A Human “Transmission Unit” for Aliens?

Editor’s Note: The message below was contained in an email received by me on December 3, 2006. The writer had quite a strange story to share. Here it is:

I have never revealed my knowledge of so-called “alien abduction” to anyone other than my parents, sisters and children. It is a story that from listening to others, I have never heard duplicated.

From the time I entered college until only recently I had not seen or talked to any member of my immediate family, parents, sisters, nieces or cousins.

My recall of any actual abduction was never made conscious to me until one night last year while sitting around the dinner table with my aging parents, niece and older sister arguing “religion.” I made the statement that I did not believe in extra-terrestrial life, UFOs or the like. Everyone around the table froze in instant silence and all looked at me in puzzlement. I starred back wondering “Hey, what did I say wrong?” Finally my sister, who was sitting next to me, broke the silence and said, “Are you serious? Don’t you remember what happened to you?” I said, “What are you talking about?” My sister then said, “You have seen two UFOs and I was with you both times. Once when you were only five years old and the second time when you were at my house when you were 17.” I laughed at her and looked at the others around the table hoping to get a confirmation that my sister was lying (something she never does). I vehemently argued that she was making it up and that I had no recollection of such events. She went on to explain that when I was 5 years she found me looking out my bedroom window at a large craft hovering outside my bedroom window. When I was 17, she told me that I was outside of her house one evening and came running in to her house saying that I had “seen a UFO.” To this day, I cannot recall either of those occurrences.

One month or so BEFORE this conversation at my parents dinner table, I experienced what was apparently a “dream” unlike any dream I can recall experiencing in my lifetime. The dream began that I was sitting in a spaceship looking out a front window as we were approaching a “planet.” I was not the pilot. There were three other “humans” with me who I do not recall knowing. There were no other beings that I could see. I was not my present age but more likely a teenager because the clothes that I was wearing were positively clothes that I owned and wore as a teenager. The others were also about my age and also dressed in the same time period. The planet we were approaching was not earth. This planet was distinctively green and black in color from the distance the spaceship was approaching. The next thing I remember, the three of us were walking down what was apparently a road. There were no vehicles, beings, houses, trees, sounds, wind or “direct sunlight.” Still the road was black and the surrounding topography was green. I do not know if the green topography was vegetation or not. The environment was very humid and the temperature was absolutely perfect. We walked down this road until we came to a multi-story building complex. There were at least 4 multi-story buildings and what looked like a large airport hanger. We approached the first multi-story building. The building was made of a shinny black material. The windows, doors, frames, etc. were all black. We opened the front door and walked in. There appeared to be “activity” via what looked like some type of flashing lights, computer screens (?), but again we did not see any other beings. We walked up a stairway to a mezzanine of sorts which kind of resembled a “Mall.” Still everything was made of this common shinny black material. Off in a corner near the railing was a small table, three chairs and a computer screen. We naturally migrated toward the table. The three of us sat down and looked at the computer. All during our walk from the “country” to the building and time in the building we were asking ourselves: “What do they want with us or what do they want us to do?” We were not genuinely afraid. The computer screen was displaying pages of symbols without spaces between them. I looked at it but even having no idea what it said, something “inside of me” told me “this is Medical Record information” and explained which symbols represented the identity of the record holder. After receiving this mental message, I turned to the others and said, “This is Medical Record information and they are just watching us to see how we react to all of this. They are not going to hurt us.” After that the three of us got up and walked around the “Mall” for awhile, then down stairs and into an adjoining warehouse where we witness robotic devices moving large containers from one location to another. Still we did not encounter any living being. We walked through the warehouse and out some large open doors which looked out into the “country.” That is my last point of remembrance before “wakening up.”

One month or so AFTER the conversation at my parents dinner table I was driving up Interstate 5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. In my left ear I began hearing a sound which can only be described as computer data being transmitted over a communication line. I had many times in my life heard this sound but never had any idea what it was. On this occasion, the sound was so loud and lasted for such a long time that I became concerned that what I was hearing was something malfunctioning in the car. I pulled off of the Freeway, parked and stopped the engine. The sound in my ear was still there. It continued for almost another 30 minutes and finally stopped. After the sound stopped I began driving the lonely stretch of Interstate 5 again and almost immediately a “vision like computer screen” appeared on my passenger side dashboard. On the screen appeared a young woman (who I was familiar with but did not know). She began to speak to me. For the next two hours she told me “everything about everything.” I was able to ask her questions also. I do not have enough room to include the detailed contents of our conversation but for the most part she explained to me the “nature” of my sister’s revelation to me and my “dream.” Most importantly, she was communicating to me from the so called “alien genome” that was inside of me and had been since I was 17 years old. The information she was communicating had been “downloaded” via the sound I had heard in my left ear.

Some of the other information she revealed to me was:

1) The nature of so-called “alien” life throughout the universe.

2) Earthly Humanity position in Universe life form hierarchy.

3) The shape of the Universe.

4) The nature of the “creator.”

5) The make-up and likeness of the species from which my genome came from.

6) Distance measuring in the Universe.

7) Forms of “mathematics” and “communication.”

Her answers were mostly simple because many topics of conversation she was not able to communicate fully or at all because there were no “human” language explanations or definitions that could be convertible for me to understand.

There is much more to tell but for the most part, I still do not know whether I really believe all of this or not. I have a PhD in Pharmacology, attended Pharmacy School, Medical School and Law School. I am not religious but have the ability to perform spiritual healings and communicate with the dead, among other things. I generally avoid such activities unless I get cornered into it. I was not a very “smart” person until after the age of 18. At age 16 my recorded IQ in high school was 86. My IQ recorded after that and recently has ranged 127-132, but most of the time I feel like a complete idiot. Also my hearing mysteriously developed a very rare frequency loss after I was 17, which has never been explainable or resolved.

Abduction? Yes, I guess you can call it that. If the genome is still inside me as they told me it was then, yes I am still an abductee, a prisoner so to speak. But knowing what they told me about who they are and who we are, I really do not have any choice but to accept my role with them as a “transmission unit” to let them monitor human existence. I do not feel that they have any “compassion” (as we know it), for me on an individual basis since our life form is so far below theirs. It is like humans trying to sympathize with the activities of daily living of a flea. I hate what I am and would, without contemplation, choose death over life since life as a regular human is probably no better.