The Aveley Abduction - Part 2

Considered by some Britain’s first and most important UFO multiple abduction case!

by Brent Raynes

Note: For Part 1 of this article, click here.

“Abduction” memories

John and Elaine had been asked if they had had any unusual, recurring dreams. John remembered something about being operated on (or “something similar”) by “small ugly” beings that resembled “gnomes.” He also remembered from the dream state something about “tests” being carried out on him. Elaine recalled a “dream” wherein she was laying on a flat wide table, feeling as if she could neither move nor speak, while standing nearby was a being of small stature in a white coat. Suspecting that these “dreams” might be masking real abduction memories or something of potential significance, Andrew Collins initiated an effort to locate a suitably qualified hypnotist, and soon had lined up Dr. Leonard Wilder, a dental surgeon. The first session was set up for September 25, 1977.

John later admitted to Andrew that he came close to backing out of the hypnosis session. In addition to the hypnotist, Dr. Leonard Wilder, this first session was also attended by Dr. Bernard Finch, acting as a medical adviser, and noted UFO researcher Gordon Creighton, present as an observer and a consultant, as well as Andrew and another researcher named Barry King. John was successfully hypnotized, but not actually or fully regressed. He recalled various scenes or images, like the strange image of a man with an Arabian looking headdress holding a circular red light, with hills or mountains behind him, and the consciously remembered events, but seemingly in more detail, leading up to the missing time (i.e., the radio being on fire, the green “mist” all around the car, the white beam, etc.).

The second hypnosis session was conducted on October 2, 1977. John was described as more relaxed at this time. He now knew what to expect. The hypnotist and those present remained the same, except for the absence of Barry King. During this session several interesting details emerged. John described tall peaceful seeming beings in one piece suits, with pink eyes, wearing like hoods. Also a grey looking room, laying on a table and submitting to some unusual kind of examination apparently.

John stated: “They said they need hosts, and they know how, and they (mumbles) and they are us.” Dr. Wilder asked John to explain what this meant, but John replied, “Won’t let me.” He became silent for over a minute. Then a different question was asked.

The third hypnotic session was conducted on October 16, 1977. This time John had persuaded Elaine to come as an observer. Others present from before continued to be in attendance, in addition to Creighton’s son, Philip.

Dr. Wilder did an age regression on John, going back through his childhood, stopping at ages 10, 6, 3 and then 1. Next he went back in time when John was someone else. He stated that he was Jim Bayliss, ploughing a field. The year was 1640. “The most amazing thing was that he was speaking in a very, very broad country dialect,” Andrew wrote.

Then John was directed to relive the green mist incident. Speaking once again in his normal London accent, John described tall beings, about 6 foot 6 inches tall, with no visible mouths, and a smaller being he called an “examiner” who “operated the machine” that seemed to scan his body. He had apparent difficulty at this time in remembering this entity’s appearance. He also described what he was told about the ship’s propulsion system, that it was “very complicated” but had something to do with “ion magnetic” energy and something called a “vortex,” or something similar. Dr. Wilder asked John what the purpose of their visit was, and John stated, “No visit, they are here always.” Then John was asked why they were here, and he said, “To observe and to lead...through observation.” Then John was asked where their bases were and John fell silent, stating later that he had been blocked from saying more.

After this third session Dr. Wilder expressed the opinion that no further hypnotic regression sessions seemed necessary. It was being noted that more details were emerging and being remembered following the hypnosis sessions than were being recalled during them.

Andrew wrote in his report in England’s Flying Saucer Review: “It seemed that the more we talked together on the subject the more information would be released. As Elaine put it: ‘It’s like if you hit the right note, the flood gates will open.’”

That evening, on the drive home, Elaine remarked that she was suddenly hit with an urge to paint a figure wearing a headdress, with a city behind him and with hills in the background. Andrew asked John if he had told Elaine about the similar image he had described to them earlier under hypnosis, and John insisted that he had not. Andrew then instructed them both to later separately draw what they saw, and noted afterwards the results were “almost identical.”

By mid-December 1977, a great deal of information had seemingly surfaced from John and Elaine’s subconscious memories about the encounter.

John’s memories...

