The Fifth Process: Psychic Mutations, UFOs, and the Evolution of Man Were Other Forces involved in The Fifth Process? — Part Two

By Stan Morrison

(Part 1 here) Since the beginning of the age of television a far-reaching psychic phenomena, possibly UFO related, may have been occurring, unnoticed by parapsychologists. This psychic phenomenon has, and is occurring on a mass scale, but reports and claims of it have at all times been considered distortions in the perceptions of mental patients, the usual percipients of the phenomenon. It should be said that there is no question that there are distortions in cognition among the ill, but it appears that this can ultimately evolve into something bigger, something paranormal and, possibly, extraterrestrial.

Popular author and researcher John A. Keel, among others, realized long ago that individuals suffering from mental disorders (especially schizophrenia) experience genuine psi as a result of their medical malady. Keel points this out in his 1976 book, The Eighth Tower. “Some schizoids,” he wrote, “may be hooked up to the ESP band.” John Keel has further written (and this is based on many years of research) that it is more likely that if a person has mental disorders, the more likely it is that he or she has had, or is having, genuine psi experiences. Keel reached this conclusion from many years of personal investigation. And we must remember that veteran parapsychologist William Roll concluded poltergeists are due to PK (psychokinesis) generated by a mental disturbance in the mind of the victim. This should all be no surprise since both mental conditions and psi appear to originate in the brain.

What I have found, and this is based on personal exploration, including participant observations, is that these patients, who are more often than not psychic agents, mostly become “telepathic senders.”

Soviet scientists and doctors have long recognized that mental patients produce various forms of psi, such as projective thought forms and various forms of GESP, even though they are ill, most chronically. The psi seems to become not only a symptom of their mental disorder, but a condition in itself. It is all in the medical literature, but is considered a delusion when the patient claims people “read his mind.”

At first, the patient/percipient experiences synchronicity at an alarming rate, and then eventually the telepathic mechanism becomes obvious to them. Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz wrote in the July 1985 Para-UFOlogy Forum (now Alternate Perceptions), in response to an article I wrote in a previous issue: “By understanding the intricacies of your own mind as the telepathics unfold, many of the so-called synchronistic events, which are really unadulterated telepathy, come into focus and become much more involved and exciting… As Stan Morrison indicates and as is obvious in all of these cases, the experimenter is part of the experiment.” It becomes obvious when one studies these cases that major phenomena can develop. The big question is what came first: the psi or the physical phenomena, e.g., UFOs?

Apparently the level or frequency on which telepathy often operates is just below the threshold of perception. But to the patient/percipient, the sender, everything is happening at a fully conscious level. Those around him or her are totally oblivious to the psychic situation, though they are being subliminally affected by the sender. They unknowingly take part in veridical hallucinations and events wherein the sender’s belief system is reinforced by the actions of those who are around him or her. Their telepathic state eventually focuses on those on television, and seems to occur instantaneously and beyond the laws of conventional physics. (This TV phenomenon has been considered a very popular delusion among schizophrenics) On rare occasions, those involved (psychiatrists, social workers, etc.) consciously recognize what is taking place with the patient/psychic agent.

The Television Connection

It is not only those directly around the telepathic agent who can be manipulated, or take part in the telepathic process (the content of which often blends with distorted truths and delusions). At the beginning stage of this process it appears that the main psychic phenomenon that is occurring is a form of PK (psychokinesis). This acts to reinforce or corroborate the distorted perceptions of the patient/percipient. These perceptions are purely subjective. But then the belief system fully kicks in, and it really begins to happen, telepathically and psychically (a virtual reality state). The delusion externalizes and becomes reality. In other words, the internal reality of the patient/psi agent, where everything seems relative and his/her thought patterns coincide with outside activities, externalizes into objective reality by way of PK, and then, eventually, telepathy.

Those “schizophrenic” delusions of a conspiracy (or whatever) truly begin to manifest in the synchronistic attitudes of the participants, including the professional observers. It is at this point a sort of psychodrama goes into effect. Unfortunately, without the presence and mental/psychic functions of the patient/psi agent, the overall reality of the paranormal “game” sinks back into the unconscious. Except to the psi focus, nothing psychic ever occurred, or so it seems to the participants. In these instances, PK is used descriptively as it occurs below the sensorial level yet effects external reality in covert ways. Certainly one could say it is “unconscious telepathy” at that point. However, in my opinion more than minds are affected, but reality and events as a whole.

In some cases pure telepathy is the inceptive phenomenon. In other cases, it is a combination of telepathy and PK that produces the paranormal process. In either case, the psi can reach out and manipulate reality (and people) on a very huge, collective scale. And it is in this psychic matrix that the American parapsychonaut maneuvered and engineered the Fifth Process.

