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Bigfoot in Lincoln County?

By Brent Raynes

Back in early May 1976, I looked into some Bigfoot activity that had been reported in Flintville. The stories were getting national attention and had even been described in the pages of The National Enquirer. One resident described for me how about five months earlier, one night around 9:30 p.m., he went outside to investigate why his dog was barking. That’s when he noticed something about seven foot tall, broad shouldered and with long hair, a mixture of black and brown, covering it’s entire body. It was standing by his chicken pen, facing him initially, and then turned and walked away. He had it in sight for about a minute. “I was scared,” he admitted. He rushed inside to get his gun, but when he returned outside the creature soon disappeared from sight down a gravel road.

The incident that had sparked so much media attention had happened a month earlier, in April 1976. It was then that his neighbors had reported seeing the tall hairy creature grab for their 4-year-old boy. Luckily, it wasn’t successful. But the man I was talking to said that two nights before that he was outside and saw it standing only 8-10 feet from their house. Again he said it looked about 7 feet tall, was “shaggy looking” and walking upright. “There’s just a silence down there when we’ve heard this thing,” he added. “We all heard something walking down there.” There’s also been described a “rotten egg” odor in connection with the creature’s presence, and a sound like a “hysterical woman crying.” The creature had also been reported making a noise like someone suffering from a bad case of asthma.

For over a year I periodically went back and forth to Flintville, to follow up on the stories and see what more I could learn. One very pleasant elderly lady who lived in the same neighborhood as the two families I just mentioned had also seen the creature, she told me. She recalled one personal encounter, back in the summer of 1976, which happened, she said, in the presence of other witnesses. She was in a nearby field and had slipped and fallen, which is when the creature appeared. She said she saw a 6-7 foot tall, short white haired creature with “real red eyes,” standing a mere 25 feet or so away, at the edge of the woods, just watching her and her friends. It had an upright human-like form, but with a pointed head and eyes that looked a little bigger than a regular human’s eyes. She said she and a neighbor had seen it eating potato peelings she had thrown out. She didn’t seem afraid of it, and added, “Why don’t you come down and see it.”

During my initial visit, there was even a young man on hand from New York City named Lee Frank. He explained how he was a skin diver and photographer who had spent some six months at Scotland’s Loch Ness, looking for their legendary “monster.” We went to Pizza Hut in Fayetteville with one of the witnesses and discussed “monsters” over pizza. Later, in the January 1977 issue of High Times magazine, Lee Frank’s article about his investigation was published. Entitled “Stalking Bigfoot in the Land of Cotton,” he described how he himself encountered the chilling “silence”, but that wasn’t all. One man, who he had been a staunch “UFO disbeliever,” had earlier on this particular night, along with another witness, seen “great glowing spheres just above the trees several times.” I had also heard about these “glowing spheres” from one of the other neighbors myself, a man who admitted to me, “I do not believe in flying saucers,” and was at first very reluctant to share with me what he had seen. At any rate, Frank wrote that he and the others heard what sounded like heavy footsteps coming towards them. He wrote: “The thuds approach the wide part of the path 25 feet away, still behind trees; they swerve to the left and change to what sounds like a loud mechanical clicking. Like baseball cards snapping against wheel spokes, only slow, about two clicks per second, and much louder and very mechanical. The clicks come from a height of nine feet. In four seconds, the noise abruptly ends and there is nothing but dead silence.”

Bigfoots, “glowing spheres,” the “dead silence” and “mechanical” clicks? What is going on? Is it a biological mutation, a “missing link”, some sort of alien visitation, or some sort of poltergeist-type activity? Whatever it is, over the years, many others in this area and throughout the world have had similar encounters. Many will keep silent for fear of ridicule. I know one of the witnesses I had spoken with wished he had kept silent. “People have been coming into the area with guns looking for the ‘monster,’” he said. “I’ve lost a lot of sleep,” he also complained, telling me about the crank phone calls he’d gotten all hours of the night.

The “monster” wasn’t his problem at all. It was the people.

By the way, I just wrote this same story for The Elk Valley Times (Fayetteville, TN) also, published in their October 27th issue, and a woman who has lived in Flintville all of her life just emailed me and come to find out the gentleman I described, who had seen the hairy creature and mysterious globes of light (even though he didn’t believe in such things), and had lost a lot of sleep over these happenings, well turns out that he was her uncle. “I was a little girl,” she recalled. “I remember one time there were several newspaper journalists and magazines up here investigating ‘Bigfoot.’ I also remember one night several hunters were here hunting it. …I do remember a couple of times hearing a scream. Once when daddy was building a storm shelter we heard a scream down in the woods below where he was building it. He sent us kids into the house because we didn’t know what it was. Another time he was working on something in the garage and we all were out there and we heard something. He thought it might have been some peacocks that my aunt and uncle had, but they said they were quiet. As for the smell, I remember one night lying in bed, the window was open and we could smell a rotten smell coming through. …One night, my dad and three others were standing in the driveway here and something came across the road into the field. They all followed it. The crop (I can’t remember if it was corn or wheat) was laid down in a path across the field. We had some other aunts come up and we went over to my uncles and he took us down in the field behind the house and we saw this huge footprint in the ground. We thought we heard a rustle in the woods and left. ….I never wanted to be outside at night because of everything. …. I do remember him [uncle] talking about ‘globes of light.’ I have seen one. It came to the top of the tree line across the field and then just shot to the left and was gone. …A lot of people at the time thought everything was just a hoax. It may have been. Who knows.”