A Case of Alien Memories and Trauma

by Brent Raynes

“Prior to any of this happening I had never had any type of experiences as far as seeing ghosts, being psychic, or anything like this,” Ron began.

Back when Ron was about 8 or 9 years old, in 1973, he was living with his mother in Dover, Florida, when something very strange happened. He recalled details of this incident for me in an interview at his home on August 19th 2007 (he now lives in Tennessee), “One day, I can’t remember if it was a weekend or a school day, but I believe my mother and I were the only two at home. My grandmother may have been there. I’m not sure. She asked me to take the garbage out. Back in them days we had a fire hole, where we’d put our garbage in a hole. She asked me to take it out so I took it out and I put it down in the garbage hole and was fixing to come back out, and as I was coming out I heard this noise up in one of the trees. I heard this weird noise. It was right by the hole, a big, huge grandfather Oak. I remember stopping and looking up in the tree to see what the weird noise was. I remember seeing like a mist, a fog, or something like that coming down through the center of the tree, coming down to the ground, and I began to get scared. I mean, I was really scared, for some reason. That always puzzled me because the mist or fog made me scared. I wanted to go to the house, but I couldn’t move. I was stuck right where I was. I could not move. The only thing that I could remember moving was my head. I turned to scream or holler for my mother, but nothing came out. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything.

“The next thing that I recall, the very next memory, I was already like 30 yards from the hole from where I was with the garbage can in my hand, reaching for the backdoor. Calm, I was fine. I wasn’t frightened anymore or nothing. I was just reaching for the backdoor to go into the house. Then it dawned on me and I realized “Wait a minute. Something’s wrong. What happened?” and I panicked again, ran in the house and started freaking out and telling mom what had happened. My mom said, “Where have you been?” Apparently I had been missing for a long time. I don’t know how long that was because she said, “You just went outside. Where have you been? What did you see? You went off in the woods?” Because I had always been bad about running off in the woods. I went, “Mom, I didn’t go no where.” I was crying, trying to explain to her, and my mother always blamed it, “Oh it’s your imagination.” I heard that all of my life. By everybody. “Oh, it’s just your imagination.”

“My mother finally when she got sick, she passed away of cancer a few years ago, and I asked her, ‘Mom, why did you always deny this? Why wouldn’t you ever talk to me about these experiences.’ Because from that point on my psychic ability became apparent. Everything changed in my life. Everything. I was able to feel presences, I was able to hear people, living people, like a telepathy type thing.” I asked Ron if this was a feeling, an inner knowing or actual voices. He replied, “Sometimes, and sometimes it’s overwhelming because if I’m in a large group of people it’s like I hear them all at once, and I can’t take it. It’s too loud. I’ve got to get away from it. It’s been a problem with us because there’s a lot of places she wants to take me over the years that I just won’t go. I can’t deal with the noise. To me, it’s too loud in my brain. I just can’t handle it. It’s too much information.”

“I see spirits and entities, I am able to sense the presence of people, places and things. I might go someplace and see someone standing there whose not really there. I mean, of course, maybe they are there but nobody else can see them, or I’ll get a communication from something that will tell me something about the place or the person or something about what’s going on there, without (even) seeing them. But sometimes they happen together. Sometimes I’ll see the person, be able to describe the person talking to me, in detail, and they’ll have some specific message.”

“The strange thing about it is, which I think is very unique and I consider it a gift, perhaps even a service, is that if there’s someone that’s passed over (and this has happened several times) and there’s something that needed to be said to this person that was never said before this person passed away, all of a sudden I’ll get this, ‘Hey. You’ve got to say this to this person.’ And I’ll go through this process of trying to figure out who this is and what I’m hearing and what they want me to say and why. I just don’t want to walk up to a stranger and say, ‘Hey, your dead grandma wants me to tell you’, you know, whatever. They’ll think that I’m a nut. So I’ll question it, and it’s happened several times that people that I’ve said these things to, and I’ve had people just breakdown and just start bawling, and they’re like, ‘My God, how do you know this?’ I go, ‘I’m being told this right now. They’re wanting me to say this to you. I don’t know what it means. Don’t freak out. I’m just telling you that they’re bugging me right now. They won’t go away until I say this.’”

I next asked Ron, “When did the memories of the beings start?” He had mentioned this aspect in an email a few days earlier.

