A Glowing and Moving Orb, A Witches Howl, 101st Airborne Soldiers

by Sandy Nichols

Up front I must say that I was not a witness to the event I am about to share. I am however the father and father-in-law of two of the witnesses, as well as knowing the other witnesses. It is also important at this time for me to state that I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of the witnesses involved, and believe every word that they shared with me of their experience.

Half of the guests arriving that summer night in 2005 with their wives and girlfriends for a cookout only wanted to enjoy the evening with good friends and relax. They were war weary, veteran soldiers of the 101st Airborne out of Ft. Campbell, KY, having returned stateside a few weeks earlier from a tour of duty in Iraqi and soon to be redeployed again in 2006. Their hosts for the evening were my daughter, Theresa, and her fiancÚ and soon to be husband Bryan, also a veteran of the Iraqi war and still in active reserve. Nobody had a clue when the cookout began that a few hours later they would have a strange experience that would create an air of apprehension and leave them scratching their heads in wonder and amazement.

The cookout itself was no different than any other cookout that these guests have attended throughout the years. Hotdogs and hamburgers were being grilled and devoured; fruit bowls salads and desserts being prepared and served, and an occasional well deserved beer being consumed. The only difference between this cookout and others were the stories being shared. These were stories of brave men, all who volunteered after 9/11, willing to risk their lives in the defense of their country, of gallantry in battle and fighting an enemy whose bravery consisted only of murdering innocent men, women and children with car bombs and by other means. In the past I have asked these men to share some of these stories with me and at times have met resistance…resistance in the sense that they wish not to be thought of as heroes, but only doing a job that they believed in. As I shared earlier, one of these men was my son-in-law. As a sometimes overly protective father of his only daughter, I could not be any more proud of her choice in a husband with whom to create a lifetime of precious memories.

As the evening progressed, most of the group decided to sit cross legged in a circle on the driveway at the back of the house. The conversation was flowing freely and unabated until it was interrupted by a scream that seemed to emanate from the air itself and every place at once. Chill bumps suddenly and unexpectedly took the place of the warm night air caressing their skin. At this exact same time someone yelled that there was a glowing, white Orb the size of a basketball emerging from a seven foot tall line of bushes that ran down the left side of the driveway not more than 20 feet away. One young lady then sprang to her feet and declared with some conviction that the scream was that of a “witch,” and then ran into the house to tell those few who were not outside sitting on the driveway. By this time everyone in the circle was standing. Bryan and two other men ran into the basement a few feet away and returned a few seconds later with weapons…a blow torch and two large automotive wrenches. By this time the Orb had slowly floated through the air about 5 feet off the deck into the back yard some 40 feet from where it had first been seen. Not knowing if the glowing Orb was a friendly, Bryan and the two men began to converge on the Orb using military tactics…one left, one right, and one in the middle. The Orb seemed to sense the presence of the three and began to veer left into the neighbor’s yard. Whether using intelligence or instincts, it slowly maneuvered through an array of trees and seemed to be using the trees as a buffer to separate itself from the three. A few moments later the Orb stopped. The three continued their advance on the glowing Orb until they were about ten feet away from it when it suddenly vanished right before their eyes. The “witches scream” ceased at this time as well; its blood curdling cry no more.

Needless to say everyone became a bit apprehensive during and after the experience. The emotional impact on one soldier was more telling than with the others. He vanquished himself to the house and upon leaving stated loudly, “I didn’t sign up for this!” On the surface this might seem a little strange for soldiers to feel any kind of fear after having fought a vicious enemy in a war and having to soon face him again in the future, but not really. In my extensive, hands on research of the paranormal, I have periodically been involved in cases where the bravest and strongest of people fall prey to the fear of a ghost, a Bigfoot, UFOs, aliens (ET’s), etc. I believe that this fear is based on the belief system of each individual. The majority of the population’s belief system is based on what supposedly learned men of science and religion tell us as what is real and not real. Not many people dispute religious leaders when they tell us that we must fear God and the Devil, and that aliens are demons, and that by messing around with any aspects of the paranormal it will surely carry us to the gates of Hell. On the other hand, scientist’s state emphatically that anything in the paranormal realm is not real; that those who claim to see or have contact with such things are either lying, delusional or they are just plain mistaken about what they experienced…as in misidentifying a star, the moon, a plane as a UFO.

The brave soldiers at the cookout had been trained to fight a physical and tangible enemy who cannot suddenly materialize and disappear into thin air as if on a whim. What the group experienced that night falls into the category of the paranormal…something unknown was real and tangible and did materialize and disappeared on a whim.

From my own personal paranormal experiences, I strongly believe that most people who share paranormal type experiences are not lying or delusional; that they actually have paranormal experiences that are real; that though what they experienced cannot be seen, touched and studied in our three dimensional world, it is still real nevertheless.

A good example of my belief is fortified in a survey poll conducted for an article that Life Magazine ran as their cover story in the March 2000 issue, an article about UFO, Aliens and Abductions. I was interviewed and my personal abduction experiences were one of the main features of the article. Though the writer did a hatchet job on the whole subject matter, including me, the poll tells a different story as compared to the writer’s beliefs and so called unbiased writing style.

One of the questions was this: “Have you or anyone else you know ever seen a UFO, or haven’t you?” Though 79% answered “No” to this question, 2% answered “Not sure,” while 6% answered “Yes, personally” and 13% answered “Yes, someone I know.” Now if you take the 19% who answered “Yes” and divide this with the estimated population of just the United States in 2000, you get the rounded off figure of 53 million individuals.

Now according to what scientist’s state and believe, this would mean that almost 20% of the Unites States population is either liars, mentally ill or can’t tell the difference between a stationary star, or a big, white moon, or a fast moving plane and an unknown object that looks like none of the above...

I don’t think so!

Sandy Nichols