2012 PlanET: Book Two of the Lyra Legacy Chronicles

By Manda

Trafford Publishing • 2657 Wilfert Road

Victoria, BC, Canada • V9B, 5Z3

Website: www.trafford.com

2008, 154 pages, • ISBN: 142513396-7

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Though this book is a novel, it’s loaded with a good deal of factual (and allegedly factual) details. The main author, inspired by the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, deals a lot with the mysterious Anunnaki race, and their impending return in 2012. The fictional characters, a group of young people and an open minded professor, are confronted by amazing stories of strange beings, ancient civilizations, hidden knowledge and paranormal realities. As you join them in this reading adventure many of you will no doubt recognize a lot of familiar terms and scenarios, as our characters learn about “The Philadelphia Experiment,” the Merkaba, Atlantis, Wilhelm Reich, ‘Earth Changes,’ the Greys, the Reptilians, alchemy and even Carl Jung. Plus so much more! They get quite an education, and you the reader just might also!

Easy to read, this book is written in an entertaining and educational style. It is written primarily for the young adult, from age 12 onwards. At the back of the book dozens and dozens of websites are listed where the reader can learn much more about the subjects covered in this thought-provoking novel.


Young at 100: Successful Longevity Strategies

By Donald R. Morse, DDS, PhD

Virtualbookworn.com Publishing, Inc. • P.O. Box 9949 • College Station, TX 77842

Website: www.virtualbookworm.com

2009, 417 pages, • ISBN: 978-1-60264-283-6

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Dr. Don Morse’s Young at 100 takes a very comprehensive approach on the subject of longevity. He covers virtually everything relevant with chapters giving thorough treatment to such topics as exercises, nutritional information, relaxation techniques, stress management, weight control, as well as the importance of humor, positive relationships, hobbies, spirituality, to name but a few of the major avenues to better health that are explored and thoroughly covered in this insightful and valuable volume. Dr. Morse also interviewed two remarkable centenarians (ages 103 and 106) who, at the time of this writing, were still quite intelligent, athletic, healthy and happy. One of them, the oldest, named Alex Imich, is a noted scientist, author, and a parapsychologist. A few years back, I in fact interviewed him for this magazine!

Dr. Morse has a distinguished background. He is Professor emeritus of Temple University, has graduate degrees in dentistry, endodontics, microbiology and immunology, clinical psychology and clinical nutrition. He has authored some 250 scientific articles and 15 books (nine of which cover stress and its management). For five years, Dr. Morse has taught classes on stress management, and health and wellness. He is certainly very qualified to present the necessary strategies and information needed to live the kind of healthy lifestyle that just might take you to your hundredth birthday and beyond. In addition, Dr. Morse practices what he preaches. After all, he has won several senior bodybuilding championships in recent years, including the Mr. Natural Universe 70+ Bodybuilding Championship. Check out his pictures on page 63. I ask you, does Mr. Natural Universe look like a man of age 76? (Which he was at that time in 2007)

Dr. Morse writes in very straightforward, simple and understandable language. Yet, by the same token, throughout this book he interjects ample light hearted humor, with the help of a talented cartoonist and physician Dr. Marvin Herring. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine.

This is a book filled with all sorts of useful and medicinal advice and help. A must read for anyone wishing to live a healthier lifestyle, whether they plan to make age 100 a goal or not.


11:11: The Time Prompt Phenomenon

The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences, and Synchronicities

By Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman

New Page Books• A Division of Career Press

3 Tice Road (PO Box 687) • Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Website: www.careerpress.com

2009, 255 pages, US $15.99 • ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-047-6

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

What may certain number based patterns found in nature reveal to us about the nature of reality itself? Are our lives being guided by a collective form of synchronicity? Does the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Spiral reveal to us that everything from the human body to a seashell are part of a higher order of intelligent design in the universe? Why are so many people in recent years taking note of 11:11 time sequences in their lives?

The authors of 11:11 explore these timely questions and many more, delving into the ancient numbering systems of the Sumerians, Mayans, Chinese, Aztecs, Egyptians, and Hebrews, and how modern man uses and interprets numbers. Everything from our DNA to quantum’s particle entanglement to Jung’s archetypes to Pythagorean cosmology gets thrown into the alchemical melting pot (and that’s just a partial listing of some of the more prominent ingredients) to bring you the reader up to speed on this thought-provoking and controversial subject matter.

It seems many are suddenly realizing some sort of deep and profound connection to 11:11. For example, there is a case recounted in this book of a lady who kept awakening at exactly 11:11 p.m. in a state of paralysis. The seventh time it happened she sensed a presence in the room, and then saw a dark, shadowy figure at the foot of her bed. She sensed that it meant her no harm, and so asked it who it was. “Your guardian spirit” came the reply, in the form of a deep masculine voice inside of her head. It seems many similar stories are cropping up throughout the world. People from many different cultures and belief systems are waking up and noting the same time each night, and in many such instances the so-called “wake-up prompts” are followed by mystical and paranormal incidents, with many allegedly encountering an angelic being or spirit guide who imparts a message.