I was weird. Also I didn't like getting sick. After these experiences, life went kind of normal for a while. I graduated high school, went to college and graduated. Then I joined the Army. During all these times I had these episodes where I could tell how people felt inside. Sometimes it was very disturbing to feel people that way that I did not know, I could feel their happiness, sadness, and sometimes I could see their "dark side". I would get visions in my mind too. They were like flashes of information with no particular order. Part of the time my mood would be affected by it. All of this had me very confused.

One time I was driving at night on a highway in Puerto Rico. I looked at a sign on the road and then when I looked again I was driving on the opposite side, miles away from the initial location, and I could not recall how in the world, in the blink of an eye that this had happened. That was my second missing time experience. Later on, while I was stationed in Fulda, Germany, the Red Cross sent a message that my mother had a stroke and was in danger of dying. I was sent home to take care of my mother who was living alone at the time. While she was recuperating from the stroke, she had a very wild dream. She was excited about the bizarre dream, She wrote the dream on a piece of paper for me to read. Due to the stroke she could not speak. The dream was long, but basically she said that she had been taken to a place and showed where she was going to live after death. I read the dream and did not pay too much attention to it. The next day, we flew to Alabama to my brother's home. He was going to take care of her for awhile. During the time I spent there, I met a woman that sat me down at my brother's house and told me in detail the dream that my mother had the day before. She also told me about things that nobody knew about myself but me. During that time she told me that she met me in a tower where there were many bodies in an unconscious state. She also told me that she had been in my dreams. Besides that she told me that she was going to take me to the tower but that I would not remember. Also, my mother showed up in the kitchen where we were talking and got very excited. She told me that this woman was in her dream. She told my mom to sit down and listen to his son's secrets. Later on I had my third missing time experience. Years passed and my life continued to have strange phenomena. I went to visit my brother with a friend. We went out to party. While I was in the bar of a Shananigan's in Enterprise, Alabama, my body started to get so hot that people around me started to make comments about it. I decided to go back to my brother's house. My friend stayed back at the bar. I went to sleep. I do not recall getting up the whole night. My friend said he came to the room and did not find me. He also said he saw someone in the room in the dark and got scared, My friend said that he saw a woman in the room. Her description is very similar to the woman that talked to me about my mother's dream. Her name was Isabel. My friend never met Isabel. Later he found me in the bed. He was freaking out!

About the healings I had one. This happened here in Clarksville, Tennessee, in 2006. After 24 years of Army life, I wound up with arthritis. One time after retiring in 2004, I went fishing in my boat with a friend. While I was in the boat, I got up to grab a coke and after that could not get myself straight. Due to the arthritis my spinal cord got crooked. It was so bad that I wound up in a wheel chair for three days. After therapy and medication, my spinal cord stayed crooked, to the point that my pants were hanging from one side. One night I had a dream. In this dream there was a man that told me that he was going to do me a favor and fix my back. After the dream, I got up with excruciating pain. The next day my back was straight and I never had to take pain killers, To this day, I have no problems with my back.

Brent Raynes: Did the others with you, either in regards to the UFO sighting or the creature encounters, afterwards experience any paranormal events or undergo any other significant experiences or changes in their lives?

Hector Jusino: Other people that have been with me, have seen things, but their lives are normal as far as I know. Now the others that were with me at El Yunque have never talked about the experience. When I address the subject with them, they change the conversation, or they tell me directly that they do not want to talk about it. Some of them grew to be loners and sort of eccentric. Two of them never married. I lost contact with them, so I do not know if they have paranormal activity or not.

Brent Raynes: You sound like you feel as though you've been let down spiritually. Has that part of your journey not offered anything positive or reassuring for you? What has been your greatest feeling for being let down, and what has spiritually been your greatest awakening to whatever truth you have come to perceive?

Hector Jusino: In terms of the spiritual experience, they have not been good and fulfilling. These experiences have been scary, have confused me, are illogical, have no true meaning, and after many years of seeking for God, I have gotten to a place where I believe that this is not God. I actually think that I have never experienced God. I am almost sure that if there is a God, then God is not interacting with me. Also, I asked God to tell me what my mission was. I never got an answer. I asked for the meaning of these experiences and I got no answer. What I started to realize is that my experiences, as well as the religious experiences, are paranormal experiences that we do not have an answer for. Out of these experiences people trying to understand them have developed religious beliefs. Also I started to realize that my experiences are similar to the experiences of people that have been abducted. To this day I do not know the truth, but I know that this is not God.

Brent Raynes: Could not man's psychic abilities be the spirit part of him (and her) that is a part of God, although whether it is of God directly depends on how that power and energy was being used? Some psychic/paranormal phenomena might conceivably be of God, some could be of natural and generally neutral character (like telepathy), and then some might be of a trickster/demonic/negative nature that is imitating Godly qualities. Does that sound about right?

Also your dream and the healing from your arthritis sounds like something that could have been of God, could it not?

Hector Jusino: This statement makes sense, but the problem is that there are so many things that anyone can speculate about. Many people told me that It was God, others the devil, and others aliens. I do not know. What I know is that we as humans do not know and many try to make sense of all these by making it divine. The truth is that nothing of these makes sense, follows logic, or reveals any concrete information for me to follow. It is actually very confusing. I honestly believe that if God wanted me to know something, he would let me remember. Why would God send someone to tell me all sorts of things and then tell me that it was going to take me somewhere but that I was not going to remember? It just doesn't make any sense. All these experiences, instead of making me believe in the divine, have made me question the nature of our reality, and after years of research I have found that there is no way to prove the existence of God, and maybe it is because it does not exist! Now, science, especially in the quantum physics field is showing signs of other dimensions. This does not automatically prove that the other dimensions are divine. It seems to me that my experiences are from different origins, from disassociative reactions, to non-locality, to maybe alien intervention. In no instance, have I perceived any of my experiences as spiritual.

The healing dream happened just before I learned the MERKABA meditation with the Flower of Life organization that turned out to be a UFO cult. During my meditations I saw the same persons that were in the healing dream.

The problem with religion and spiritualism is that if you research you will find out that there is no religion or spiritualism without a paranormal experience. To this day, we do not know what this is all about. Sometimes it makes me feel that we are worshiping alien encounters from the past, like the Mormons for example, or even the Christians themselves. With my experience I could be doing the same, worshiping something that I do not understand and that I do not know its origin. I am very skeptical about the whole scenario. We just don't know, so why am I going to go along with it?