On The Edge of Reality: Dream Weavers • The Mastering of Time and Space

By Brent Raynes

Global Communications

New Brunswick, NJ

2009 • 190 pages • $24.00 • ISBN: 1606110683

Oversized 8.5 by 11 softcover

Reviewed by Dr. Greg Little

On the Edge of Reality is the second book authored by Brent Raynes. His first book, Visitors From Hidden Realms, is a focal point and title of an upcoming conference at the Edgar Cayce national headquarters in November 2010. On the Edge of Reality is not a continuation of Brent’s earlier book, but is more in keeping with his basic approach to ufology since he started actively investigating cases and interviewing witnesses and researchers in the 1960s. Brent is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, ufologists who can have experiencers tell their story openly and fully without fear or hesitation. Brent has an easy style of asking and listening. This book exemplifies how well Brent accomplishes that task. “On the Edge” begins with Brent meeting an Apache medicine woman in New Mexico, visiting an ancient petroglyph site, meet with a UFO group where Brent demonstrated the effects Peruvian whistling vessels can have on the users, and then explored the “gates to other worlds” in a remote area of Colorado. It is a fitting beginning to a progression of unusual people, cutting-edge theories, odd events, and absolutely bizarre experiences presented as Brent tells what has occurred to these people and how they try to make sense out of it. Some of the book is a question and answer interview format, with Brent asking each individual about their beliefs and experiences. Following the visitation with the medicine woman, famed Native American healer and author Medicine Grizzlybear Lake tells about his extraordinary UFO experiences and how they fit into Native American lore and beliefs. Then Kalani Hanohano tells about experiences in Hawaii and explains the “flying god” associated with UFO related experiences on the islands.

The book emphasizes shamanistic experiences that appear directly linked to the UFO phenomenon, contactees, and abductions. For example, An Iroquois’ medicine man, Tommy Lightening Bolt, recounts how an area of Washington State is a hot spot of UFO activity and explains how Bigfoot fits into Native beliefs. Khat Hansen, also known as a Choctaw Medicine Woman and “Soul Eater” explains what it is like being an empathic healer. But she has had direct experience with Bigfoot since the age of 5 and numerous UFO experiences.

Many others who have had well-known encounters tell their stories in On The Edge. Singer and performer Johnny Sands, who has briefly recounted his strange experiences on the show UFO Hunters, goes much deeper in explaining a series of bizarre experiences. British author Anthony Peake explains the world of demons and ultraterrestrials. Lyn Halper explains how the energy of kundalini is related to the UFO phenomenon. Phil Imbrogno tells of UFO experiences, poltergeists, and the relationship of ancient sites to magnetic anomalies. Also included are large interviews with famed British science writer Andrew Collins, geophysicist Allen West, and an energetic and wild interview with “Mr. UFO,” Timothy Green Beckley. Throughout the book are dozens of tales involving many of ufology’s key investigators and experiencers, and many of the researchers explain how they came to their conclusions. Ufologists and those interested in the phenomenon of UFOs, Bigfoot, and native beliefs and rituals will find this a must-read.