Compiled by Brent Raynes

Karen’s Spirit Teacher?

Karen explains that she was living in Alabama at the time of her entity visitation experience. She wrote us on December 7th after reading Brad Steiger’s personal visitor experience, entitled “The Spirit Teacher Who Brought the Divine Fire,” that was just posted in the December 2007 edition of our magazine. She stated that she had an experience that was in various ways “almost identical” to Brad’s, and she wanted to notify Brad and let him know.

I provided her with the necessary contact information, and indicated that if she didn’t mind that I too would be interested in hearing the details of her encounter. As a result, we engaged in some email exchanges, and indeed her story was quite intriguing, and she agreed to allow me to share the details with our readers. She wrote:

I was 12 years old, and it was about 3 days after my grandmother had passed. I'm not sure if this incident had anything to do with her passing.

To give you a little background, I slept in a very large bedroom with my two sisters. I had one end, and they had the other. The door to the room, which was on my left as I slept, led to the hallway, and was located at the other end of the room, where my sisters slept.

I was sound asleep this night, when something woke me up. I sat up and looked toward that door, and a very bright, shining white form glided (not walked) into the room, and headed my way. I guess my younger sister spotted it first, because she dived under the covers and began shaking. Why I laughed at this, I don't know, but it's still pretty funny to think of, watching her quake and shake like that.

Anyway, the thing glided over to me, and gently took my arm. I was never afraid, for some reason. The thing had the shape and outline of Mother Mary, perhaps because I was raised in the Catholic faith, and this was familiar and comforting. She was so bright I could hardly look at her.

She gently took my arm, and I "heard" her say (in my head) "Come with me, I want to show you something." I did not hear her say the words with my ears, but in my head, and the "letters" were blue and gold.

Naturally, being 12 years old, I began to be a bit afraid, and refused. When that happened, she let go of my arm sadly, and instantly I felt all the pain and sadness that everyone in the world was feeling. I cannot explain this feeling very well, except that it was overwhelming. She then turned toward the wall, and disappeared through it to the outside.

The next morning, my sister just looked at me strangely, and said "I saw it, too."

Since that time, I have a sort of insight. I can size anyone up instantly, and sometimes I can "hear" what people are thinking. Most of the time I know who's calling (this is great for avoiding telemarketers and bill collectors), but lotteries and school test answers continue to elude me, lol. I also have had the knowledge of ghosts, and I am keenly aware of their presence around me.

I almost forgot...Later, after going through a divorce, I went to a counseling weekend, and met two people with whom I became friends for many years after. During one counseling session with a priest, he asked us what had changed our lives in our pasts. One by one, my friends told the story of what had happened to them at age 12. It was the same story as mine, which I had not told them about, because we had just met.

I wonder how many others have had this experience?

I have always wondered what would have happened if I had let Her show me what She wanted to show me. Would I have gained some insight into later world happenings? Was She going to show me what my life was going to be like? Perhaps some day I’ll get up the nerve to get hypnotized, but it would have to be someone I trust completely, and I would have to record my memories first.

I have a hard time expressing what the communication with this entity was like, except that as she “spoke,” I was visualizing what she said with the blue and gold letters. It was a beautiful experience, and even now, sometimes I will see a shower of gold or blue sparkles around me, when I am feeling particular emotions, such as great love for my disabled son.

Editor’s Note: The mental seeming communication process with the “blue and gold letters” sounds like synesthesia. P.M.H. Atwater describes in her book The BIG BOOK of Near-Death Experiences (2007) that according to a NDE study conducted by one Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D., some two-thirds of his NDE subjects had synesthesia symptoms. Synesthesia, also described as multiple sensing, is said to be connected with the limbic system of the brain and involves curious clusters of sensory perception such as associating a smell with a sound, seeing some image connected with music, associating a taste with a visual image, etc.

I would be interested in hearing from others who have had similar experiences.