John remembers how in the beginning the car became completely engulfed in a mysterious dense green “fog” or “mist.” Then there was a white “shaft” of light that pierced through the fog. At first it was about six feet in front of the car, and about 3-4 feet in diameter, and then it quickly moved towards the car, growing progressively wider, until within seconds the “shaft” of light seemed to have latched somehow onto the automobile and John then feels an upward ascent. Then he blacks out, and the next thing he remembers is being on like a balcony with a railing in front of him, looking down at a lower level, approximately 15 feet higher than the car, with the car an estimated 50-60 feet distance. The car appears to be inside of like a large “hanger,” and inside the car he sees a man with his head over the steering wheel, and a woman next to him whose head laid back, both seemingly unconscious. John has the strong impression that he’s actually somehow looking at himself and his family!

As he watches this scene, some sort of “panel” closes in front of the car. John then notices an entity, approximately 6 feet and 8 inches in height behind him. Standing next to him is his wife Elaine, and possibly their son Kevin. Then John and the entity move off to John’s left and soon they are inside of a room with a table that has lights over it. The entity then touches John’s left shoulder and he passes out. When John comes to he finds himself laying on the table. Above his head, he sees what he describes as a “scan” type of apparatus about 18 inches over him, supported by two circular rods, one on each side of him. The “scan” device is rectangular shaped, 30-36 inches in length, about 3 inches in width, and perhaps 1 _ inches thick. The underside of it has a kind of honeycomb shaped design and a faint glow. The device takes about one minute to pass over his body. John notices as he does this that he feels a warm tingling sensation on the area being apparently scanned.

Then John is aware of three tall entities to his right and two small ugly looking ones to his left. The smaller ones he calls “examiners,” and as the “scan” device moves over him, one examiner puts a pen-type instrument on various areas of his body. The instrument, about 8 inches in length and _ inch in diameter, never actually touches the skin. It is kept about _ distance, while the part close to the skin generates an intense white light. Again there is a warm tingling sensation associated with this activity.

The “examiner” being stands about four foot tall and wears a white gown. The gown reaches to the floor and has long loose sleeves that are drawn at the cuffs. The being has no apparent neck, is slightly hunched over, with bushy brown hair (or “fur”) covering its whole head and hands, with large slanted triangular eyes, light brown nose or “beak”, a slit for the mouth, and pointed, slanted back ears. Its hairy hands looked large, with only four digits seen on each hand, with claws or long nails. Heavy set these beings walked awkwardly and made occasional gutteral chirps.

The table looked to be about six feet long, 2 feet and 6 inches wide, and 3 feet and 6 inches above the floor. The surface seemed soft, with small “bubbles,” and like most things inside the craft seemed grey in color.

While on the table John was unable to move. After the “scan” stopped John asked the tall entities if he could get up. “Sit there for a while,” he recalls he was told, but was startled to realize that they didn’t speak the words. It was a strong mental impression. Shortly though he got up and the “examiners” left the room. Then he notices that he’s wearing a one piece garment, similar to what the tall entities are wearing. He also takes in his surroundings, and notes that the room is oval shaped, perhaps 20 feet in length, 12 feet in width, and about 7-8 feet high. Everything looks to be perfectly smooth like the inside of a bubble. Other than the table and two overhead lights, no other furniture seems to be in the room.

John also notices that the taller entities look to be 6 foot 6 inches tall, except the “leader” who seems to be some 2 inches taller. They all seem to be wearing a one piece suit made of material resembling lurex or synthetic felt that even covers their hands and feet and forms a “balaclava” over their heads. They have two eyes, slightly larger than ours, with pink irises and “creamy” eyeballs. No nose or mouth seems obviously visible, and John suspects that they may be wearing masks. They also seem to have only three fingers on each hand and their skin looks very pale. In fact, almost transparent. The entities also make John think of a “bendy toy” or “blow up doll” as they don’t seem to have joints in their arms or legs, yet walk gracefully but with no long strides. During his entire onboard encounter, the tallest entity was the only being that John had direct contact with.

John asked these beings what they did when they went outside of their ship. He was told that they used a visor, which then was shown to him. John compared it to a welder’s visor in appearance. He recalls being given this explanation: “We find this unfortunate (the use of the visor) because we see through your eyes for most purposes. There are many occasions when we cannot find suitable eyes, so we use the visor to change your lights to match our optic nerves.”