Even though telepathic interplay between individuals in the sender’s presence is an important aspect of the process, it is the psychic interplay between the sender and those on the television screen that is of the most significance. The reason for this is because the sender/patient evokes physical responses in the on-screen person(s). (Because they are linked via their nervous systems). This results in a sort of subconscious body language, and it involves the actions and reactions of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Many are not aware of it, but studies have shown that one can detect by head tilts and other body language which hemisphere is in control at any given instant. The sender, it seems, can manipulate the target’s body language, including the “right-left” head tilts. Thus anyone watching (TV viewers) will be affected in a subliminal sort of way, by the sender’s psychic interplay. That could be millions of people who are being psychically manipulated.

One thing that the patients/senders often reflect upon and say to themselves as they go through this experience is, “Oh, so this is insanity…” But then they realize that “insanity” is not always composed of pure fantasy, but paranormal symptoms of a neurological disorder. And perhaps it could also be a symptom of neurological manipulation or tampering from an external source (they being used as a sort of engineered medium). We will soon examine the evidence for this.

To theorize, I believe the collective result from this psychic manipulation is very similar to the creation of trends. Since the majority of schizoids maintain a way of thinking that suggests they are right-hemisphere dominated, their psychic interplay would be focused mostly on ideals, often right wing or ultra-religious ideals. And depending on their worldview, the rational left hemisphere would represent the negative, or, as is usually the case with schizoids, sheer evil to the point of being demonic. (Obviously, they represent Dr. Gregory Little’s “splinter group,” confronted with polarized archetypal phenomena. They are dealing with an ancient, and perhaps archaic, dualism that could be on its way out in favor of Dr. Little’s mandala philosophy).

The patient/psi agent, when confronted with self-created psychic stimuli (whether it be totally subjective or objective) will cling to the ideals of the right, and eventually come to conclude that he/she is angelic, or perhaps Christ Himself. Since they desperately cling to this belief when confronted with the phenomena represented by the left hemisphere, their telepathic signals and psychokinetic projections (all manipulative) favor the right hemisphere, considered by most researchers to be the biological location of our paranormal processes. So it all looks as if there are thousands of psychic/subliminal artists collectively plugging the right hemisphere, based on the artists’ Judeo-Christian belief systems. To further speculate, perhaps this acts to release “psychic and dogmatic steam” from the collective unconscious, and at the same time re-organize it, revealing, as author Brad Steiger would say, “certain basic truths.” Not all of the senders, I believe, would act as such a source, but when one considers there are thousands, several could possess the correct mindset.

It should be noted that these psychic agents are ill and their psychic experiences are chronic. They basically are confused, understandably, by an influx of hallucinatory phenomena, usually religiously symbolic in nature. But there are some who have maintained mental equilibrium, and have recovered from the psychic malady. A few of these individuals, though now quite together, calmly insist that their experience was often quite real and the true source of their psychic experience was something external or mostly apart from their organism. They sometimes attribute their experience to a close encounter with God, and a revelation of His or “Its” nature and personality. Others believe they were dealing with some high technology. It would not be totally out of the question that some individuals controlled the telepathy and PK and thus the condition. These would be objective sorts who avoided falling prey to complete delusion and just may have acted as a true psychic catalyst for our collective welfare. The difference between these individuals and professional parapsychonauts (as in the Fifth Process) is that the latter were prepared and trained to enter such altered states of consciousness to perform a precise function. Interestingly, the results of both individuals’ ASC experiences could be remarkably similar.

Mutation Or UFO Connection?

The producers of the 1982 motion picture Poltergeist certainly did their homework when they used a television set as the inceptive medium of the subsequent paranormal events. And in the Exorcist, wisely included was the priest’s aging mother “talking to the radio” during the course of her senility. (Certainly the exact telepathic interplay could occur with radio as the medium, and this no doubt happens and happened before TV. But I think the visual factor makes the TV a much more effectively manipulative medium, telepathically.) So, this is not the first time the television set (or radio) has been seen as a medium for psi.

One thing that stands out among the patients/telepathic TV agents is that a significant percentage are obsessed with UFOs, or have actually had encounters with UFO phenomena. Sometimes they have actual UFO photographs to support their claims. Could UFO intelligences actually be responsible in some way for such patients/psi agents? And if so, why? A possible answer will be examined shortly. I have actually seen some of the artwork of our individuals, and a lot of it consists of drawings of flying saucers. Taking this into consideration, along with the telepathic phenomenon that appears to be going on, one must wonder whether this may be evidence of the induced consciousness transformation outlined in Brad Stieger’s Gods of Aquarius: UFOs and the Transformation of Man (1976); after all, these psychic agents are dealing directly with the collective unconscious and are apparently linking, at various psychic levels, with sections of the general population. Or is all this psychism merely a psychic mutation resulting in a similar effect?

