Arkansas family besieged by UFO close encounters, missing time, poltergeists, and more!

by Brent Raynes

We met Tony and his wife Mary Ann at the Ozark UFO Conference on April 14th, and learned why they were so drawn to this annual event. Tony granted me a taped interview, which went like this:

Tony: “This is probably our sixth time to be here. This is actually the only UFO conference that we’ve been to. We had some experiences that were rather unusual and like everyone else we started to try and find out what was going on, looking for some information and for some answers.

“So we came up here and found it fascinating. A good source of resource material because there’s a lot of books, a lot of information and a lot of things to see, and this is a beautiful little town.

“We’re from central Arkansas, close to Little Rock. My name is Tony (last name withheld), and I’m from Perry, Arkansas.

“The thing that kicked it all off was December the 8th, 1990. I woke up terrified, sat up in bed and looked over about the time my wife woke up and she looked at me and said, ‘I had the strangest dream,’ and when she said that I said, ‘Oh my God, look and see if you see a needle mark in my head.’ We were both just freaking out. She said, ‘No, I don’t see anything.’ And we compared dreams. She was on a ship and they had taken her to a room and a woman came in and talked to her. Had on like a doctor’s coat and said something about she needed to cooperate with them. So I said, ‘Well, in my dream I was on a UFO and they were giving me a tour. There was these little like four foot tall bluish stocky guys and we’re walking around and I’m asking ten million questions, like an idiot, and I never got an answer. I just got like these looks, like ‘What a bozo this one is.’ At one point we were walking and I swear they slid open this drawer and it was like it was full of them, and I thought, ‘Oh well, they just use a body when they need to.’ And we went in this room and it was a table typical of this cafeteria-style table and there was four of them sitting on one side and I was sitting on the other side and I was asking them questions about the cosmos, God, and stuff like this. Suddenly, it had to be seven foot tall, normally described as a tall thin grey, evidently came up behind me and stuck this huge needle right in the top of my head, at which point I became extremely upset and said, ‘I’m no ones blankedy blank guinea pig,’ at which time I dove across the table and grabbed the creature opposite me around the neck and started chocking him. There was a loud electrical discharge noise and the next thing I know I’m sitting up in the bed, and I’m freaking out. So I’m going to smoke a cigarette, so I sit up, move over to the side of the bed, get a cigarette, light it, immediately put it out, laid back down and went to sleep, which made no sense at all and I didn’t know anything until we woke up the next morning and my wife goes, ‘Boy, did I have this strange dream,’ and that’s what started the whole episode off, and that was 1990.”

Brent: “Was there any reason that you’d have a dream about an alien being putting a needle into you, or anything like that?”

Tony: “No. I was like everyone else. I had a passing interest in it and I think that Whitley Streiber’s Communion was a big seller then. Of course, growing up I liked the Twilight Zone episodes, Star Trek and things like that, but I didn’t have any compulsive interest.”

Brent: “And your wife didn’t either? There was no background at all?”

Tony: “No. Well, you’ll have to ask her. She might have, I think when she was younger had episodes of waking up outside and things like that, but that one I had that was something new to me. And the after effect feeling was just so bizarre. It was like something really happened. It wasn’t just a gastro-intestinal attack that caused a bad dream, because I’m a pretty easy going guy but I was wound up pretty tight the next day and then the next night we were both rather fearful and apprehensive. But in time that passed.

“We never did anything about it or told anybody about it. Three years later, we ended up moving to where we are now, and things really got strange there. Wake up with marks, large red welt scratches all over. I didn’t have any more recollections of being onboard a craft or whatever it was in my dream. Just disjointed dreams and a lot of poltergeist type activity. You’d come home and all of the lights in the house would be on. You knew you turned them off when you left. Lights would go off and on, doors would open and close, toilets would flush by themselves, missing time episodes. Went out in the yard to do something about three one afternoon and I came back in about seven that night. What happened in between I can’t tell ya.

Brent: “Did it seem like it had been 5 minutes or something?”

Tony: “Yeah, I didn’t think that it had been very long and she’s had episodes of going somewhere and getting back four hours later.”

Brent: “Have you had any sightings?”

Tony: “I’ve had several. We were driving back from a softball game and she goes, “Are those planes?” I was watching the road and I looked up and there was three, what they call the delta shape, the triangle craft. They could have been C130 sized, something like that, and there were three of them, had lights on each corner. The center seemed to be translucent. When you looked up-of course, I was driving so I would look at the highway and I would glance up, I’d look at the highway and I’d glance up, and when the first one got overhead they were in a formation. It seemed like the center part had this white translucent type light that it appeared you could see through, but you couldn’t. But they were silent, floating. I looked out at the highway and looked back up, almost directly over the top of the car, and by the time I checked the position in the road and looked up again they were gone.

“I had a disk, it couldn’t have been over 150, 200 feet high. I was out having a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette, walking around in my yard and checking the sky. ‘That light’s bright,’ and I’m watching it and I go, ‘That’s getting closer.’ It starts coming in and I’m standing there, and this took like a minute and a half. I’m watching this light come at me and then I could see that it was a disk. It didn’t make a sound. It had to be 200 foot diameter easily and it had eight lights. There was white, amber, orange, red, green. I’m not sure of all the colors, but by my count there was eight lights, and there was a bronze metallic color.”

Brent: “So there was enough light to see the color of the metal.”