John then asked why there were no colors inside of the craft. He recalls being told: “For you there are no colors but for us there are. Because of the structure of our optic unit the light we receive is reacted to in a way different to that in which your optic nerves operate. The conditions are controlled in our favor and that is why you see what you see.”

John then requested to be able to look around the ship and was indeed given a tour. They walked up to a wall whereupon an oval shaped hole about seven feet tall and three feet wide opened up. John and the three tall entities walked down a “connecting” tunnel a short ways to another room. With couches and a table near a wall, John felt it was a leisure room. The room was similar in size to the one they had just been in. Then they were in another tunnel and next entered what resembled a laboratory, where they explained that they did “research.” After awhile they went up a vertical tube into a larger room, what John knew had to be the control room. Four more tall beings were seated at a crescent shaped unit with panels along its top surface. The beings had their backs to John, and appeared to be busy working controls, passing their hands above some sort of instrumentation.

John was ushered over to a couch where he laid down. It was comfortable, covered with miniature air cushions, and about six feet long. Some 18 inches above his head was a dish-shaped object some 15-16 inches in diameter. Soon a single dimensional picture, some 5 feet long and 2 feet and a half high, was projected on the wall in front of him. Over the next few minutes he was shown hundreds of images, pictures of plans, maps, drawings, and charts, all in a rapid fire fashion. Object overhead seemed to supply “verbal accompaniment,” narration for the images. When John complained that it was all “going too fast,” he was told, “Don’t worry, it is all being remembered by your mind.”

John doesn’t consciously remember much about what he was shown, but stated that he did recognize a map of our solar system, and recognized Saturn “because of its rings.” During this time he remembers hearing the word “Phobos”, and admitted that he didn’t know then that Phobos was the smallest satellite of Mars.

John was then led to a darker area of the control room where a hologram was projected. He observed a complex of pointed grey metallic looking cones protruding from an alien landscape, with mountains or hills behind them. He was told that this was how their planet looked in its last years after it had been ruined by pollution and natural problems. In front of this scene a figure could be seen. Wearing a hooded robe, the figure looked very old, had pink eyes, and held a round object that glowed red and yellow. John was asked to touch this object. When he did he felt some sort of strange sensation moving up his arm. He felt that it had something to do with their planet’s energy, though he couldn’t recall being given an explanation. He did state that he felt privileged to have seen this. Then the “leader” told him that it was time to leave but that they would meet again one day. Then soon he finds himself back behind the wheel of the car, and soon he’s moving down the road again.

Elaine’s memories...

Elaine and John’s memories dovetail quite precisely in many respects. Elaine also recalls the green fog or mist, the white beam of light, feeling the ascent, and blacking out. Then she finds herself on a balcony standing next to John and looking down at a hanger looking area. She remembers seeing the car, with John, herself and Kevin standing in front of it. And, if she remembers correctly, Kevin was also standing near her on the balcony. Then she was led away, recalls descending a short distance, and a hole appeared in the wall. Behind it were two “examiners” (her description matches those of John’s) and she was led into the room. Kevin however was taken away against her will by a tall entity and an examiner to another part of the room out of view. Elaine was led then to a flat table and made to lay down and a strap was put across her legs and arms. As she struggled two “examiners” began conducting tests, one doing the testing while the other assisted. With a kind of “pen,” about 4 inches in length and 3/4 inches in diameter, her whole body was examined, beginning with her feet. The interior of the “pen” glowed with a purple color, which seemed to change in luminosity. Little by little the examination procedure continued until they reached her head. Particular attention seemed focused on her left side around where her kidney would have been.

The “examiners” seemed to be humming or singing like to themselves during the procedure. Continuing to struggle and still very scared, one tall entity adviser her that they couldn’t do anything with her like this, and so a tall entity them approached her and placed a middle finger on her forehead and the two others on the outsides of her eyes, during which she passed out.

After awhile Elaine came to and noticed that the straps had been removed. Nonetheless, she was unable to move. She then noticed that she was wearing a long gown with a tight hood rather like those worn by the tall entities. The material looked almost transparent and resembled crinkly cellophane.

