Editor’s Note: The following report was of a UFO close encounter case that Aileen Garoutte, former director and founder of the UFO Contact Center International, looked into back in 1987. The identity of the witnesses have been withheld but are on file.

1970's Close Encounter in Skamania, WA

by Aileen Garoutte

Date: 03/08/78 or 79

Time: After sighting looked at clock and noted 3:26 a.m.

Location: Skamania, Washington.

C was visiting two friends, TF and KF, at a trailor home. He stepped outside to heed the call of nature, and began listening to the coyotes. The coyotes were “yelping profusely” and then they stopped “simultaneously.” Then he heard a “rumbling noise” and then saw an “ultraviolet light from the north.” He wrote: “A large spacecraft with three colored screens in the front and a large rotating red light on the bottom center stopped in front of me at approximately 200 feet above the ground. The center colored screen became transparent and I could see a man standing about center in the window looking down at me. He had a 50:50 mix of black and white hair (salt and pepper). He looked quite intelligent and also had a mustache and full beard (same color as hair). He was wearing a loose fitting white, long sleeved tunic. As I was looking into his eyes, I felt my past being revealed through my eyes starting from the present and going backwards. About two years went by and I was trying to stop it when it stopped. The man in the ship had a wry smile on his face and I broke away and opened the door hollering at K and T to come outside and look at this thing. K acted uninterested and T said she didn’t have to, that she could already see it. I finally got K to come outside and look. By then it was leaving; flying into the fog bank above the Columbia River. He then said he thought he could see it. It had two large square red taillights like a car. We decided to look at the clock to see what time it was and it read 3:26 a.m. I think of things now that happened then, that I shouldn’t be able to.”

Additional comments (by witness):

“There have only been twice, maybe three times where strange lights in my home occurred. I was about 12 years of age, when a bright bluish-white glowing sphere came through my bedroom wall from outside and hovered at the foot of my bed for a moment and then continued across the house to my sister’s bedroom, went through the outside wall and left. It was approx. 2-2.5 feet in diameter. My sister acknowledged its presence.”

“My spiritual awareness has increased dramatically with thoughts of brothers and sisters in the cosmos.”

“After my contact period I didn’t sleep for 6 days and had energy that seemed limitless. On the average, I sleep about 3 hours a day and much of it isn’t restful. I can feel an incredible amount of energy in my body at times, enough energy to show physical signs of being. I have detected energy in others and can at any time. I have been able to manipulate and interact with energy of others to stop headaches and small pain.”

This witness was born on 10/03/60.