Reality Checking with Brent Raynes

Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

In Dr. Lyall Watson’s Lifetide (1979) he asks the scientifically forbidden question: Is it possible for a strongly held idea to manifest some sort of causal response at a physical level of reality? Watson cites vexing real-life synchronistic anomalies such as these:

1. April 2, 1973, Burton Road, in Manchester, England. Reportedly one of the largest recorded blocks of ice ever to fall from the sky fell at the feet of a physicist who, it just so happened, had been pondering the possibility of ice production caused by lightning strike.

2. October 27, 1947, Marksville, Louisiana. Four species of fish, including a nine-inch largemouth bass, fell from the sky all around a visiting ichthyologist.

Professor Jacques Vallee’s book Messengers of Deception (also published in 1979) pondered similar heresies. Vallee speculated that we reside in what he termed an “associative universe” and that we traverse events within it by association, in a way that is quite similar to how a computer retrieves information by the association of key words. In our case, powerful or meaningful events and ideas, sometimes bordering or overlapping perhaps onto what Jung referred to as “archetypes of the collective unconscious,” could manifest a wide-variety of synchronistic and parapsychological events as chronicled not only by Vallee, but also John Keel, Dr. Berthold Eric Schwarz, Dr. Gregory Little, Raymond Fowler, and a host of others.

Acclaimed psychic and author of the paranormal, the late Harold Sherman, outlined in his writings how physical cause and effect can come about through the directed focus of our conscious and unconscious mental processes. He described simple meditative-type strategies and techniques whereby a person could practice correct thinking styles in order to achieve the desired goals in one’s life. Sherman believed that each of us possessed great creative and healing potentials and he strived to put the controls for such accomplishments into the hands of all who would read and listen to his advice. His books still command a place of respect on one of my library shelves. Books like Know Your Own Mind, How To Know What To Believe, How to Foresee and Control your Future, and How To Make ESP Work For You.

Back in the Fall 1993, No. 25, edition of our magazine (then entitled UFO Perceptions), our dear friend and colleague Dr. Berthold Schwarz, a noted parapsychologist, ufologist, and, last but not least, a retired psychiatrist, came up with what he termed “experimental ufology.” He defined this branch of many branches thusly: “Experimental ufology means to adapt and apply time-tested scientific techniques and disciplines to UFO experients’ related psi phenomena and attempt to duplicate in microcosm–in the field, the laboratory or research room–what was reputed to have occurred in the UFO contact.” Dr. Schwarz has been doing precisely this for many years, as many of our readers already must realize. Down through the years, thousands of seemingly credible UFO experiencers have described, as Dr. Schwarz states in his article, curious “trance- like states and paranormal effects,” and he encourages us to study first-hand and scientifically reports of possible physical manifestations such as materialization, levitation, stigmata, and psychokinesis.

Over three decades ago, the Israeli psychic Uri Geller and his spectacular, much studied and yet still controversial psychokinetic, reported metal bending abilities came to the attention of the entire world, amid claims that there was a UFO angle to Geller’s situation as well (readers are encouraged to read further details on this in my book, Visitors From Hidden Realms). Geller was tested in many laboratories and by many different scientists around the world. He was even studied by our own Stanford Research Institute. I believe it’s safe to say that Geller is the most studied psychic around!

Over the years, I have heard some pretty incredible stories about Uri Geller’s abilities. Here’s a few testimonials I gathered personally from various of my contacts:

"The most spectacular thing I saw Uri do–in person–I was at the television station in Seattle when he was a quest, was this. The host bought packets of radish seeds. She opened the package and Uri took one or two between his fingers. Thumb and first finger and concentrated. The seed burst open and green leaves ‘grew’ right between his thumb and forefinger! It was miraculous. Also that day he had a closed ships compass. A big one! It was encased in glass and stood about 3 feet off the floor. He placed his hands above it and concentrated and it began to spin! An impossibility! But it did. He was wonderful and I believe everything he says.” – Aileen Garoutte

“Just a note about Uri Geller. He and I were speakers at the Silva World Convention in Laredo, Texas in ‘95 and I saw him do some amazing stuff. I was sitting in the audience while he was speaking and he asked all the kids there to come on stage with him. He said he could use their energy. He then opened a pack of radish seed and poured them in his hand and told the kids to visualize the seed sprouting and growing. Then he opened his closed hand and there was a radish seed sprouting. I ran up to him and saw this from a distance of three feet, and saw leaves starting to grow. I had seen spoons bent before, but this was something that got my attention!! Maybe it was a trick, but if so, it was a good one.” – Raymond Grace

“I have...seen Geller perform on stage (at Town Hall in NYC as part of a Body, Mind, Spirit magazine sponsored event)...I have no doubt that Geller manifests real PK/ESP ability.” – Eugenia Macer-Story

“Uri is real!! I did magic years ago for entertainment purposes only, so I know how to do it and what Uri did for several of my friends, in my presence, was bend a key, bend a spoon, start watches that refused to run, yet at no time did he hold the items. One man I introduced to Uri held the watch while Uri passed his hand about 5 or 6 inches over and above the watch and it began running just as Uri said, ‘It will run now!!” and it certainly did.” –Earl J. Neff

As Dr. Schwarz has repeatedly tried to point out over the years, there are no doubt untold others (thousands?) from all over the world who are describing seemingly credible and evidential UFO and paranormal phenomena in their lives, and a careful study of their claims and an attempt to verify and document their reported abilities or experiences might in fact yield tremendously valuable information and insights to serious-minded, pioneering researchers willing and daring enough to go the distance.