Next Elaine recalls walking down corridors with walls covered in honeycomb design. She was accompanied by 2 or 3 of the tall entities. At one point, she noticed John in his one piece suit walking in the opposite direction with two other entities. Neither of them acknowledged the other.

Soon she too found herself inside what she recognized as a “control room.” She was led across the room to another entity that was seated. The being swung around in his seat and faced her, took her hand and helped her up to a seat at his level. “That wasn’t too bad was it,” Elaine believes the being said. “It was nothing to fuss about.” At this point, Elaine realized that they weren’t “speaking” to her. She was puzzled, and felt even more uneasy. After awhile the entity asked another being standing nearby to “play her some music.” Elaine described how the tall entity began to twiddle its hands slowly and she heard a soothing sound, a sound that made her think of a high-pitched harp. She wasn’t sure how the music was being produced but noticed that once finished she did feel relaxed. Around about this time too the entity seemed to sense Elaine’s concern for her children, turned to her and said: “Your children are safe. You value your children. We do not reproduce. We do not have children. We reproduce through you. You are our children.”

Later Elaine was led across the control room to a dark area where she was told to lie down on a couched area and watch the screen. Over her head was a dish shaped device with a concave octagonal shaped inside. Elaine was also shown many maps, charts, pictures and drawings. Se described the experience as like “having the contents of an encyclopedia pumped into one’s head all in one go.” The images flashed on and off very quickly. She only remembered one, a star chart that she recognized as showing our solar system, but instead of the traditional nine planets there were eleven! Then the screen went blank, and Elaine was led to another area where John and Kevin were also. This was the holographic experience it seems that John had also described. She remembers how the entity explained: “This is the seed of life, our past and your future, our whole existence. Accept this from us for yourself, your children and your fellow kind.” Elaine saw John and Kevin already touching the mysterious ball as she was being told to do it also. So she did, and then the “leader” told her it was time to leave, but that she would see them again.

Soon the family appeared to be in the hanger area again, standing on like a catwalk that circled around the car. The catwalk appeared to be some 4-6 feet higher than the car. Between the catwalk and the car were layers of several steps. The car was also facing the opposite direction it had originally been in, and was sloping downwards. The “leader” appeared and the entity who had played the music as well. Elaine believes she heard the “music man” refer to the “leader” as Lyra, and heard the “leader” call the “music man” something like Ceres. Both entities said goodbye to Elaine. She looked at the car and the children were already inside and John was about to get in. As she stood there taking this in, she feels that she may have given the impression of being reluctant to leave as she was told that she could stay if she wanted to. She felt though that they didn’t really mean it, and figured later that they were simply testing her. But as she stood there the car “fizzled” away, dematerializing through the wall, and as this was happening the room became very bright. When the car had completely disappeared, Elaine began to worry. She was told not to worry though, that she could catch up. Then she saw the car traveling along the road around a wooded area and then found herself getting into the vehicle as it was still moving. Shutting the door she noticed that the interior light was on. The car experienced some kind of jolt, and Elaine looked around and asked if everyone was in the vehicle.

Though descriptions of the tall entities and “examiners” tallied very precisely with John and Elaine, their descriptions of the examination rooms varied considerably, though both described a “pen” type device attached to wires, but related differences in size and color. Both told of a control room, how they were shown maps, drawings and charts on a screen, and also experienced an incredible hologram.

John asked if they had any computers to which they seemed amused and replied that they had an organic computer which could control the craft when required. In addition, they explained, they could link their minds directly with this computer if needed, bypassing the use of manual control.

The entities also explained that they had their own system of communication, but that when conversing with humans they could somehow pick our words from out of our minds and redirect them to form a communications link with us. Presumably they possess no language or vocabulary themselves, but function on an emotional level, and can somehow process the equivalent of a thousand of our words in a fraction of a second. In addition, when they first make contact with a human they will allegedly scan that brain for emotional acceptance. They even reportedly admitted that they could then project an image acceptable to ones emotional level.

