Classic Mysteries

Classic Mysteries

By Brent Raynes

Another UFO Story from Alamosa, Colorado—1957

Back in 1976, while engaged in correspondence with a UFO researcher in California, regarding an alleged UFO abduction case, this researcher shared with me a UFO account from his youth. It happened in Alamosa, Colorado, a community nestled in the San Luis Valley, a location regarded by quite a few ufologists as a hot spot for both UFO and paranormal activity. After exploring Priscilla Wolf’s San Luis Valley experiences in this and the previous issue, I felt it was only right to share this classic UFO case and add it to the many unexplained aerial phenomena that have been observed over the years in those Colorado skies.

The researcher wrote me: “You asked if I had ever seen a UFO? Yes, in 1957 my younger brother and I had a paper route in Alamosa, Colorado. We had just tossed a paper at a farm house and entered the highway headed East. At this time we both saw a strange craft traveling around some tall trees, then towards us along the highway.”

“The trees were approximately 300 yards ahead of the farmhouse we left. This craft was traveling about five feet off the ground when we first saw it. As it approached it started upward at about forty five degrees. When it started upward we saw a long colorful flame shoot out of the back of this craft. Then it crossed the highway directly over our pickup. This craft was plain, no windows, no airfoils of any kind. It was oval and approximately the size of an automobile.”