Ron then began to recall his memories of two grays walking him through an apparent spacecraft. He said, “That came along when I was a teenager, probably around the age of 14 or 15, when I started getting fragmented memories. I’ve always suffered from nightmares, things like that. I’ve been diagnosed as bi-polar, with post-traumatic stress disorder. I am disabled now because of my post-traumatic stress disorder, but they can’t tell me [couple words unclear] trauma. They don’t know and I don’t know, and I can’t tell my psychiatrist that I was messed up by aliens when I was a kid, that this is what the problem is, so I’m stuck in the middle and I’ve been trying desperately to find someone who does regression and could help me to go back and recall everything. If I can recall everything then perhaps all of the incidents where they have taken me, and put all of these traumatic experiences together, then I’m hoping that maybe I can get over PTSD and, you know, go on with my life.”

“It’s gotten a lot better over the years, you know, with people accepting this. But like I said, when I was growing up nobody wanted to hear it. I had no one to talk to about what was going on. …I suspect that my whole family was subject to this and my mother, before she died, she told me, ‘It scared me to death. I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to admit this,’ but there is a history of psychic ability in my family. Both sides. My mother, her sister, my grandmother, my father, and my sister.”

Ron’s brother though, he pointed out, isn’t psychic, but his sister is very psychic, and Ron’s children are psychic.

“The memories that started surfacing when I was a teenager….I was being led down a hallway, one on each side, holding my hands. At that time I was a little fella so they were taller than me, but they led me down a hallway into a circular type room, a center part, around a column with things on it, and then around the outer wall where other beings sitting at like a control station and they basically told them to turn it on and they showed me space, what was in space. They showed me this. I don’t remember our conversation exactly how it went, but it was something to the effect that we’re going to show you this, you don’t have to be scared, and I never was frightened, and to this day I’m not frightened of them. There’s no reason that I can see.”

“They showed me this stuff and told me ‘We’re going to take you back now’ and I remember telling them no, I want to stay out here. This is cool. I love this. And they were like ‘No, we have to take you back but don’t worry. We’ll be back and you’ll see it again.’ And that was the main jest of that experience that had surfaced, but since then I have had multiple experiences of lost time, anomalies on my body and different things. I mess up electronics. My brother-in-law swears I’m an alien. I walk into his house and his TV is on the other side of the wall (a four inch thick wall) and one day he was like, “Ron!” He didn’t know it was me. He was like, “Get from behind my TV!” I looked around the corner, I had other people with me. He was sitting and watching TV, and he said, ‘I knew it had to be one of you! I swear you all are aliens!’ Meaning my sister and myself. We just mess up electronics. Things like that.”

Ron claimed that he could affect the needle of a compass and that people can sometimes feel the energy emanating from his hands.

“It’s been really strange. I’m 43 years old. I’ve dealt with this all of my life, you know. I want to go back to work. I’m a heavy equipment operator, a mechanic by trade. I was working with Goodyear, Firestone. Computer diagnostics, automotive diagnostics technician. I can’t do nothing today.”

Ron described requiring medications that would prevent him from being insured to perform the work he had been doing. “I’m diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorder, all of that,” he added. “I have what’s called, and it’s very, very strange and it’s extremely rare, but it’s called partial complex seizure disorder, and I guess they named it that because they don’t know what else to call it. It’s something that happens in the brain where it’s like your brain just gets messed up for short periods of time and just for like seconds where it will like get a little nuts and I’ll freeze. I’ll be talking to you and just sit there and look at you. You won’t know that I’m doing it, and I don’t. The only way that I know is that if it’s going to be bad I can get that taste in my mouth, that metallic taste like some people who have seizures do. But other than that you can’t really tell. I never can. It took three or four times of testing me to actually find any anomalies. They said to me that it was a very rare anomaly. But I don’t know what that’s caused from, because I never had any problems like that until after I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t see, and passed out. I had an extreme panic attack where I had her [indicated his wife] take me to the hospital.”

“I drove to her job (site) and I called her on my cell phone because I couldn’t get up. I tried to get out of the seat and I couldn’t move.”

“I haven’t worked since then. I tried to work, but I couldn’t. There was too much stuff at that point.”

“I feel like the bottom line to it all is remembering what is suppressed. You know, suppressed memories, suppressed situations that I’ve been in that I can’t recall. I mean, I recall severe situations that I’ve been in. I’ve been shot at, and I had to shoot at people. I’ve been in some serious situations. I was very young, but one of the youngest things that I had ever seen was a train wreck where an AM train cut a car in half with two adults and five children, and killed them all, except for two, and that was like from here to the road and there were bodies laying everywhere. I remember every minute of it. I can play it back to you perfect. I’ve dealt with that. That’s the most severe traumatization that I’ve ever had to deal with, that I can recall. Why would that give me post traumatic stress disorder if I’ve dealt with it? I dealt with it then. It’s okay. I’ve dealt with death in my family. I’ve lost family members in death, and things like that.”

