Do some Aliens bite??

by Madeline Teagle

March 16, 1971, West Akron, Ohio.

Mrs. Dollie Hansen and her youngsters, accompanied by her neighbors, happened to be talking outside when they observed directly to the south, a huge golden ball, with sort of rays or flames seemingly shooting out from it, making it appear like a small sun or ball of fire. At that time, they estimated it to be about the size of a nickel. As they watched, it began to get smaller, turned a brilliant bright red, then a deep dark red dot about the size of a pea, then poof! It was totally gone. No noise was noticed, and no other unusual physical sensations noted either. There was a heavy cloud cover, with scattered rain showers at the time.

Prior to this, Mrs. Hansen had complained of being extremely fatigued, wanting to sleep all the time, and only three nights before she had called relating an incident in which she could not explain a small neat pinhole with a small bruise directly over her left wrist veins, and a sort of imprint on her left thumb. Her hand was not sore or tender. However, after this experience, she found herself getting rather dizzy, and unable to walk with coordination. She fell, loosening the cartilage on her knee. When she went to the hospital for X-rays of the knee, they also took X-rays of her hand because by this time a large lump had developed on her wrist area, just above the bruise and pinhole. The results: on her wrist, either the formation of a new bone ridge or floating cartilage from an old wound. The lump is not now present and she has not had any reoccurrence of her physical difficulties.

Shortly before the above experience, on Sunday the 14th and Saturday the 13th, we had two others calls very similar and in the same general area. One had come from the Copley Road section, concerning a young lady who, while talking to her sister-in-law in the kitchen, suddenly felt a sharp pain on her right hand, third finger. She looked down and saw two small dots like bruises had appeared (they were not there moments before, according to both her and her sister-in-law) directly in line with each other. Later, when we saw them, they had taken on the appearance of a small blister with a scab forming atop of it. Suddenly her sister-in-law exclaimed “Look at your knuckle,” and looking down they both saw small perfect teeth marks on it, red and angry looking! Later this girl complained of feeling extremely tired, was pale, drawn and exhausted.

On the following day, Sunday, March 14th, another report came in from the Ellet section, in which a woman had awakened in the middle of the night to find her arm hurting terribly. She got up, turned on the light, and saw on her left arm, about at the elbow, on the inside, eight small pinhole marks, in a circle. She was chilled to the bone. Not an outer chill, but an inner one, from the bone out, and she said she heard a voice say (in her head) “Alien forces are here. We will post a sentry before you that this will not happen again.” And then she says she saw, or dreamed or imagined, she does not know which, a bubble, with two large, oversize tomato worm things wriggling inside of it. They had sucking protrusions on their mouth portions and she felt this was what had bitten her arm. She said she had never been so frightened in her whole life.

We have no explanation for these incidents, but they have been occurring with far too much regularity in the same general areas to ignore. All reports have the same general information: bites, marks, or bruises, extreme tiredness, inability to concentrate, difficulty in keeping their balance. We do not have reports such as this from other areas of the locality. Also these reports seem to follow a specific geographic line, along which we have in years past had some rather extraordinary sightings.

Report compiled by Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.