Classic Mysteries

Larry Moyers: His experiences with Ohio’s UFO Contactees

by Brent Raynes

“I’ve been concerned about UFO researchers across the country, and I’ve run into several of them, and I think you have too in your search,” Larry Moyers, a MUFON investigator and long-time UFO student in Akron, Ohio, began during a visit to his home on September 4, 1975. “I’ve found in the last nine months or a year that many, and I’m curious to know how wide-spread it is, but within my limited range of exposure to the researchers I have found that the percentage is very, very high for having paranormal experiences. These people aren’t talking about it because they’re just like the early people were, the run-of-the-mill citizen. They were reluctant to tell these stories because ‘who was going to believe us.’ Now of course the UFO researcher says, ‘Well I’ve got an image to protect.’”

Larry had been in the UFO field for a pretty good while and had been exposed to the UFO contactee movement in that area of his state, and his curiosity and openness, in the long run, paid off in terms of his own direct experiences with inexplicable phenomena.

I had met some of the same ufologists Larry was talking about, and I was meeting up with and getting the stories first-hand from some of the local contactees in his area as well. One in particular, Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, had been particularly helpful.

“One night I received a call from a K.T., who is a very close friend to Madeline Teagle, who probably 12 or 14 of us would gather every Saturday night with K. and her husband, with whom I’d worked with for 20 years,” Larry recalled. “We would gather at their home and experience the most unusual things. She would go into an automatic writing pattern and would say if we would get in the yard at three in the morning we would see a green fireball coming in from the northwest at exactly the time, and it would happen.”

“I had never met K. and one night she called and said ‘Joe had been telling you that we were pursued home by three UFOs the other night, a week ago,’ and she said, ‘I’ve developed extremely at the psychic level.’ (She was) frustrated with it, didn’t know what to do with it. Went to the priest (she was a Catholic girl) and he said ‘Well honey, I’d see a psychiatrist.’ She become very disturbed with them for a period and quit the church. But she told me on this particular night, ‘Joe’s been telling me that he thought that you might like to hear it firsthand’ and I said certainly I would. So I told friends who were here, in the research field, ‘this was the lady I told you about. I’m going to hang up.’ Like I told her, ‘I’m going to hang up and go upstairs and pick up the phone there,’ because there was conversation going on here. So when I got up there she said ‘I’m not going to share the story with you.’ I said, ‘Well, I didn’t ask you to call. I’m glad you did, but why did you change your mind?’ She said, ‘Because they are telling me that you’re going to tape record me and I don’t want to be tape recorded.’ I said, ‘Who are they?’ She said, ‘The aliens.’ And I said, ‘Well, how are you communicating?’ She said, ‘Telepathically.’ I said, ‘Well I don’t know who your alien friends are but I don’t have any intention of tape recording you.’”

“She talked with Joe and Joe said, ‘Well Larry wouldn’t lie to you,’ so she said, “All right. They’ve never lied to me either but Joe tells me that you wouldn’t lie, so I don’t understand.’ But what I didn’t know was that they were setting up the equipment downstairs here. They were going to tap the line. I didn’t know that so I gained some respect for her that night.”

“A few weeks later, she called me and said, ‘Would you come to my home?’ It was midnight and I said, ‘Yes, but can’t it wait till tomorrow? I have a work schedule and I would like very much to meet with you but couldn’t it wait?’ She said, “It would be to your advantage.’ So I got up and dressed, drove 18 miles up into back country. She and Joe met me at the door. We went back into the bedroom at their invitation. She said, ‘Now Larry this is for you and you only.’ She said, ‘Joe and I are going back out into the livingroom.’ Of course, by this time I was feeling very silly about the whole thing. ‘What am I doing up here for this silly little episode?’ You know? But that particular attitude didn’t last long because within 20 feet of me showed a big pink rim circling the tree. Above it was a big green light and below it was a big white light. Twenty feet away from me, and I stood there in complete awe. I don’t know how much time went by. 45 seconds, a minute and a half, I don’t know, I was involved. (Then) it was out. So I walked out into the other room and I said, ‘What’s the meaning of this?’ She said, ‘You think you saw a UFO, don’t you?’ I said, ‘I can only describe what I saw.’ She said, ‘No, you didn’t see a UFO. They wanted to show you their ability to project an image on the atmosphere.’ And this would explain a lot of here they are and here they’re not, you know? It was three dimensional.”

Larry guessed that that incident had happened perhaps 8 to 10 years ago. I asked if she was “still active” and he told me that she was. He added, “In fact, the University of Chicago wanted to pay her so much a week for her to come up there for her to be studied. She wants no publicity at all.”

“On another occasion, we were out to Madeline’s and we had hypnotized a young fella who said that if Francis R. and myself would go to the front of the house we would see a UFO manifestation. Francis and I stepped out and two balls of light, about the size of a traffic light, with that intensity, (color) red, went skimming three feet off the ground across the lawn. I took out running after them and they went behind a tree and as each one went behind the tree they just plunked off.”

“I was with Al R,” he added, another local contactee I had interviewed. “One night we were doing experimentations up in a private park near Cleveland, Ohio and a young fellow there, who is a very intelligent man, very successful businessman, let out a war hoot and I thought he had gone off his rocker. It was pouring rain out torrentially and he took off from the structure we were in, a shelter house, running right up through the woods. Rain was running down on him, mud and slop, and I said, ‘Well, this boy is in trouble. We’d better go and look after him.’ So we put on our raincoats and went up through the woods, came to the edge of the clearing, and here he was going as far as we could see him up over the large hill there. It was a narrow clearing. But in the bush, beside the clearing, came three football shaped lights. They were transparent. You could see the leaves through them. They were nestled in the bush. There were 4 or 5 of us who were watching it. This was too much for me. I dove in to the bush and immediately when I did this they went out again, so I had every reason to believe once again this was a projection.”

Larry estimated that this episode happened sometime prior to the K.T. incident. “Back in those days I wasn’t careful about documentation,” he said.

Editor’s Note: In that same folder with Larry’s story, I came across a letter where Dr. Berthold Schwarz (read my Reality Checking, telling of his recent passing) had commented on Larry’s accounts in response to what I had shared with him about what Larry had told me. “Larry has many interesting experiences,” he noted. Dr. Schwarz (a noted paranormal researcher) expressed his opinion that sometimes “a sort of modified sťance takes place out in nature” in a lot of these “contactee” situations, and thus what “accounts for their materialization, or any term you prefer to use.” He added, “It was my opinion that Patterson got his motion pictures of Bigfoot because he had a monomania for it to the extent that he even carried a motion picture camera on his horse, for a prolonged period of time, until he saw them. In short, I feel he found what he was looking for, and they materialized at the propinquitas moment. Seek ye and ye shall find, or something like that.”

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