Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru

by Jorge Luis Delgado with Mary Ann Male, Ph.D.

Foreword by David Morehouse, author of Psychic Warrior

Council Oak Books, LLC

San Francisco/Tulsa

176 pages, 2006, $17.95 USA • ISBN-10: 1-57178-193-2 • ISBN-13: 978-1-57187-193-2

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

This book is long overdue. I had the honor and privilege of speaking briefly with its Peruvian author Jorge Luis Delgado on the telephone a few years back, while he was visiting the United States. A very informative and interesting gentleman. A modern Inca by birth he walks the path of a “bridge person,” or chacaruna in the ancient Quechua language. In this role he guides people across to other streams of consciousness, as well as providing a bridge from the present to the past, and perhaps even to the future. A chacaruna may even “walk” between several worlds.

Jorge has much wisdom and insight to offer people. When I spoke with him I was most curious to learn about his unusual dreams that had led him to the discovery of a mysterious stone site near the shores of Lake Titicaca, a site he called the Aramu Muru doorway. I had quoted Bonita Luz, a transpersonal psychotherapist who had lived and traveled extensively in Peru and knew Jorge quite well, regarding details of this story in my book, Visitors From Hidden Realms. Many who have visited this ancient site agree with Jorge that it contains powerful “interdimensional” energies. Legend has it that Aramu Muru was a spiritual master who had in his possession the Golden Disc of the lost continent of Lemuria. It supposedly contained a record of many previous and ancient civilizations, and symbolized mankind’s connection to Hatun Inti (the Divine Central Sun). As the story goes, Amaru Muru went to Lake Titicaca and vanished through some kind of doorway into another dimension, and the Golden Disc was hidden within the depths of Lake Titicaca.

Needless to say, I am very pleased that these thought-provoking accounts and legends have now been documented for all to read!

Many people have been touched by Jorge Luis Delgado, including famed “remote viewer” David Morehouse, who wrote a moving foreword to this book, explaining how Jorge had deeply touched his own life and had helped to facilitate his spiritual journey as well.

With many exciting pages of true accounts, historical facts and provocative legends, and a variety of wonderful photographs (many in colors) your intellect and imagination will be transported with utter delight and fascination across an incredible expanse and panorama from exotic locations like Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, and Lake Titicaca, across time and space through the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds of the shamanic realm to the Southern Cross constellation, which according to Incan and pre-Incan traditions was a “bridge” to the next life, to intriguing stories of psychic and spiritual experiences, UFO sightings, with descriptions of a wide variety of ancient beliefs, rituals and ceremonies, and practical wisdom and insight that any of us may be able to incorporate into our own lives today.

Whether you travel to Peru or not, this book provides a great deal of information for anyone who is interested in the journey, the stories, the history and the legends that are all a part of this fascinating country, its culture, and its mystical landscape.

In addition, for years Jorge Luis Delgado has also acted as a tour guide in Peru for Body Mind Spirit Journeys and so if anyone is interested in soaking these things in, up close and personal, so to speak, then there’s a tour coming up in June 2007. Here’s the website:


Electrodynamic Man: Electromagnetic Field Measurements in Biology, Medicine, Hypnosis and Psychiatry

by Dr. Leonard J. Ravitz

Rutledge Books, Inc. • 107 Mill Plain Road • Danbury, CT 06811

2002, 268 pages, $23.95 • ISBN: 1-58244-210-X

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Dr. Ravitz may have been one of the last pioneers it seems of Yale Professor Harold Saxton Burr’s fascinating work measuring the electromagnetic fields of living organisms, from trees, plant seeds, a salamander, rabbits, a rhesus monkey, a rat, parakeets, and yes, of course, human beings. Professors Burr and F.S.C. Northrop first presented their initial findings and theoretical musings back in 1935, in a book entitled The Electro-Dynamic Theory of Life.

As a young physician resident in psychiatry, Dr. Ravitz happened by chance to meet Professor Burr at a summer party back in 1947, and soon became a good friend, devoted pupil and fellow scientist. The following year, in 1948, using a sensitive Voltmeter from Prof. Burr, Dr. Ravitz became the first researcher in history to scientifically measure the various depths of hypnosis. Over the years, he continued to delve deeply into measurable psychological and physiological processes utilizing specially adapted micro and millivoltmeters and electrodes, carefully screening out false readings from resistance (ohms) and current flow. The experiments were done thousands of times and under clinically controlled environments. In addition to being able to measure various emotional and hypnotic states of consciousness, Dr. Ravitz also devoted the rest of his life and professional career to this exciting new pioneering line of work. Numerous internal biological processes were found to generate measurable electromagnetic readings, from ovulation to the detection of a malignancy, as well as many, many other conditions and states, to external field influences upon biological systems correlated with geomagnetism, sunspot cycles and lunar phases.

Unfortunately, I have learned of Dr. Ravitz’s recent passing. I was honored and lucky enough to have done an extensive phone interview with him years ago for an interview that appeared in Alternate Perceptions (issue #48, Fall 1999). Unbelievably, at the time I had interviewed him, it certainly seemed as though he was about the only researcher left carrying on this highly significant area of investigation that had initially been started by Professor Burr. During our interview Dr. Ravitz had quoted a statement attributed to Max Planck that went: “New scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

I sincerely hope that Dr. Ravitz was right and that a new generation somewhere is still carrying on and hard at it, or else soon will be. In the meantime, this book carefully preserves the recorded scientific observations and results of those pioneering and controversial studies, along with photographs and assorted scientific graphs, in the event that another generation might want to read about these studies, to reflect upon their meanings, and perhaps try following up on them as well with their own experiments.