Timothy Green Beckley’s Strange Saga

by Timothy Green Beckley

Inner Light/Global Communications • P.O. Box 753 • New Brunswick, N.J. 08903

Website: www.InnerLightPublications.com

2005, 148 pages, $20.00 + $5. S/H • 8 X 11” • ISBN: 1-892062-93-3

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

This publication, in a magazine type format, is a compilation of the works of long-time UFO/paranormal researcher and writer Timothy Green Beckley. Called “Mr. UFO” by many in the field of ufology, contained in this booklet are reproductions of seven of Mr. Beckley’s early UFO columns (entitled “On the Trail of the Flying Saucers,” in Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucers magazine from 1966 to 1969, as well as some eleven articles he wrote for SAGA magazine’s UFO Report from 1970 until 1978 (both of these magazines long since out-of-print), beginning with an Introduction by Sean Casteel describing Mr. Beckley’s curious life journey, how his interest evolved from childhood incidents of poltergeist-type phenomena at his home in New Jersey, how he experienced out of body type projections (wherein he even heard something like “celestial music”), and saw his first UFO at age ten, to today becoming well-known as a writer, editor, investigator, and publisher in the fields of UFO and paranormal research.

In addition to the 19 complete thought-provoking articles that he authored and which are preserved in the pages of this booklet, the reader will also enjoy reading media interviews, news clippings and looking over photos pertaining to Beckley’s four decades of high-strangeness, travel and adventures that have taken him from his hometown of New Brunswick, New Jersey, to camping out on the shores of Scotland’s Loch Ness, to delivering a presentation to a special committee of Britain’s House of Lords, and many other places around the world and in possible dimensions in-between.

Includes free audio CD.


Our Alien Planet: This Eerie Earth

by Sean Casteel, with Timothy Green Beckley

Inner Light • P.O. Box 753 • New Brunswick, NJ 08903

2005, 140 pages, $22.00 + $5. S/H • ISBN: 1-892062-88-7

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

The first chapter of this booklet begins with “Our World Is A Spooky Place,” and acknowledges early pioneers like John Keel and Brad Steiger for initially bringing the mysterious landscape of our planet out into the open in such thought-provoking books as Our Haunted Planet (Keel) and Mysteries of Time and Space (Steiger). Authors Casteel and Beckley follow in those footsteps, looking into earthlight phenomena, so-called nature spirits, fairies and elves, ley lines, crop circles, ancient stone structures, shamanism, etc. I was real interested to read of Phil Imbrogno’s investigations into the Hudson Valley UFO activity in New York State and how “clusters of reports of high strangeness” (i.e., humanoid beings, EM interference, and psychic phenomena) seemed to center around ancient stone chambers and stone carvings. Using a magnetometer Imbrogno found the chambers were located “on lines of negative magnetic anomalies,” adding that “they’re not randomly built.”

In his chapter “The Volcano And The Goddess,” Beckley describes his journey to the Hawaiian Island back in 1986, and his investigation into the Hawaiian version of a spook light, that they called “akualete,” generally regarding them as ancestral or as nature spirits. Beckley recounts some pretty extraordinary stories of these mysterious lights, as well as tales of Madame Pele, the legendary Polynesian goddess of fire, who some believe lives in the crater of Halemaumau. As with the mystery lights, Beckley also was able to talk with Pele witnesses, like a former bus driver who told of how on one late night he picked up an elderly woman “on the volcano road” who seated herself on his bus and then inexplicably vanished into thin air! (He said he quit his job after that!) Years later, when in Costa Rica to film a low budget horror movie (one of Beckley’s other active interests) he learned of the “Arenal Lights,” UFO-type phenomena that appear around a volcano. As Beckley wrote, the UFO/volcano connection has come up again and again, citing Popocatepeti in Mexico and Mount St. Helen’s in Washington state as two well-known examples.

Also included with this purchase is an audio (specify CD or ATC) of interviews with Phil Imbrigno, Joshua Warren, and psychic Diane Tessman.


The Keepers: An Alien Message for the Human Race

by Jim Sparks • Foreword by Dr. John E. Mack • Prologue by Linda Moulton Howe

Wild Flower Press • An Imprint of Granite Publishing

P.O. Box 1429 • Columbus, NC 28722

2006, 239 pages, $24.00 • ISBN: 1-930724-05-5

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Jim Sparks is another person who, in his mid-30s in 1988, began to undergo numerous experiences consistent with what many refer to as “alien abductions.” However, Sparks claims that his memories from the beginning were better than 95% totally conscious ones. Bizarre and terrifying, his interactions with the aliens violated the known laws of physical science (i.e., passing through solid walls, encounters with shape-shifting and highly telepathic beings, etc.).

In the very beginning though, the memories were not consciously perceived. Early on Sparks realized that something was very amiss when he found his own footprints coming from outside the house and continuing into the house, through a large double-paned window. Not missing a stride, his footprints came right into the house, with honeysuckle flowers from outside strewn upon the bedroom’s carpet. For several months, at this point, he had been having frequent dreams of strange beings escorting him from his bedroom and outside through that very window. He would awaken from these odd “dreams” unable to temporarily move.

As his encounters continued Sparks began to retain conscious memories of his strange alien experiences. Eventually he joined an abductee support group in Florida, which he claims in the book helped him immeasurably to deal with and better understand what was happening to him. Suddenly he was no longer alone living out this bizarre living nightmare of humanoid abductors taking him from his bed in the middle of the night and running him through strange and apparent learning exercises (i.e., teaching him an alien alphabet, as well as experiments involving psychokinesis), meeting a young alien girl whom he felt was his hybrid daughter, and being given startling messages about humankind’s future. The book contains numerous illustrations, supporting observations and remarks by other witnesses and researchers who have met Mr. Sparks, and a thought-provoking chapter contributed by Mario Pazzaglini, Ph.D., entitled “Assessment of Alleged Non-Human Symbols and Numbers Described in Jim Sparks’s Story.”