If there is indeed an external source responsible for directly tampering with the consciousness of individuals, one logical culprit could be man himself. For decades, it has been disclosed, our government has secretly researched and experimented with “psychotronic technologies.” (With the exception of remote viewing or sensing, applied parapsychology such as that used in the Fifth Process has not been publicly disclosed.) The disclosed scenario would be that ELF waves (Extremely Low Frequency radio waves) have been beamed at the population from various locations, producing such psychic agents as those we have examined in Part Two (see Mind Wars: The True Story of Secret Government Research Into the Military Potential of Psychic Weapons, by Ron McRae, published in 1984). Would this explain the impressions of the patients that they are the victims of some high technology?

Many of our mental patients have actually claimed to have been the victims of strange, continuous inundations of energy beams. Of course, even if that were all they claimed, psychiatrists have attributed this to mental disease and delusions and hallucinations. According to Ron McRae’s Mind Wars American and Soviet scientists had found some years ago that electromagnetic waves can produce hallucinations in people, among other physical and emotional affects. Could ELF waves, which are on the same frequency of human brain waves, trigger psi within the affected individual? Russian scientists, according to McRae, “theorize these radiations might be the vehicle for ESP communication…” It’s interesting that mental patients often believe the CIA or the KGB are out to get them or are experimenting with them.

It does not seem likely, however, that man alone could be behind the creation of all these psychic agents, since omnipotent-like powers would have to be involved to explain the seemingly supernatural nature of the source behind our psi agents/telepathic TV agents. I find it interesting that more and more contactees and abductees claim they have (energy) implants in their brains, etc., and that it is now being taken more seriously by UFO investigators. It is believed they were inserted by extraterrestrials for various reasons, one being as a beacon for tracking the individuals; also to know what’s on their minds and also to perhaps control their minds. The belief that one has an implant in ones head causing telepathy has been noted by psychiatrists for many years.

Unless we are dealing with ourselves from the future, some of the UFOs that are witnessed by the patients/psi agents would seem to also negate purely human involvement. And such a mental/psychic/paranormal disease (schizophrenic senders) could possibly be due in some percentage of the cases, as previously stated, to a natural mutation within the human species. The by-phenomena, such as UFOs, could in these cases be psychic projections.

Tom Bearden, a retired Lt. Col. and army intelligence analyst, in the last ten pages of Brad Steiger’s Gods of Aquarius, writes how the human species at this point in our evolutionary development, must indeed link psychically in order to survive as a tool-using technological life form. If we don’t become a single coherent entity, and soon, says Bearden, we are destined for extinction and the destruction of our biosphere. Perhaps this would justify the production of our patients/psi agents.

Bearden recognizes induced psychic linkage as having to occur now, and even pointed out in 1976 that it may be in action, with the necessary assistance of UFOs, which he feels are highly evolved extraterrestrials concerned with our development. So, perhaps our patients/psi agents are victims indeed of both man and UFO intelligences secretly working together for our overall betterment, even though at this point it would seem somewhat sinister.

Even though Brad Steiger and Tom Bearden basically agree, Brad places this unearthly evolutionary assistance as occurring from the early stages of our species’ history, and that this “other intelligence” is extradimensional in nature. Steiger points out that man has always interacted with intelligent phenomena, solid and psychic, and that they are generally benign and have sought to gradually increase our awareness on a psychic level.

If Steiger, Bearden, and significant others are/were correct, that we need to evolve psychically and collectively (a thesis readily accepted by experts as being on a sound basis), would the help of “others” be absolutely necessary? It certainly is a great explanation for the actions, motives and presence of UFOs and other strange phenomena. But, again, couldn’t an increase in our collective cosmic awareness be the result of natural evolutionary mutations, they being our senders? Perhaps, but unlikely. There seems to be a definite process going on, an organized process that is very similar to the Fifth Process.

As strange as it seems, we appear to have thousands of people with extremely potent telepathic disorders sitting in front of television sets (literal windows to the world) around the world. This, in my opinion, could result in collective psychic linkage, and in the long run total unity among our species. Besides a great number who claim UFO contact, is there any other evidence suggesting a UFO connection? There may be, but it is only circumstantial.

Number one, most of our senders are living in controlled conditions, just the environment a scientific controller would prefer for a functioning psychic agent, and who is going to take a mental patient seriously? Secondly, I find it interesting that the modern age of UFOs and television parallel one another. Then, of course, we have photographs of UFOs taken by the patients/senders. UFO contactee Stella Lansing, I understand, was treated for schizophrenia. Her UFO photographs are spectacular.

Whether or not there is a higher intelligence behind the senders/patients, one thing seems clear: the senders are evidently victims experiencing the phenomena and archetypes of subjective inner space, and are objectifying this psychic realm in the form of telepathy and psychokinesis. The probability that they are affecting others (masses) via these phenomena and the TV screen, still prompts one to suspect external forces, e.g., extraterrestrials. The senders are functioning exactly as one would expect a catalyst for psychic/nervous system linkage to function.

Finally, if the same or similar process accompanied by a same or similar result, such as that engineered by the Fifth Process parapsychonaut is occurring, we should feel fortunate. The truth is, we could use all the help we can get in this area, whether it be from extraterrestrials or Mother Earth in the form of mutations.