Ron complained that many nights instead of getting a restful night’s sleep it’s been like he was still awake and gone to visit someone. “The worst part about it is that when I go to sleep it’s like leaving from here and going somewhere else and still being awake and when I wake up I never rested,” he said. “I meet people I don’t know and never met before. I can come back with their names, and I’ve even looked up past things. I’ve gone back into the past and wrote down names and addresses and found them on the Internet in states that I’ve never been in. I found the people, their names and everything. I found it all. One in particular that has always stuck with me was a father who had molested and murdered his two children and his wife in a town in Georgia, and this came to me in the middle of the night and I got up, it was so intense, that I wrote it down. The street name, the town, and the name of the person.”

“I immediately got up and wrote it down, and went and started searching on the Internet for this place. I found it. Come to find out this had happened back in like the thirties. I saw the children, I saw him.” I asked Ron if he had talked with him in this “dream.” Ron said, “Oh, I was going to kill him because of what he was doing. I actually had a gun on me. The man killed himself, in my dream, because he was afraid that somebody was coming for him and they found him out, which happened that they did find him out and he killed himself.”

Normally Ron’s vivid journey “dreams” are not this traumatic or extreme. “Normally my brain stays busy, whether I’m awake or asleep, and the only thing that I can get out of it is that it’s happening because there’s something there that I shouldn’t see. My brain is staying busy so that I can’t get deeper or whatever to find out what’s really bothering me, what’s really in there. It’s just like this vicious cycle. Either I go and do whatever I do to distract me at night, because to me it’s a distraction because I can’t rest and I don’t sleep well, unless I get my doctor to give me something to just knock me out to where I won’t dream, to drug me up so bad that I don’t dream, and then I might get me some rest. Or if I drink enough beer to where I pass out and just wake up feeling like shit the next day, but I don’t like that. I hate it.”

Ron explained that people he is close to he can sense when something is wrong. “My buddy Wayne in Florida right now can tell you that ‘All I’ve got to do is think about Gray Cloud’ (he calls me Gray Cloud because there’s a gray cloud over my head all of the time) and he says, ‘All I’ve got to do is think about you and you’ll find me no matter where I’m at.’ I’ve done it over the years. We’ve been friends for 20 years. He’s been all over the country. I don’t worry about losing my friends because I can find them, and they’re all amazed, ‘How do you do this?’” Ron described how he psychically figured out about where his friend had moved to, and made a call to that area and found out his friend lived across the street from the person he called, who was a complete stranger to him. Someone out of the phone book.

“I forget what was happening then at that point,” Ron said. “I think there was some turmoil going on in his life. We’re like brothers and I can feel that with all of my people who are close to me. When they get upset, my family, my friends, my children, I can feel it no matter where they are.”

He said that he and his wife have a very strong connection. His wife stated, “I have been thinking about him and the phone will ring and he’ll say, ‘What did you want?’ Even at work, and I’ll look over at the phone and it’s him.”

I asked Ron if he has had any UFO sightings. “Multiple times,” he stated. “Especially when I was younger, in Florida, in the mid to late 1970s. One of the classic ones, and one of the first ones I ever remember seeing was like, you know, it looked the tray that you used to deliver food with the flat top with the hole in it, the plate cover? It looked like that, it comes up and it had a little thing that came out at the top. It was flat on the bottom, with an antenna type thing on top. It was the very first one I ever saw. It was a black matt color, sort of a dark grayish or black matt. I saw that one, at that time, probably three or four different times in the Dover area. One particular time I had seen it, which is amazing to me, because I’ve seen the exact same photo of it on the Internet, of the same craft that I had seen, and which quite possibly I was in, but I don’t ever remember seeing the outside of the craft that I was in. All I remember is the inside.”

