Classic Mysteries

An Investigator’s Tale

by Lynn Williams

Recently a close friend of mine came to me and asked that I check out not only her family home but also another structure on their farm. Stephanie told me of seeing the figure of a woman and a little boy that frequented certain parts of the family home, including the main staircase. I was also shown a radio that contained no batteries and was also not plugged into a power source. Stephanie told me of several occasions in which the radio would turn on and off on its own as well as stories of voices throughout the house. She also took me down to the other small structure on the land which was a tiny four room house that had not had occupants for the last ten years.

Obviously I could not ignore my friend and her family’s plea for assistance so I gathered my ghost hunting equipment up (EMF detector, digital thermometer, voice recorder, digital camera and camcorder and various flashlights) and enlisted her help for a night of investigating. With the rest of the family out of the house and Stephanie there to guide me in setting some things up to aid the investigation, it made things a lot easier.

As soon as the sun set, we went lights out and began the working part of our visit. We started upstairs where the radio would go off and voices were heard and I guided Stephanie through her first EVP session. At first she had trouble coming up with questions to ask the spirits that roamed the property but as we began hearing footsteps, the questions seemed to flow easily. We were also able to record temperature fluctuations of up to 10 degrees in a matter of a few seconds.

When we invited the spirits to touch us and give us a sign of their presence, Stephanie began to feel a tug on her hair and I felt a light rub against my arm. At this point, we took a cue from other investigators and I brought out the EMF detector and we began asking questions with it. I explained to the spirit that if it came close to the device it could make the equipment make a sound. And we seemed to get correspondence to several questions.

When asked if it was a female, nothing happened, but when asked about being a male the unit went off the charts. We were able to localize that we were speaking to a small boy around the age of seven and this corresponded to some EVPs when we were able to check them. According to the EVPs his name was Evan and we also got some humming noises throughout the session as well, none of which were heard by us at the time.

We failed however at getting any photos that weren’t dust and we also struck out on the camcorder. Out in the other structure we had some personal experiences of weird feelings and such, but no hard evidence. Once Stephanie had some sort of evidence that she and her family weren’t crazy, she decided that there was no need to disturb the spirits further because she and her kids had never been harmed by either entity.

About the Author:

Lynn Williams has lived in the small town of Martinsville, Indiana all of her life. She has been a paranormal investigator for the last five years and has her own team, Ghost Girl Investigations. She enjoys all things paranormal as well as reading, writing and just hanging out with friends.