The Weiser Field Guide to Witches: From Hexes to Hermione Granger, From Salem to the Land of Oz

By Judika Illes

Red Wheel/Weiser, llc• 500 Third Street, Suite 230 • San Francisco, CA 94107

2010, 270 pages, US $14.95 • ISBN: 978-1-57863-479-8

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

This book covers witches and witchcraft from a variety of perspectives and angles. It examines witches from the perspective of history, popular culture and modern times. It explains about the different types of witches and witchcraft, about their practices, techniques, medicines and herbs, and their belief systems. It also reviews the many different and well-known witches and authorities on witchcraft and magick.

This book also goes into the many different animal familiars and their various traits. There’s even a chapter entitled Travel Tips for Witches, that can help you plan for a vacation to locations near and far that witches (and those interested in them) may wish to venture off to.

This book has got a lot of information and a fair number of illustrations and photographs as well, so if learning more about witches appeals to you then The Weiser Field Guide to Witches may be just what you need.


The Witches Almanac Issue 30—Spring 2011-Spring 2012—Stones and the Powers of the Earth Theitic

The Witches’ Almanac, LTD • P.O. Box 1292 • Newport, RI 02840-9998

2010, 152 pages, US $11.95/CAN $13.00 • ISBN: 978-0-09824323-0-3

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Here’s another little booklet that is described as a compendium of ancient lore and legend, a guide and companion for magickal adepts, occult practitioners, witches, and the curious minded as well. There’s astrological information, dates for all of the pagan holidays, and a number of interesting stories, like the ancient Gobekli Tepe site in Turkey, or the legend and stories of The Golem, plus The Hamsa, the healing hand amulet, the legendary Keys of Solomon, and a wide variety of other odds and ends that metaphysical minded types might wanna know more about.


Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire

Father Sebastiaan, Forward by Konstantinos

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC • 500 Third Street, Suite 230 • San Francisco, CA 94107

2010, 320 pages, US $24.95 • ISBN: 978-1-57863-480-4

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

The author is described as an authority on the philosophy, belief system and lifestyle behind being a Strigoi Vii, also known as a Living Vampire. This book will take you on his personal journey and discoveries during his lifetime. For those interested in vampires, this book is something you might want to sink your teeth into (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Father Sebastiaan has been a controversial figure at the center of the modern vampire subculture going back to 1992. He’s regarded by many in this field/movement as a capable and effective spokesperson for their cause. He emphasizes the importance of ritual in our daily lives and seems to have a comprehensive grasp and knowledge of the spiritual dimensions of this controversial field.