Andrew again recalls this case in his book Alien Energy, adding that John came to conclude that he and his family never actually physically were onboard a real spacecraft. He feels it was an alien contact, but it was in “some form of astral domain,” and that the alien intelligence responsible could convey their knowledge and ideas in a way that would be acceptable. He called them the Watchers, presumably an alien race of great stature who formerly inhabited our planet long ago. Andrew wrote: “I therefore find it intriguing that in European occultism the term eggregori, Greek for Watchers, was the name given to balls of etheric light that watched over the affairs of mankind. Perhaps John might have been closer to the truth than he could ever have imagined.”

Recent Notes on this case from Andrew Collins:

Though initially the pseudonyms of John and Elaine Avis were used, I learned in an email from Andrew Collins on July 2, 2006 that their real names were John and Sue Day. When I met Andrew while he was visiting Dr’s Greg and Lora Little at their home in Memphis, Tenn., on June 10th, we discussed this fascinating case. As we had been talking about shamanic elements of similarity with UFO contact situations, Andrew told me how these witnesses had nightly OOBEs that he had found similar to what shaman’s described. I asked him about it and in this email he wrote me: “ is true that the sometimes nightly journeys of John and Sue Day, where they went to some kind of collective consciousness somewhere out there in the universe in order to communicate with the Watchers, the perpetrators of their abduction, mirrored exactly the experiences of shamans achieving similar astral journeys. In their case they believed they went to the sky-world, or a place of light, where the souls of the ancestors resided. Yet the contact is more-or-less the same, even though abductees almost always achieve their altered states of consciousness without the use of stimulants or sensory deprivation.”

In an email dated July 8th I learned additional details. Andrew wrote: “The couple split up many years ago, as they both entered separate lives. The wife, Sue, ended up becoming a pagan witch and midwife who served the Allies in Iraq during the first Gulf War. ...John has many strange dreams, but generally things have calmed down over the years. He is still psychic, and very much in tune with the environment. He is a sculptor, artist and maker of child’s doll houses and lives a reclusive life with his second wife in the wilds of Scotland. He still doesn’t drink any alcohol either.”

“The family are very credible, and what is important is that they have always attempted to analyze what happened from a grounded perspective, suggesting even that the whole thing had been an astral experience after they all entered the green mist.

“In my opinion, the whole incident happened instantaneously for the family and car, but outside usual space-time for the rest of the world, leaving them with a three hour time loss.

“I am sure I could eventually work out that something like this is possible on a quantum level, using Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity.”

I asked Andrew to describe his apparitional experience at John and Sue’s home back in 1977, which he related in an email dated July 14, 2006:

“Myself and Barry King would camp round at the Day’s home every Friday night to see whether any paranormal phenomena might occur, and sometimes it did. You know about the pots and pans episode [described last issue–editor]. Another night John, Barry and I sat up chatting until the early hours. So as not to disturb his wife, Sue, who was asleep, John remained with Barry and I as we bedded down for the night. John and Barry were in sleeping bags on the floor, and I was on the sofa.

“I slept, and was then awoken around seven o’clock that morning by the sound of the door handle moving behind my head, at which I craned my neck to see in the dawn light the door opening just feet away. I thought that John or Barry had got to the toilet upstairs, and were returning to the room. A tall silhouetted figure stood momentarily in the doorway, before moving quickly out of sight as if walking away. It was at that moment that I glanced on to the floor and saw that both John and Barry were clearly present and both fast asleep.

“I became slightly anxious, but assumed that the person had to be Sue, the only other adult in the house. This was despite that no sound of anyone going up the stairs followed the figure’s disappearance, and these were right by the door. It could not have gone anywhere else as it had stood in the house’s tiny reception area, which leads only on to the stairs.

“It was then that very suddenly and unexpectedly I was engulfed by an extremely pungent smell like rotten eggs, which stifled me, and then instantly I fell back to sleep and woke up around 10 o’clock.

“The whole thing eventually came back to me, and I recounted what had happened. Sue assured me that she had not come down at all, which made sense as the figure was in my opinion male. Moreover, Sue is quite short.

“It was definitely no one in the house, and an intruder can be ruled out as the doors to the outside would have been locked (they almost always are in Britain). The strangest aspect was the pungent smell, which we know is associated very strongly with UFO entity cases.

“The person/entity was unquestionably physical, and not etheric.”