Billerica, Massachusetts: Large UFO Lifts Witness Off Home Deck

Compiled by Brent Raynes

Note: The following very intriguing report recently appeared on the website of Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research. Website:

Mr. Vike only used the first names of these witnesses. The case is under further investigation. It reads as follows:

Hello Brian, I thought you might be interested in this UFO report I filed to MUFON in December of 2004. I can’t explain why but Anne and I want to finally share our experience with others. Since this sighting strange things have been happening in the house. For instance, the microwave oven would start beeping at random. We’re on our third oven.

A shelf fell off the wall in the kitchen, which I know doesn’t sound that strange but it’s the type that the fingers on the side brackets have to be tapped down in the rails. I installed it and remember I had to tap the brackets down with a little force. For the brackets to fall off you would have to tap up on them. Strange sounds would come from the TV and radio. Anne would see pot covers fly off the shelf and land several feet away.

Many other things happened but I can’t get into them right now. Plus it would usually happen in the day and I work full time. Anne would tell me when I got home. Anne also had regressive hypnosis and her account was the same. I tried the hypnosis but I wasn’t receptive to it. One other thing did happen that I remembered a few days later. When Anne was on the floor I remembered giving her CPR. After I got her off the floor and on to the couch I looked into the kitchen and saw what looked like snow or fine pellets of Styrofoam pouring in through the sliding door (I guess didn’t shut it all the way). After icing my hand for awhile I told Anne I’m going in the garage to get the shop vac to clean up the mess. When I looked again all the white stuff was gone and the small carpet in the kitchen was dry. Also the white light outside looked like it flowed like a liquid, wrapping itself around everything. Did not notice any shadows. By the way, this happened in Billerica, Massachusetts. I know it sounds incredible but this really happened. ….

Below: The Actual Sighting Report which was filed to MUFON:

(Recount of a UFO sighting experienced by Robert and Anne)

At approximately 7:10 on Sunday night (12/12/04) I was in my kitchen preparing dinner. My friend Anne was in the living room working on a crossword puzzle. I have a sliding glass door which leads to a deck off of the kitchen. Anne and I just got home so the curtain was not drawn yet. Out of the corner of my right eye I saw a huge ball of brilliant white light coming towards the house from the west. It was above treetop level, but not by much. In my mind I compared the size to be like looking at a full moon on a clear night, maybe bigger, and as it neared it got bigger and bigger. I called to Anne to take a look. She was surprised as I was. We went out onto the deck to get a better look because of the glare from internal lights on the glass door. It stopped above the house and was absolutely huge, 2 maybe 3 football fields. The white light engulfed everything. One thing I noticed was that the light did not hurt our eyes. It hovered a few minutes with absolutely no noise. Then all of a sudden a pale blue light came out of the bottom of this thing. The thing that was odd about the blue light is that it formed a perfect square on the deck.

The size was big enough to fully engulf Anne. All of a sudden, Anne started to lift up off the deck. I immediately opened the sliding door with my left hand, jumped up and wrapped my right (arm?) around Anne’s waist. With a hooking motion I threw Anne into the kitchen, then ran in and shut the door. When I looked back the light was gone. Anne was out cold for about a minute. When she came to she said all she remembered seeing (was) the blue light and hearing me say that the blue light was square. That’s when she must of blacked out. Shortly after Anne awoke the phone rang. I was so shook up I couldn’t answer it so Anne did. The call was from my sister. She was in her car with her husband about 4 or 5 miles southeast of us.

She told Anne she saw a ball of white light with a trailing blue tail. At first she thought it was a meteorite but ruled that out because it was so low and moving parallel with the ground. Soon after the call (which, by the way, according to my caller ID the time was 7:21) I noticed my right hand was burning and there were a couple of blisters below my middle finger. For some reason that I can’t explain I knew the blisters would be gone in the morning, which they did, so I had Anne take a picture of my hand with my digital camera. I wish I had the camera with me on the deck but everything happened too fast. Anne and I are still shook up about all this but are willing to meet and answer any questions you may have.

Sincerely: Robert and Anne