Batsquatch Sighted at Mt. Shasta

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator &


Today is a gorgeous day and I am doing a little bit of yard work with

Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf w/Lil Wayne playing in the background, when

all of a sudden my cell phone rings. The conversation goes like this.

Caller: "Are you the paranormal investigator?" Paul: "Yes, I am with

HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International), how can I

help you?"

Caller: "Me and my friend were hiking around Mt. Shasta and out of one

of the crevices, flew out this big creature. I mean this thing was

huge. It was as tall as a man, as stocky as Hulk Hogan and had leathery

wings. I believe the wing span was at least 50 feet from one end to the

other. I was holding up my camera, but was paralyzed with fear as this

thing flew by. I didn't get a picture, sorry. What do you think this

might be? Could it have been a pterodactyl? It was flying or gliding

fast, it seemed to have a head of a bat. Thinking about it, it doesn't

have the head of a pterodactyl, I just saw a picture of a pterodactyl

and the heads are not similar. I would think it had the head of a bat

or maybe more like a fox. The damn thing finally flew into a clump of

trees and vanished. I heard you guys might be going back to Mt. Shasta,

if you do, please look out for this thing. If you see it, you will xxxx

all over yourself, I kid you not."

The closest thing to what the caller describes is a creature called the

Batsquatch. Batsquatch is seen at Mount St. Helens. Some people

theorize that when Mount St. Helens erupted it also opened up a

dimensional portal, in which the Batsquatch entered. Just like the TNT

factory at Point Pleasant may have caused a dimensional rift that

brought in the Mothman. The Batsquatch has been around since 1980 and

has been seen into present times.

Some small animals have been savagely slaughtered near and around Mt.

St. Helens, could this be the results of a feeding frenzy orchestrated

by the Batsquatch? If so, then this cryptid creature would be

carnivorous. Descriptions of the Batsquatch is that it has the head of

a bat, red eyes, purple skin and wings of a pterodactyl. Mt. Shasta has

not erupted since possibly 1786 as observed by French Naval

Officer/explorer Jean-Francois de Galaup or maybe by some Spanish

explorers. Could the sighting of a Batsquatch creature near Mt. Shasta

be the sign of a future eruption?

There are so many strange and mysterious sightings throughout our whole

universe. Without actually seeing the creature that the caller

describes, I can't determine what the caller may have seen with surety.

All I can do is tell the caller is that the next time I am back in Mt.

Shasta with my scouts, we will be looking for Lemurians, UFOs, Bigfoot,

ghosts, Count Saint-Germaine and


What you didn't know is that Count Saint Germaine was sighted in Mt.

Shasta. It's true. He supposedly met up with an author on the slopes

of Mt. Shasta in the 1930s. The author claimed that Count St. Germaine

told him that he was living in the caverns of Mt. Shasta. The legend of

Count St. Germaine is baffling. He was a man that stepped out of

nowhere, without a past and dazzled a French court. It was said that he

would pop up from time to time across Europe and then would vanish for a

period of time. His vanishing acts would generate gossip and rumors.

Stories abound that he was immortal, that he owned the elixir of life, that

he was a Rosicrucian, that he was a spy and a king that remained incognito.

My theory on Count Saint Germaine is that there were many people

impersonating him. One of those people was none other than Aleister

Crowley who in 1923 wrote in his diary, that he should put on a wig and

impersonate Count Saint Germaine to start another legend. Then in 1926

Count Saint Germaine was spotted in Rome. Was this actually Aleister


All I can say is that Count Saint Germaine is truly a legend and he is

as mysterious as the majestic Mt. Shasta! I love mysteries!