Madeline Teagle's Strange Event

By Brent Raynes

Back in 1975 and 1976, I often visited a delightful lady up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, named Madeline Teagle. Madeline was a fascinating and delightful character. She introduced me to quite a number of little known contactees from her area, plus shared with me her own many extraordinary UFO contact and paranormal experiences, of which several books could easily have been written. For example, back in 1977, Madeline sent me one of her many newsletters, and in this particular one she described a couple of very unusual experiences that suggest possibly unexpected intrusions of other time/space realms, or else really odd hallucinations…shared hallucinations!

Judge for yourself. Madeline wrote:

“A long time ago, on a lovely spring day, as I worked in my house, the structure itself suddenly shuddered and slightly, just barely, resembling an earthquake. I happened to look out the window, somewhat concerned. What had been just a lovely spring day was now a magnificent summer day with the sun beaming brightly in the sky. BUT where houses once stood was nothing but the most marvelous green grass and trees, and in the distance where cities once rose to greet the heavens, only towering mountain peaks stood majestically against the warm summer blue, and then I rushed to the window, opened it, and drank deeply of the clear, fresh air, and also heard voices. My first impulse was to think of my family, the children. How would they find their ways home from school. And my husband. How would he discover his path to me. There was no fear, and even in the absence of the other homes which once stood nearby, not a whit of loneliness. Everything was too radiant, too intense, too utterly beautiful to be lonely or sad.

And then the phone rang, as though from a far, far distance, and very slowly it seemed that I was being pulled from some place, and rather slowly moved to answer the phone. About that same time, a pounding on the door began, and this too, seemed remote and very far away, and then quite suddenly, the house sort of shivered again, and found myself opening the door. There stood a friend who, in great breathless gasps said, ‘My God, am I ever glad to see YOU’, and they then explained that the house itself had not been there for the past fifteen or so minutes, that they had drove slowly past the place where the house had stood several times to be certain it was NOT there, and it was not!! All that remained was a little grassy vacant lot. Nothing else!! And then, just as suddenly as it had disappeared, it reappeared! Further, they had checked with a neighbor, and they too had witnessed the incident, but simply did not comprehend it.

Once, when my daughter and I were looking for a house for her to rent, we drove down a well known road, in the suburbs, and were looking for vacant houses. We saw a truly lovely place with the windows all broken, and with the grass grown up in the yard, but the house itself looked new and sparkling except for the shattered windows. We were unable to stop just at that moment, due to traffic, so we drove on and retraced our steps, hoping to find out who owned the house. As we had passed it, we had mentally made a note of the house on the side of it with a for sale sign, and the other one with a vegetable stand in front and children playing opposite it, in order to be sure to recognize it. Well, when we drove down that same street, we found the house with the for sale sign, the vegetable stand, and the children, but where the house had stood was now only a vacant lot. When we asked people about it, they said there had never been a house there!!