A Mother and Daughter Haunted by Strange Occurrences...

By Brent Raynes

Though this case was reported to me nearly two decades ago, it remains a very fascinating and seemingly credible account.

A mother wrote to me about how she and her 7-year-old daughter in Illinois, had gone to a medium after this woman had a strange and vivid dream that her deceased husband’s spirit was trying to communicate with her. Incredibly, the apparent apparition of the husband’s spirit appeared within the mediumistic circle. Even more incredible, however, were the events that soon followed after the mother and daughter returned home. “Twice, a red light, nearly the size of a balloon came up to (my) daughter and disappeared,” the mother wrote me. “We both saw it. (And) white and gold lights settled around the plants on the table in front of the diningroom windows and blinked off and on. Green and purple ones took turns in the empty bath tub. ...One night I held (daughter) in my arms and stated out loud that while we appreciated their interest, we didn’t want to frighten (daughter), and I asked them to leave, which they did.”

“One night as I was washing dishes in the kitchen she (daughter) saw and spoke to me in the livingroom,” the mother continued. “When I didn’t answer, and then disappeared, puzzled and disturbed she went about the apartment looking for me to find me in the kitchen washing dishes, where I had been all along as far as I knew. And she has seen a young boy behind a curtain in our house, and a few faces of grown ups she doesn’t recognize, and just legs walking near me. I have been concerned, wondering at times if she might be mentally ill, but she shows no signs of mental problems otherwise. And I must say that once I saw just legs wafting through the air near the ground near the kitchen sink. And one night, on my way to the bathroom to prepare for bed, walking through the hallway and absentmindedly glancing into the dark diningroom, I saw a glowing cloud which had a human face rising up out of the floor. It scared me half to death and I slept with my light on for several nights thereafter.”

The medium offered to teach the young girl to become herself a medium, at no charge, noting that the child obviously had the potential to become a powerful psychic. The mother declined the offer though, on account of her daughter’s very young age. The mother herself had possessed some psychic awareness since her youth, having lived with her parents in a house where unexplained footsteps and other strange noises were fairly common.

In addition to everything else that was happening, the woman’s daughter next began to report seeing UFOs! “I haven’t understood how that came about since I have never really been interested in them...and I had never talked about them,”the mother wrote. “One of them was egg- shaped,” she recalled of the first incident in September 1986. “She saw this UFO through the diningroom windows. (It) whizzed by about three feet outside the diningroom windows. ...UFO was bright white and enveloped in a pale glow, but cast no light on objects nearby, and made no sound. (It was) about the size of a pick-up truck. This very puzzled eleven year old came to me and asked, ‘Mom, do you start seeing things when you get your period?’ She began her first menses that day.’”

Our long-time friend, parapsychologist and retired psychiatrist Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz informed us that such cases as this are the very “heart and soul” of ufology. “Yet how few care to notice and study this aspect,” he lamented. He often refers to the late Dr. Nandor Fodor’s Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science, for it contains numerous historic examples of mysterious psychic lights and apparitions that are similar to elements from many of our modern UFO reports.