John Keel, the MIB, and Long Island’s Vanishing Cars!

by Brent Raynes

In an article entitled “The UFO Silencers,” published in Saga magazine’s 1976 UFO Annual, John Keel described his own personal, very weird MIBish encounter. He wrote:

“On several occasions I came within minutes of crossing paths with the energetic MIB. While visiting witnesses on New York’s Long Island in the spring of 1967 I checked into a motel chosen at random. Before I had a chance to unpack my toothbrush the phone rang and I found myself talking to a deep male voice speaking in a flat monotone like a recording. He advised me to drive to a place called High Hold, the highest point on Long Island, at midnight. Before I could ask any questions the line went dead. So I wearily drove up the narrow dirt roads, convinced I was the victim of a hoax. But when I reached the rendezvous point I was astonished to find a large black limousine parked and waiting. As I drove slowly past, the limousine flashed its headlights on and off. I could make out two men in the front seat and in the dim light they looked decidedly Oriental. I had to drive a few yards before I could turn around. I planned to pull up and park behind the limousine but when I drew close to it the driver started his engine and drove slowly away. I followed the car up and down the winding hills until it passed out of sight behind a curve. When I rounded the curve I was surprised to find the road was a dead end and the car had completely vanished. There were no side roads or turnoffs.

Later I decided the entire episode had been arranged to convince me that the witnesses were telling the truth when they talked about Orientals in black Cadillacs. During my subsequent investigations in several different states I had other fleeting encounters with the mystery men and their ghostly vehicles.”

In the July 1969 issue of the now defunct Beyond magazine, Jaye Paro, both a radio broadcaster and psychic investigator, wrote about her investigations into Long Island’s Mount Misery (right there at High Hold). Miss Paro documented all kinds of high-strangeness at this location. One case also involved a vanishing car!

The account came from a Mrs. Lee Canevari of Islip, New York. She reported:

“Early one evening in mid-March, my husband and I were driving on Old Country Road in the town of Melville, Long Island, trying to find a turn off to Round Swamp Road. A large old black station wagon which was directly in front of us made a right turn into what looked like a main road. Thinking this was the way to Round Swamp Road we turned also. The car driven by an elderly man carried many children, who by the way were singing. After a few minutes we realized we were on a deserted wooded road. Following the station wagon rather closely, we made the last turn of one of the many bends in the road. We could see the tail lights of the old station wagon fading away. Directly at the end of that bend we were face to face with a DEAD END sign and what looked like much heavy brush. We stopped, looked around and were completely bewildered, as the old station wagon disappeared and there was no sound or sight of a vehicle anywhere. We drove back alone on this narrow tree-lined passage just barely wide enough for one car. As we made our exit we observed that the road sign above us read Mount Misery Road.”

To see a picture of Jaye Paro, and a photograph she took of a frightening dark phantom figure at Mount Misery, go to: These same pictures also accompanied her 1969 Beyond magazine article.

Does anyone know whatever became of Miss Paro?