Cygnus versus Orion Debate Update: Andrew Collins Replies to Attacks on Cygnus Theory Made During His Absence

by Dr. Greg Little

For several months, a debate has been occurring on Gramam Hancock's free message board on whether the constellation of Cygnus or Orion's belt actually fits the pyramids at Giza. An analysis of the results was presented last month showing that the center stars of Cygnus fit the pyramids better than Orion and that the Cygnus theory explained the relative height and size of the pyramids. Early in March, Collins announced that he was going to move to another area of the country (UK) and that he would be unable to respond to queries for some time. However, during Collins' 3-week absence, a few supporters of the Orion theory made so many negative postings that Collins found it impossible to reply to all of them when he did return. In the beginning of April, Collins posted a lengthy and reasoned reply to the criticism, titled, Cygnus vs Orion at Giza - A Response to Robert Bauval Queries by Andrew Collins.

Collins will soon discuss The Cygnus Mystery on an interview on Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country website and also on the massive Coast-to-Coast radio talk show (best known as the Art Bell show). Members of the Edgar Cayce organization, the ARE, will see two articles on Cygnus in their May 2007 issue of the organization's newsletter Ancient Mysteries. The first article, Has Andrew Collins Found the Hall of Records?, details the alignment of the full Cygnus constellation at Giza with the possible entrance to the Giza Hall of Records marked by a star. The second article, Cygnus—Radiating Our World, was written by John Van Auken and compares Collins' finding that Cygnus may have sparked human evolution to various Edgar Cayce readings. In addition, the current edition of FATE Magazine has a wonderful article by Collins on the Cygnus cosmic ray theory.

Meanwhile, I have been reviewing new findings in evolutionary genetics and have found convincing proof that Collins' idea about cosmic rays from Cygnus sparking human evolution is probably correct. This is being written up for publication in a magazine and is scheduled to appear in 3 months. A web version will be made available after publication of the article.