Classic Mysteries

The 1977 Cherokee UFO Incident

The following report was prepared by a 36-year-old woman of Cherokee ancestry for the UFO Contact Center International back in 1985. Her identity is withheld but on file. She wrote:

It was early in the afternoon in the middle of the week in late Spring 1977. I was driving alone from Richmond, Virginia, home to Virginia Beach on Route 64. As I was nearing Lightfoot, Va., I started searching the skies and treetops for my eagle. I had heard that there was a few aeries in this vicinity. ‘Well, since 7 is my number, maybe I’ll see him when the mileage post totals 7,’ I thought. Since I had a couple more miles to go I started thinking about how and why I had always known that the eagle was mine and the number 7. When it was only last month, while visiting the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina with a friend from Israel, that I learned that those two things were sacred to the Cherokees. Both my parents have blue eyes and both claim Cherokee blood. My four siblings have blue blue eyes, but mine are a deep clear green. I was pleased to find that most of the pure Cherokees had eyes as green as mine. Dad used to say that I had all the Indian blood as I was darker than the rest, dearly loved animals, would cry over a felled tree for firewood and, most importantly, I knew instinctively how to read signs and omens.

Having just passed mileage post that totaled 6 (possibly) 231=6 could easily be corrected. I started paying more attention to the skies and treetops. Sure enough as my car approached post 232 (or combination equaling 7). There he was, King of the skies. My heart started racing and I was extremely excited. He was gliding just a little above the dense treetops above the median to the left. This section of Route 64 has a very wide median strip and the woods are so thick that you cannot even see the opposing traffic in the other lane. My eyes were glued to that majestic creature as he easily glided across the road and gracefully swooped to land on the top of a tall dead tree. Just before he lit he turned his body towards the road and threw his magnificent wings over his body and nodded his head towards me as if to give me a salute. I was definitely lucky to have been the only car in the area as I was surely not paying attention to the road. No one would believe that I saw him. What a thrill. No wonder he is sacred to so many Indians and used as a symbol of power by so many countries.

I saw a dead stork once and knew that I would miscarry the fetus that I was carrying and wondered what omen this could possibly mean. A mile or so down the road my question was answered. I noticed a large circular object hovering over the road just above the treetops directly in front of me.

“Oh, my God, it’s a flying saucer” I thought. It was goldish in color and really not too large. As soon as I realized what it was it sent a ray from it to my car radio to the middle of my forehead. The ‘ray’ made my whole body tingle as if receiving a mild electric shock that was not painful and there was a strange numbness in the middle of my forehead. The UFO hovered there motionless for a couple of seconds and then it streaked off to the right, disappearing immediately behind the trees. I understand that the psychic center is located where the ray hit me.

Prior to the UFO incident, I was on top of the world. I was opening an Arts Center in Virginia Beach, I had been doing successful award winning paintings, I was in demand socially with many, many friends, I had a new car, a nice home, plus many potential backers for the idea I was using for the Arts Center IF I needed it. A half a year later, in the fall of 1977 my family got together and tried to have me committed to a mental hospital. I could read minds, I knew events of the future (even that a woman would run for the White House in 1984). I could tell what was physically, emotionally, or spiritually wrong with a person and prescribed ‘cures’. I had many followers that would wear certain gemstones, colors or any of the ‘far-out’ remedies that I recommended. I couldn’t sleep. My daughter called a friend that is a pharmacist and accused him of giving me speed. I developed a tumor the size of an orange on my left ovary that had to be surgically removed. I knew what people to be around if I needed to absorb their particular energy, I became a ‘psychic vampire,’ to quote Blavatsky. I had the power to mentally move objects (reliable witnesses that I knocked a man against the wall and was mentally holding him on the floor in severe pain because he angered me. My mother and a Jewish friend intervened. That was done with only the mind). I went to the Edgar Cayce Foundation for help. Their laying-on-of-hands-healing, and the man that tried to heal me, was slammed across the room by some force in my body that I had no control over. The room was full of people and no one could understand what happened. I have a theory now as to why. But that’s another story. The strongest ‘power’ that I had was to impose my will on others. I could bid people to do as I wished, to my near damnation. I quickly gained the reputation of being a witch. It was my newly acquired Jewish friends that stood by me and more or less ‘saved’ me.

I lost everything, my shop, my car, house, friends, left ovary, and almost my mind in just a few short months. I became agoraphobic and isolated myself from people. I quit talking about psychic phenomena, the mysteries of Egypt, the Aztecs, Mayans, Atlantis, and quit claiming to be the reincarnation of the last High Priestess of Isis. But I did not stop thinking or writing about it. I have stacks of paper that I wrote of all kinds of subjects that I did not even think about prior to the UFO incident. This Spring is the first time that I have been able to do any serious painting since 1977 and I’m just beginning to feel normal again.