Tony: “Oh yes. It was just dusk. It wasn’t full dark. And you could see the workings in the metal. You could see there was stuff there. It wasn’t smooth. It had to be traveling maybe 25 miles an hour, 200 feet high, came down, didn’t make a sound. I’m standing there, my mouth to my feet, looking up. It went straight over my head and down behind the trees between my neighbor and myself where I couldn’t see it anymore. And I mean the whole episode, from the time I could actually see that it was a craft, here it comes and going ‘damn, look at that,’ then it’s overhead and it’s gone. Never a sound. Nothing else. That was probably about three years ago.

“Then last year, saw one of the gigantic—you know, the thing outside St. Louis, over in Illinois, when all of the police were following the big black triangle from town to town and different cops were picking it up? I saw something that had to be like that because this thing was immense. I was driving down the highway at 3:30 in the morning going to work and I come around a curve and it was just sitting about a 100 feet over the trees, this enormous black craft. Of course, I stopped. I had my window down and I’m leaning out my window and I’m taking up the whole highway and there was not a sound, not anything, and I’m trying to fathom how is this thing stopped in the air. I can’t estimate the size of it. I’d say it was the size of a Wal-Mart. I mean, it was just immense. I couldn’t even see the top of it. I could see the bottom edge going up and I’m sitting in there watching this, and my guardian angel or whoever tells you when you’re not making wise choices, I hear this voice in my head says, “This might not be someone you choose to interact with.” So I’m sitting there and I go, ‘Well why would I think that?’ And then I go, ‘Oh, I get ya.’ So we put the peddle to the metal and that was the end of the gawking and off down the highway we go, because I think they were trying to tell me, ‘You sit here and gaze at this much longer you might get a free ride.’”

Brent: “So this experience of getting that kind of directive, was that something that happens often?”

Tony: “No. That’s why I was sitting there trying to go, “Now why would I think that?” But like I said, I think it was a guardian angel or somebody telling me not to be quite so foolish. That I needed to remove myself.

Brent: “The place you moved to where there’s a lot of things happening. Was there any particular reason that you selected that place that might be part of the phenomenon?”

Tony: “Actually I have a girl fixing to start school and we weren’t happy with them having to travel all the way across town at four years old to go to school and we were looking for a smaller town environment to move to. Didn’t know anything about this place. Not related to anybody there. Went up there, there was a house for rent and the price was right, and so we moved.

“We had moved to Perryville, Arkansas and we lived there for five years, and we moved three miles away to a little town called Perry. Have you ever heard of Dr. Karla Turner?”

Brent: “Yes.”

Tony: “Okay.”

Brent: “She passed away a few years ago.”

Tony: “Yes. After reading her book Into The Fringe, we found out that the area where she had moved from Texas to, she said they moved to the country. Well they moved to Arkansas, and they moved to a place just right outside this little town where by chance we had just happened to move into.”

Brent: “Wow. I’ve never read the book, but I’ve heard about it. I heard that it was quite interesting.”

Tony: “There’s definitely a lot of strange things going on in that area. About two months ago, I was conversing with a guy on the Internet about how fast things can happen and I guess somebody was trying to point it out to me because the only thing that I remember is that I was sitting watching TV and I don’t remember any time missing. I might have dozed for a minute at the most, but she was downstairs and I was upstairs, and I went right back downstairs and I went to pick up my son from school and he said, “What’s that on your arm?” I looked down and there’s a huge looks like an IV mark right on the vein of my left arm that wasn’t there before. So that seems funny after we had been talking about if they want you they can take you in the blink of an eye, and once you move out of this time into another dimension of time there’s no telling how long you can be there and they can actually put you back at the same time they took you so you’d never even know it happened.

“Other than the mark on the vein I wouldn’t have known.”

Brent: “So you’ve gone from being unaware of the phenomenon to thinking in terms of other dimensions.”

Tony: “Oh since 1990 all of the books and research and lectures and things that I’ve gone over in investigating this, yeah.”

Brent: “You mentioned poltergeist. It’s a lot of different areas. Have you ever seen a being or an apparition that you remembered consciously?”

Tony: “No, just that one time where I thought I was in a “dream state” with the tour of the ship and then the one stabbing me in the head.”

Brent: “I understand that there’s something strange going on around your home?”

Tony: “It started two years ago. We live in the country and we have all kinds of animals. Bears, cougars, panthers, whatever you call them, and turkeys, we have deer in the yard at times. We started hearing a strange sound at night. It’s hard to describe. A loud, piercing, chirping noise, and I’ve never heard anything like it, and there always seems to be two of them. You’ll hear it and you’ll look, and where you think the direction of it is, because it’s heavily wooded there, so it’s not like there’s an open line of sight very far in to many directions, and you’ll look where you think it is and then you’ll hear another one in a different location and then while you’re standing there looking in this direction you’ll hear another one like back behind ya and then you’ll hear this one in front of you again. So there’s more than one, or else they’re moving awfully fast. The only thing that makes it unusual is the feeling that you get when you’re outside and they start doing this. It’s just like the hair on your neck stands up and you just get this “something’s not right” feeling. Massive tracks in the yard and she (wife) had people on the Internet look at and nobody could identify what they were. I didn’t know what they were. I haven’t seen anything but that’s one of those things it’s not like I’m going to grab my nine millimeter and flashlight and go looking either.”