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The Aliens Never Came: The Julie X Story

By Paul Dale Roberts,

HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator.

True Story. Date: June 8, 1988.

Location: Cheseapeakes Nightclub / Sacramento.

Paul Dale Roberts is sitting at a nightclub called

Cheseapeakes in Sacramento. Paul is working in the capacity of a private

investigator for his own company Silhouette Enterprises. On this night,

Paul observes a lovely lady slow dancing with a man. The lovely lady

will be called in this article Charlotte X. Paul was hired by Charlotte

X's husband. Charlotte X's husband suspects his wife of having an

adulteress relationship with another man. On this night, Paul observes

Charlotte X going back and forth with an unknown man. They both slow

dance and fast dance. She is sitting with 3 girlfriends and eventually

invites the man that she has been dancing with over to her table. When

the evening ends, Charlotte X walks with the man to his vehicle.

Charlotte X and the man become heavily intimate outside of the vehicle.

I observe their intimate embrace from my vehicle and start snapping

pictures with my camera that has a telescopic lens. Charlotte X enters

the man's car and she is in his vehicle for approximately 1.5 hours.

During the time she is in the car, the car rocks up and down. Time is

recorded, duration inside vehicle is recorded. Picture of man's face is

taken. Pictures of Charlotte X and man embracing are taken. The three

girls that Charlotte is with are occupied with other men. I have enough

evidence to present to Charlotte X's husband. Charlotte X's husband sees

the pictures and breaks down crying. He realizes that their relationship

has come to a dead end. Divorce is now around the horizon.

As you can see, I spent a lot of hours spying on Charlotte X. It

appears that Charlotte X cheats on her husband, but not with just one

man, but any man that she fancies. A person like Charlotte X is

incorrigible and will probably never change her ways. On that night I

prove that infidelity is a way of life for Charlotte X. As a private

investigator, I sought out the thrills of the chase. Of course, I would

have to spend a lot of time waiting and watching. Pulling surveillance

is time consuming and now as a paranormal investigator, I still pull

surveillance. Many times, I have to sit and wait for something to happen

and with the paranormal, it may not happen at all. Here is a case


“There are the lights!” This is what Julie X tells me as I look out

her bedroom window and notice that the lights she is referring to are

car headlights from a road close by. As an HPI Paranormal Investigator,

I was called upon a possible alien abduction case. This is Julie X’s

story. Julie X (name I am calling her to protect her identity) tells me

that she has been abducted by aliens all her life. She was 8 years old

when she was first abducted in the State of Washington (city

confidential). She tells me that her mother had similar experiences.

Julie X feels that she has been tagged and her mother was tagged. I ask

Julie X, what she means by being ‘tagged’. She feels she has an

alien implant near her right rib cage and her mother had one too, that

was lodged near her right shoulder area. Julie X tells me from what she

can remember is that the aliens took blood samples, skin samples from

her. Other tests were conducted, but she has blocked those tests from

her mind. She remembers seeing aliens with large oval eyes. What she

describes later to me sounds like she is describing ‘Grays’. She

tells me on one abduction, she was surrounded by Grays and a very dark

figure in a military uniform was looking at her nude body. She could not

make out any distinguishing facial features on this creature. The

creature in the military uniform was at least 7 feet tall.

When the Grays returned her back to her home, the military uniformed

dark creature went into her home again. She tells me that the dark

creature held up a small device that almost looked like a flip flop cell

phone, except that a bright light came out of it. The dark creature with

this device scanned her whole book case. The light from the device

seemed to scan all of her family photo albums, numerous paperback books

and dictionary. The dark creature even took the device to her CDs and

DVDs and scanned them too. Out of curiosity, I asked her what kind of

music she listens to. She said her favorite band is Metallica. Her

favorite movie I learned is Green Fried Tomatoes. She also tells me that

the dark creature never once had to open up the book to scan it. He was

able to scan each closed book. Does that mean aliens would have the

capability of scanning a closed book and obtaining the contents through

it’s high tech scanning device?

If this story is true, does that also mean the aliens are scanning our

books, CDs and DVDs to learn more about us? Today, I was given

permission to write this story. This incident happened 4 months ago on a

specific date. That specific date was Julie X’s birthday. She told me

that she is always abducted on her birthday. I will not give you the

date, because Julie X does not want anyone to track her down through her

birthday, city she lives in, etc. I spent the night with Julie and her 2

children and waited for her abductors. Her abductors never came. Also

Julie X was excited when she saw the lights shining through her window.

When I explained to her that the lights were car headlights, she seemed

disappointed. She wanted me to experience her abduction, so that I

wouldn’t think she was crazy. I think that any lights that she sees,

may cause her to think they are lights from her abductors, because she

is shell shocked, going through post traumatic stress disorder. Betty

Hill went through something similar. When she would see lights in the

sky, she thought immediately they were UFOs, when in reality they were

conventional aircraft. Do I think Julie X is crazy? Her story was

consistent and precise. The information she provided did not sound like

incoherent ramblings from a woman gone mad. I will let you know that she

divulged other information to me, but made me vow not to disclose it. I

will honor that. I spent the whole night in Julie X's home waiting for

the aliens to arrive, they never came. No matter what I do, I will never

escape the investigative part that at times I dread so much. The

investigative part that investigators call surveillance. Case

#HPI1021425821 Closed.