Classic Mysteries

By Brent Raynes: Here’s a letter to the editor from the Bangor (Maine) Daily News published back in September 1983. It was forwarded to me by my late friend and fellow researcher Shirley Fickett of Portland, Maine. It’s another very interesting UFO story! It reads:

ET’s are real

To the Editor:

The article by Joe Vargo of Cox News Service entitled, “Group Tracks Close Encounters” (BDN, Sept. 3-4), was needed to enhance awareness of activity in outer space.

I applaud Walter Andrus, who has the good sense and stamina to continue his efforts to seriously study and inform the public of any and all information concerning UFOs despite occasional derision.

Once you’ve had the good fortune to actually see a spacecraft…you’ll never again doubt their existence…

The being who visited at the outside of my second-story porch window in late summer 1979 I’m sure was amused by the incredulous look on my face. He graciously allowed me about five seconds to scrutinize him before making himself invisible, a feat I didn’t realize was possible at the time. He was quiet, orderly, displaying gentlemanly behavior, and he didn’t zap me.

This being maneuvered his vehicle with his right hand extended forth to a control panel. He was slight and sat straddling the corner of what appeared to be a Formica-covered box. The capsule appeared to be sterile and tidy. Although he was a Peeping Tom of sorts and I was awestruck, I was not frightened. On the contrary, I felt a great sense of peace and relief from this isolated case of unexpected revelation.

I’ve since seen the dimly lit little spacecraft circling around the neighborhood and back fields and feel if there is any hope for this old world it will lie with the extra-terrestrials…

Helen M. Dickinson

Surry, Maine