Classic Mysteries by Brent Raynes

Abductee Cloned by Aliens?

Glenn Garrigan worked as a welder. He first became aware of UFOs in 1976, he claimed, while exploring a mountainous area of Oregon. He soon found that the region was a virtual hot spot for UFOs. He later wondered if the area might not be a “dimensional door” for the mysterious craft.

“My first sighting came when a UFO kept following our car,” Glenn stated. “Other persons were with me. Afterwards, the UFOs would maneuver close to my home during the early hours of the morning. I began receiving telepathic messages while viewing the UFOs.

“In August of 1977, I moved back to Manassas, Va., the town where I grew up, expecting to leave this phenomenon behind me for awhile. However, this was not the case.

“The sightings continued and the telepathic contact became greater. Things began to improve for me, such as my financial situation, environment, and so forth. It seemed that this intelligence was influencing these events. This promoted a sense of trust for me towards them.

“After a spiritual awakening by a wondrous and beautiful vision of Jesus Christ and a deep sense of well being with the UFO intelligence, I decided to leave Manassas, and move to the mountains near Luray, Virginia, in March of 1979. I felt that I was drawn to this place.”

On occasion, at night, UFOs swept down from the sky, barely clearing the tops of trees as they followed Glenn’s car. On several occasions, he claimed that he was able to photograph them.

“On April 18, 1979, while filming unidentified objects on a nearby mountain side I became very dizzy. The next thing I was conscious of was coming to in a different position away from my camera and tripod. There was a field close by of tall grass, (and) a large circular area of grass had been matted down which wasn’t before. After several months I began having recollection of the aliens, partial memory of the experience.

“In February of 1980, through hypnotic regression with Dr. Sprinkle, I relived the experience. Two alien beings escorted me up a ramp into a huge circular craft. Inside, standing before me, was a most impressive being. The power this being emitted was overwhelming. He was in control. He began speaking to me in thought. I was led to a table, my clothing removed, and I was placed on the table by three alien beings. These three beings were identical in appearance. The leader had different features than the other three, was taller, and his head was shaped differently.

“I lost consciousness on the table after some device was placed over my head. I regained consciousness after an intense jolt, such as a strong electrical shock. The room was disoriented. I was in a rage from the jolt and wanted to strike them. The leader placed his hands on my shoulders and calmed me.

“I was helped to my feet, dressed, and led by the aliens past someone who was stretched out on a table with an alien working about him. The person on the table looked exactly like me! The surroundings of the room was what I had last remembered before losing consciousness!

“Approximately two weeks prior to the abduction experience I was wakened in my bed by a tingling sensation to see three light beings of humanoid form standing side by side at the foot of the bed. Visions of different images began racing through my mind. My spirit (soul or self) was lifted or pulled from my body. I began praying, trying to cling to my body. I felt if I left I would die. But I was lifted out of it. After intense prayer I fell back in and sat up. My whole body was numb. The beings were gone.

“The months that followed was the most difficult period of my life. I felt that I’d been alienated and that I was being attacked by unseen forces. I had thoughts of regret and even suicide. I was aware of poltergeist activity, peculiar odors, and strange behavior in loved ones and friends. I was receiving telepathic messages: ‘You’re being tested,’ and “You are going through the fire.’”

What had been the aftermath of Glenn Garrigan’s mysterious ordeal?

“I feel more spiritually aware,” he stated. “A greater peace and knowing of a divine power. There is a sense of oneness between the leader of my UFO abductors and myself. The difficulties one experiences from UFO contact are not meant as hostility. It is to reconstruct personal behavior into a growing achievement of spiritual enlightenment.”

When asked about experiences with “spirits” or “guides” that helped in his understanding of things, he wrote: “One evening, while at home in my living room listening to music, waves of bright white light appeared before me. Within the light appeared an image, the image of Jesus Christ. In his eyes I could feel (sense) that he knew all things. The love that radiated from him completely overwhelmed me. There was no doubt of his identity. His appearance will live with me forever. This is the most wonderful and beautiful event I have ever experienced.”