An Atlantis Past Life Report

By Brent Raynes

Back in July, our own Greg Little was on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. As a result, a number of interesting pieces of email came our way. Here’s what a lady named Bonnie wrote to us about what she believes may have been her past life memories associated with Atlantis, and what happened to her when she went to Bimini. Bonnie wrote:

I have been psychic all of my life. I was born in Connecticut. In the early 1980s, I was living with my husband and son in Danbury. Little did I know that my life was about to get more complicated.

I knew when my grandmother was about to cross over and I was tired getting all of the heavy things but when she died I asked over and over that if it was all valid that I be shown what was really happening. That was both a blessing and a curse.

After the grief started to subside I started to read and take workshops. I had a really strong love for Past Life subject matter and from then till now I keep exploring the dreams and visions that I get.

In 1987, I had an overwhelming desire to go to Florida. It was so strong that there was no way I could ignore it. So we moved to Florida. Due to some very bad events that occurred in 1989, I left my husband. Meanwhile, the visions of the Island kept coming and the pieces, although I had to work at meditations and dreams, the pieces appeared. At first I saw that I was in a circular room, all marble with very huge crystals. They were all different colors around the outside of the main area that had a marble table in the center. I knew that I healed with the energy of the crystals in that room. I was teaching a bunch of girls the process and was getting frustrated with the fact that when I healed those that came to me, they would leave and then in six months come back sick again. When it was stated the other night that there was crystals that connected us with God, that was when I knew that I had to get a hold of you. I had a clear crystal chair that I sat in and when I did I would be totally connected with God and those that were there to help us. In the meditation, I could feel a shift occur when I sat down in it.

The rulers that were alien realized that I could connect and they kept asking me to get them info on the crystals. They told me that if I did not they would hurt the girls so for awhile I answered the questions they were asking me. As I got deeper into what was happening, I realized that there was a lot more that they wanted me to do and info that they wanted me to get so I started to try and put on the brakes. It did not work and I was there when the day came when the island went down. I was standing on the patio that was off of the healing temple looking out over the waters that were boiling. The sky was grey and looked very foreboding. I knew that the island was about to implode and that if I had kept my mouth shut the people of the island would not be about to loose their lives. I could not stop it and the island went down. I have asked God to forgive me for this for a very long time. I see him and he is a male, his energy is nothing but PEACE and LOVE .....He is still in my healing temple when I see him and talk to him.

This leads me to this lifetime and in 1999 I had an overwhelming desire to go to Bimini. My son and I flew out of the Ft. Lauderdale Exc. Airport at 8:30 AM. We landed about 9:30 that morning, went through their customs and took the water taxi over to the other part of the island. We went to the hotel, got the room and went to it. I really wanted to go for a walk and so we left the room. There was a small road behind the motel and our patio overlooked it. As we were walking down the road I noticed that as I looked at the water to my left there were round spots in the ocean that were a different color. They were beautiful. Then I looked at the end of the road that was up ahead of us. The road dead ended at it and there was a huge Cream Colored Church there with large mosaic windows in it. I told my son that when we got there I wanted to go in and see the inside. If you have been to the island you know that the church would have not fit the area. When we got there I had been looking at the water again and when I looked up the church was gone. I asked my son if he had seen it and he said that he was wondering what I had been talking about. We continued down the road and when we got to the bottom I said that we needed to think about supper since it was so late and he asked me what time I thought it was. I said that I thought it was about 3:30. It was really only 12:30. Time while on the island was totally different than here. When we got back it took several days to adjust to this rat race.

After eating that evening I tried to watch a little TV, which was just not happening since they get hardly anything over there. At least, when we were there. So I sat on the balcony for awhile. I went to sleep around 11:30, and thought that I was asleep for six hours. It had really only been three and I woke to a blast of pure white light in my face. It looked like a very intricate snow flake that lit up the entire room. It happened several times that night and when I awoke in the morning I was feeling wonderful.

I do not swim and during the travels on the island I ran across a dive shop that was run by a girl that also had a business in Miami. Her name was Knowla and she also did trips that went to the Bimini Rocks at the end of the island. She said that she was doing a piece with the Discovery Channel on everything off of the island and if I wanted to tag along I could sit in the boat and feel what it felt like over the rocks. We did it and during the meditations that I did in her boat I saw beautiful colors of greens and purples.

I went to the hotel to eat on the last night that we were there and that was where Edgar Cayce stayed. The restaurant was not open when we got there so we sat outside and there are such vortexes on that end of the island it got me dizzy. I had several visions as to what went on in the hotel and that is a story for later if you are interested. That hotel was not spiritual a lot of the time.