Classic Mysteries

On the Trail of Gnomes.

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Gnome Sleuth

Email came in and the subject line caught my attention. Subject line

of email: I was brain scanned by a gnome! Mark from Dearborn County,

Indiana writes: “Since I was 3 years old, I have been subjected to

alien abductions. I am now 28 years old and have been abducted 12

times. Usually I have Grays who walk through my bedroom walls, some

Grays will sit on my bed. There was a time, when I woke up and I saw a

Gray sitting at the edge of my bed. I closed my eyes for a second,

hoping for the Gray to go away and when I opened my eyes; the Gray’s

face was right in my face. When I am abducted, I feel like I am in a

catatonic state. I am aware of what they are doing to me, but I am

helpless to act out against them. I am floated to their ship, where

they perform medical experiments on me. Sometimes the Grays are lead by

what is called a Praying Mantis type of alien. The Praying Mantis alien

seems to give them orders. My last abduction I was quite shocked when

the Grays brought out this Gnome looking creature with a pointed hat.

He had to be no more than 2 feet tall. As I was lying on this metallic

slab, he was raised to my head level. I swear he had an evil looking

grin and had the face of an old man. He placed his fingers in my temple

areas and I felt my thoughts and everything of my past life being

extracted from my mind. I feel my whole life as I saw it, felt it or

thought it, was taken from my mind by this Gnome. Later the Gnome

showed me a holographic image of me playing with a rabbit. I could see

my hands petting the rabbit, but I could not see my face or body, it was

as if I was looking out of my own eyes at a young age. I remember the

rabbit distinctly. I was 8 years old at the time. The Gnome took out

images from my mind, as I saw them with my eyes. Paul, I really feel

like I am losing my mind and I don’t know what to do. I feel like I

have an implant behind my neck, near my spinal column. There was even a

time, when one of the Grays stuck a needle in my eye…my god, it was

painful and there was nothing I could do about it……………………(email

continues on - some aspects of the email is private. Some words have

been changed to make it more readable).

I talked with Mark over the cell phone and we came to the conclusion,

that he should volunteer for a therapy group session with other people

that share his experiences and he has decided on seeing a hypnotist. I

wish Mark the best of luck.

If what Mark is saying is true, these elemental creatures with conical

hats are in league with the Grays. I have always suspected gnomes,

fairies; elves are aliens of some sort. When I head out to Aruba and

Argentina in January, I will be interviewing people in Argentina in

regard to recent cattle mutilations and the sightings of gnomes in their

country. Are the gnomes involved with the cattle mutilations? It will

be interesting to see what I find out from my interviews.

In Argentina, gnomes are called ‘duendes’. From a March 2008 cell

phone video, it appears that gnomes do indeed wear pointy hats. From

the video it also appears that they have a crab like walk. The kids,

who took this video, had heard someone throwing stones at them and they

were quite surprised to capture a sideway walking gnome on their cell

phone video! They ran away screaming.

Gnomes have several names. The Germans call them Erdmanleins and in

the Alpine areas, they are known as Heinzemannchens. Denmark and Norway

call them Nisse. Brittany calls them Nains. Gnomes have many names in

various countries, but a gnome is a gnome. They can appear creepy like

the Argentina creepy gnome or appear as observers, watching what we do,

but not intervening, such as Forest Gnomes that are known to avoid man.

They are sometimes known to act mischievous and will not hesitate in

playing practical jokes.

There are many varieties of gnomes, from a garden gnome to a forest

gnome to a dune gnome to a house gnome to a farm gnome to a Siberian

gnome. It is interesting that Siberian gnomes are known to associate

with trolls. Are trolls perhaps the Grays or maybe they are the blue

aliens that Whitley Strieber describes in his book Communion?

It is thought that gnomes originated in Scandinavia and then migrated

into other lowland areas. Gnomes have been sighted in Europe, but now

seem to be sighted more in Argentina. If gnomes are elemental, then

perhaps that means they are interdimensional. If they originated in

Scandinavia that may only mean their first base of operations started in

Scandinavia and now through a galactic treaty with the Grays, they are

able to explore in places like Argentina or a place like Dearborn

County, Indiana.

If legends of gnomes have any truth to them, they are supposed to be 7

times stronger than man. They are able to run 35 mph and have the

eyesight of a hawk. At times they are known to help animals, the one

kind thing they might do, besides doing something horrendous like

extracting information from your mind, as Mark claims.

If I encounter a gnome in Argentina, I promise I will not scream and

run away, I will run up to the gnome and try and snatch him up and bag

him. I just hope his strength doesn’t knock me out of my shoes! If I

capture him I will place him in a cryogenics lab for further analysis.

I know, wishful thinking.

I can only wonder why a gnome would want information from a human

being’s mind? Most likely they want to see what we experience, how we

react to certain encounters in every day life and how we live. This

gnome that met up with Mark may look hideous, but he may be an important

alien scientist from a world of gnomes. I can only guess. What a

strange universe we live in.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator &


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