“It seems to me that they’re doing something like our own military does. Over the years, the craft becomes improved, changed, more streamlined and more advanced. They change shapes, sizes, colors, and different things of that nature. But that’s the very first one that I remember seeing, or that I have any recollection of seeing. I vividly remember seeing that, and this was from here to that treeline, and it was huge. It was the size of a football field, and one particular time it shot a beam out of the bottom and it had like a dish type thing come out of the bottom of it and it shot a beam into the woods, and where we were at we were all surrounded by swampland. Just after that, and I still have a question about the correlation between the two, was the sighting of what they call a Sasquatch, Skunk Ape or whatever in that area. It hadn’t been there, and then people saw it. There was swampland, orange groves and things like that, and people had seen it eating oranges, and we heard it and saw it as well. All of this activity going on in this area at the same time.”

“My buddy and I saw it, his sister saw it, and it came right up in the yard actually, and some of the neighbors saw it. People called the law and there were people who came out and investigated, took casts of the footprints. It was all documented. Well, it was supposed to have been documented! I haven’t been able to find out too much of it. I have found newspaper articles back then relating to Lakewood, Florida, which was just east of Plant City. You’ve got Dover, Plant City and Lakeland. Apparently, the articles that I came across were tracing a line of where this thing had made its way from whatever it started from, whether that was its original starting point was being beamed down by these guys or whatever and left here, or whatever they were doing with it. Where were they studying it? But it made it’s way down through there and headed towards the Everglades. It made an area of tracks.”

I next asked Ron how soon after seeing the UFO did the Bigfoot type activity begin. Ron replied, “It was kind of a subtle thing. Speculating, of course, but apparently it had to move to feed and do whatever, and like I said there was orange groves and farmland around, and so it moved on the outskirts of homes. Because there were strawberry fields, orange groves, and there was plenty of cover, including swamp with a fresh water stream that ran through the swamp, and we also found a place that was in that swamp that looked like a bedding area, like trees had been pushed over and hollowed out to where you could go in and sleep in like a shelter.”

I then asked Ron to recall his own creature encounter. He began, “My buddy and I were walking down the road that borders the swamp. I mean, we lived right there and the UFO had beamed the beam of light in the second section of the swamp that the creek ran through and then ran across and under the road and then back to another section and then under the road again and kept going to the east. So basically what the creature did was when he left that area he followed the water to go into Lakeland and then further on south where the reports carried on from there.”

“But we were walking from his house to his father’s, and they were probably about an eighth of a mile away. It was kind of a cool night, and there were one or two orange trees right on the side of his grandfather’s property that adjoined to the other property, right next to the road. It was right by his driveway. My friend’s name is Danny and I say, ‘What’s that in the road?’ He was looking and you couldn’t really see nothing but shadows. The only light was a house light way at the end of the road. You really couldn’t see anything. It was almost pitch black. ‘It’s nothing. I don’t see anything.’ We kept walking. We were like 10, 12 years old. Maybe a little older. Finally we get like 20 feet and my buddy stops. He goes, “That’s not any shadow,” and I’m looking at him and I’m not paying any attention to what’s in front of me. He raises his arm up and I said ‘What are you talking about?’ and I turn around and look and this thing stood up. It had been squatted down on the side of the road eating oranges. When it stood up is when I saw it and I turn around to look at my buddy and he was gone and all I saw was his blanket in the wind. He left me standing there. I took off running too.”

“So apparently this thing followed us because we got to the house and his sister-in-law was the only one there and we came flying into the house and run to the window and were looking out and we were telling Kathy (her name is Kathy) telling her what had just happened and what we just saw. ‘Oh you guys are just making up stuff,’ and all of that. This thing walked up on the carport and she was sitting right there, big sliding glass doors, and then the next thing we know she came flying in the room, like to killed herself shutting the door and locking it. Got on the phone and she started dialing her boyfriend (Danny’s brother) and he was over at another friend’s house and they all came over with guns and everything and by the time they got there it was gone. But she was scared to death. I’ll never forget that in my whole life. Where we come in the house it followed us right up to the sliding glass patio doors, and she come flying through there, and like I said she about beat herself to death getting into that bedroom with us. That was the first encounter, and then after that other people in the area, in the neighborhood, started seeing it.”

“But it was never noticed or nothing else until the UFO was sighted, that my buddy Danny and I saw beaming that beam of light. I mean, we had seen it before, but never shoot anything into the woods, which is what it looked like. Shot a beam into the woods.”

I asked Ron to describe the size of the craft. “I would say a good 80 to100 yards in diameter and probably two or three story’s high.”

Before I left Ron’s home, he pulled up on his home computer the photograph he had mentioned that shows a UFO like the one he had seen several times. It turned out that photograph was one of the famous Paul Trent photos from McMinnville, Oregon, allegedly taken on May 11, 1950.