Andrew Collins Astonishes ARE Conference with Cygnus Constellation's Connection to Giza and Hall of Records

• Collins & Littles booked for 2008 Conference •

by Dr. Greg Little

Virginia Beach, VA—The Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference at the Association for Research & Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach is considered to be the premiere venue in America to release new research into ancient mysteries. England's Andrew Collins, author of The Cygnus Mystery, presented two stunning lectures to an audience of nearly 300 at the conference, held on October 4-7, 2007. In his first presentation, Collins showed convincing evidence that the constellation of Cygnus, also known as the Northern Cross, was venerated in ancient times by nearly every culture around the world. Cygnus, located near the Great Rift of the Milky Way, was seen as the doorway between the physical world and the spiritual realm. In his second lecture, Collins literally astonished the audience by showing how the three cross stars of Cygnus fit almost perfectly onto the three large pyramids at Giza. In addition, Collins revealed clear and compelling evidence showing how Cygnus played a key role in ancient Egyptian astronomy, presenting details not previously released. He also showed how in 2600 BC, these three stars of Cygnus literally sat on top of the apexes of the three pyramids as viewed from the nearby hill known as Gebel Ghibli. This hill, which is now suspected to be referenced in several of Edgar Cayce's readings on a record hall established beneath Giza by Atlanteans, has the appearance of a pharoah reclining in a sarcophagus. Placing the remaining stars of Cygnus onto the Giza plateau revealed several key spots, several of which might well conceal entrances to the Hall of Records. Collins' presentations were the major highlight of the conference. The lecture had not been presented previously and revealed stunning details on how Cygnus clearly was the basis for the layout of pyramids and other structures found on the Giza Plateau.

For several decades, ARE members have supported the idea that the three belt stars of Orion might have served as the pattern for the three pyramids, but this idea has not been very useful for further research. In addition, it has been recognized and acknowledged that the three stars of Orion's Belt actually do not fit onto the three pyramids and even the Orion alignments of the shafts in the Great Pyramid are in great doubt. With the new evidence showing that Cygnus fits the pyramids, that the three cross stars of Cygnus literally sat at the apex of each pyramid, and that the other stars of Cygnus point to key locations at Giza, the Cygnus alignment at Giza has moved to the front line of ARE attention.

Collins has already been asked to lecture at the 2008 Ancient Mysteries Conference where he will present more findings on the Giza link to Cygnus. Dr. Greg Little (on American Mound Builders), and Dr. Lora Little with the latest finds in the Search for Atlantis.