A Second Interview with Khat Hansen

Choctaw Medicine woman reveals profound insights about our mysterious planet and its multidimensional reality

By Brent Raynes

Khat Hansen explains that she is a Choctaw medicine woman, a “Soul Eater” (a type of empathic healer) whose training as a medicine person began back at the age of three. Since age five, she has encountered various spirit beings. One of these (the main subject of our interview in the April issue) is known by her people as Ste’ye’mah (what we call Bigfoot). In this interview we discuss the Ant People, the Snake People, the Blue People, and how some of these beings may enter our world in light ships through interdimensional doorways.

For more information, visit Khat Hansen’s website: http://parabigfoot.ning.com/profile/1kquxwyynnzds.

Editor: As a Choctaw medicine woman, could you please explain who and what the Ant people and Snake people are?

Khat Hansen: A long time ago Great Spirit created many stars and peopled them with others that are like us but are not like us. We call these people the star people. When the world was young a group of star people came to our world. At first they lived above the ground in houses that they made and interacted with our people. We called them the Ant people because they looked like small ants to us. They had big eyes and big heads, long arms and legs and were pale like the ant larvae. We lived in harmony with these people for many, many years. They offered us medicine skills and helped to develop our way of life and how to grow the food we needed. But, a time came when the world changed and grew colder and harsher. The Ant people could not survive in the cold and it was decided that they must move underground. This they did...all their cities and all their people were moved to underground cities and homes. They left us openings in the earth so that we may come to visit them or that they may come up to our world to visit and bring us messages of things that will come to pass. They are very sacred to us and deliver prophecies and medicine to our people still to this day. When they have knowledge to give to one that is chosen to hear their words, they will arrive and take the person with them to their underground cities. There they deliver the message or medicine knowledge as if you are watching moving pictures, over and over until they feel the knowledge is safely inside your head. Then they will bring you back above and leave you with the knowledge inside of you, waiting until it is time to share it with all. Sometimes at night you can see their light ships in the skies, then we know that they are coming for someone to give knowledge to and we know that it is very important to hear their words and to accept them and to not be afraid.

The Snake people are evil. They arrived here before the Great spirit created man. They claimed this planet as their own and caused great strife with Great Spirit. No matter what he did for them they were never happy. First the earth was too hot then it was too cold. There was not the type of food that they liked and all was bad. When Great spirit created man the Snake people decided that they were not as smart as they and would be used as slaves and food. The Snake people live underground too as it was easier for them to control the heat and the sun could not hurt their eyes. They dug many caverns and many cities connecting to each other around the world. They hardly ever came above ground except to steal men and women for slaves and food. The Ant people did not think it fair that they used us for such and told us to gather our weapons and to make war on the Snake people. With their help we made a truce with the Snake people and they stopped coming up from the earth to steal us men. But, the Snake people are evil and do not honor their treaty with us, and come up from the earth to steal men and women and children still. They deny that they do this and try to add witchery to their words to make us believe they do honor their treaty, but we know. When our children and men are missing we live in fear, and know that the Snake people have taken them. Snake people can look like you or I, or any animal, but for only a short time when they are using witchery to fool us.

They are more reptile than human even though they walk on two legs. We must be very careful when we are in the woods or alone where there are caves as they often lead to their world, and once in them you will become lost and captured. The Creature called Bigfoot is one such as they. That is why we must be careful when coming into contact with it as it is really an ancient reptile that can witch people and make them do as it wills. That is why so many hikers and campers disappear in their areas and why we warn our children to not be in the woods alone.

Editor: The shape-shifting Snake people sound like really bad medicine and best to be avoided if at all possible.

Khat Hansen: The Snake people are truly evil. There are a few people who claim that they have met ones that are nice and can be trusted, but we know better. They use witchery to calm you and fool you into believing their words, when in fact all that they wish to do is to entrap you and any other people you may have access to. They are liars and deceivers and strive only to cause grief and promote unease and unrest in the above world. Their appetite for humans is something they can never hide. They only want to trick humankind so that they have an ongoing food source for their people. We tried as people to befriend them, but all that they wanted from us was our bodies for food and slaves. They have not changed over the time. They are still evil now like they were then.

Editor: So at some point Bigfoot was captured by the Snake people and is under their influence today?

Khat Hansen: The Bigfoot is not captured by them. He is something else. He is a kind of reptile that existed BEFORE the snake people came. He shares a kind of kinship with them in this. He does not have the feelings of a man. His feelings are like the Snake People. Chittokaka (Great One) created him first, before humans, as a being to watch over this place. Humans can be food to him too if he were to choose, which is why we are fearful of him when he shows himself. He can be as an animal or as a devastator. We consider him attached to the Earth, almost as an arm for her to deal with humans. He delivers her words and watches over all that live here and will have us answer for what we do. He comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes he will come in the form of a ball of light. This is when he is the eye for the earth. He travels fast and can see for her. Other times he will be as a coyote sneaking around and peeking quietly to watch us go about our lives and making sure that we are listening and doing as the earth wants us to. His role is almost as an older brother to humanity...keeping us in line and when necessary telling the earth when we do not listen.

Editor: How about the blue people? Various traditions around the world speak of blue skinned beings. Priscilla Wolf describes meeting one. I understand that the Choctaw have traditions about them too? Are they related to the Ant people?

Khat Hansen: The blue people are another race that came to earth. They are small blue people that we call the moon people. They are big eye'd and blue, but they look like small human shaped people. I have a picture of them on my site. They are watchers like the Bigfoot (Shampe). They are everywhere and nowhere. They are another ancient race that lived peacefully on this earth until man came and started to go into their lands. We were cruel to them. We tried to take over their lands because they had already tilled them and had many plants and foods to live off of. We did not want to work when we could steal and kill them. Such is the way of man. We almost killed them all, but they left to live under the earth too as they knew that there was much space there and that humans would not follow them there. They have good hearts and still try to help humans even though there are very few left who know of them. They are nature watchers and preserve the earth. They have much magic and can make a destroyed area of the ground fertile again. They come out when the moon is full and use her magic to heal the earth where she needs it. Some people can call them... I cannot. They only come when they want to speak words of wisdom to you and you are ready to hear them. They choose who will see them just like the Bigfoot.

Editor: Can you share with us some details about your own personal encounters with so-called UFOs and what your thoughts are on the subject?

Khat Hansen: I do not believe in UFO's. They are the light ships of the Ant and Snake people. They have been here for many thousands of years and were able to bring the knowledge of how to make the ships of light with them from their homes. When we see them we know that knowledge will be delivered, or, in the case of the Snake people, bad events are about to occur…like kidnappings and killings. The Snake people use their ships to kidnap men and to deceive the world of their intentions. But, as a medicine woman I know their intent and try to warn others away from interacting with them. I laugh when others tell me that the ships come from outer space. They do not. There are many worlds existing beside our own and the Ant people and Snake people come and go through these doorways. This is why you see their ships vanish and emerge so fast. It is the door opening and slamming shut that amazes people. Only certain medicine people have the ability to open these doorways to other worlds, which is why the Snake people are always trying to kidnap humans so that we will not have access to their realms. But, there are many of us who DO know and keep this knowledge safe for when we as men go to war with the Snake people