Alien Encounter Remembered?

by Brent Raynes

A few years ago, a young lady in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, shared these personal experiences in a letter. She wrote:

“In 1973, we moved to Redstone, Colorado. I was 20 or 21 at the time, very shy and insecure, and married for one year. I liked the little sleepy town, but the winters were always below freezing and I’m used to the heat of the desert of Las Vegas. One night I was out for a walk. As I was leaving the front yard I looked up to see an orange star. Then it moved very fast over the mountain tops and then dropped behind the mountain and disappeared. I thought nothing of it at that time. I knew nothing about UFOs, ESP, etc. A week later, I had an urge to go outside. It was early evening. I went out and looked at the stars and saw a large white moon rotating clockwise. It was huge! I ran inside and told my husband to come and look. And I grabbed my binoculars. We went back out to look at this strange thing. We stood there looking at the moon slowly go across the sky spinning clockwise. Soon a jet came into view and flew behind the moon, and came out leaving the moon behind. And that is all I remember.

Soon I was suddenly interested in pyramids, ancient cultures, etc. Then came Von Daniken’s book and it mentioned UFOs. Then came my craving for information about UFOs. I couldn’t get enough info! Well, through the years I was more and more tearing into books and anything about the unknown. I almost lost my husband because of my obsession of the unknown. I would get so depressed sometimes I would think of doing myself in! So in 1981, I read an article on Dr. Leo Sprinkle. I knew at that moment he was the one I was to seek out and ask him to help me.

Well I did! I made an appointment to see him. He regressed me and this is what came out! The moon was a bell shaped UFO. Somehow when the ship landed in my front yard I didn’t seem scared. I saw that my husband had been put in suspended animation. When the ship opened the hatchway or door a ramp came out. I remember walking toward the ship and up the ramp. I didn’t see the little aliens on each side of me, but I knew they were there. They must have beamed down before the ship landed.

Anyway I was led down a hallway, then into a large room. There were seven chairs in a half circle and in each chair sat the little aliens, the same type of beings as Travis Walton’s and Betty Andreasson’s, except for one, the leader! He was taller by a foot. 4 _ to 5 foot. He had two antenna sticking out of his forehead. These two beings led me to a platform. Then to a black box in the middle. I stood on the black box. Then got off. I just knew what to do! Next I remember standing next to the black box which had raised up. The seven little beings sitting in chairs around me just stared at me. I stared back. Next I remembered seeing the leader in the back motion me to come to him. I walked over to him and he asked me why haven’t I been doing my work! He seemed very upset with me. He then said ‘you will soon be doing what you are here for.’ He said my mission was to help people understand the laws of the universe and to help the people not to be afraid of the coming New Age.

He moved his lips while talking to me. Next he was showing me the control panel and a view screen. Next I was looking out a window of the ship. All I could remember was seeing us land on a red desert planet. Next I was walking on this red sand and looking at pyramids floating in the air. They had a life of their own, and they shone brightly with life. The size was about 10 to 12 feet in length, 7 to 8 feet wide.

This is as far as we got under regression. I would like to go back and be regressed further. Since being regressed I have seen many sightings, have missing time. Have the most beautiful and frightening dreams! My ESP has increased a lot! I find being among contactees is like being among family! I hope I’m helping to enlighten some people. A few is better than none. There is more. But as you can see this was hard for me to put into words. The feelings and the experiences should be felt to understand. They tell the whole story!