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The Star-Headed Alien of the Cascades

On my recent trip out to Washington state, I heard all sorts of intriguing tales of high strangeness. Aileen Garoutte was showing me through a scrapbook of alien illustrations that she had collected over the years. One page contained a couple of photographs of a painting based on one local man’s memories of a curious and apparent UFO “being”with a “star-shaped head” that he claimed he initially encountered a decade before the modern UFO era began with the Arnold sighting. She and Dan Edwards (they were then married) met this man back in 1978. “He met him [entity] hiking in the Cascades on the Pacific Crest Trail in 1937,” Aileen recalled. “After that he had many contacts with him. In fact, he [entity] put some kind of instrument that clamped on the bridge of his nose and the scars were still there. [Note instrument in the hands of the entity] We held our first ever meetings at his house.”

Aileen said that no craft was involved. The entity was described as a very physical being. Did not materialize or dematerialize as in many entity reports.

UFOs and Ancient Sites

Isn’t synchronicity a wonderful thing? And it can be useful too! Stan Morrison’s article, “Casa Grande of the Hohokam,” which will be in the next issue, seemed to arrive rather synchronistically in my mail. In the article the question is raised about a UFO hotspot in Arizona that Stan had overhead being mentioned sometime back on a radio talk show, but could find nothing more about. Meanwhile, I had just returned November 2nd from Washington state where Aileen Garoutte had just given me to read an archaeological book (Archaeoastronomy In The Americas, edited by Ray A. Williamson) that contained a report on a very interesting stone circle site, where, it just so happens, a reported UFO contact had allegedly occurred a few years back. In fact, a certain lady (also an abductee herself) who had helped work the case had moved to the Tacoma area. I had even had some correspondence with her when she lived in Arizona and spoke with her briefly on the phone after her move to Washington state. During my visit I asked about her, but no seems to know her whereabouts or activities at present. But this is how Aileen thought to hand the book to me later.

At any rate, with Stan’s intriguing article in hand I decided to dig into my files and see what I could retrieve, and give this case a second look. Here’s what I came up with:

Back in January 1981, ufologist Max Calderwood was then living in Tucson, AZ., and shared with me these details. The abductee who later moved to Washington was named Vicki. In November 1977, Vicki and her mom claimed a UFO abduction from a highway rest stop near Casa Grande. “Again we encounter that odd suspension of reality that is so common in these cases,”Max wrote. “...before the abduction the rest stop itself had been crowded, but...afterward most of the cars were gone!” Max added, “She [Vicki] accidentally came across a witness who had seen a UFO in that area on that particular night. The witness was a highway patrolman...”

In the meantime, Vicki assisted Max with his investigation of the case involving the stone circle. At an APRO meeting they met a young lady named Colleen. Colleen claimed that on November 23, 1979, she and several friends were visiting an archaeological site in the desert some 20 miles northwest of Tucson. Max continued: “...they spotted a star-like object approaching. A smaller object left the larger and approached close to their position and landed. An entity left the landed round object and he at first appeared to glow all over. A fairly mundane exchange took place in which the being reportedly said that they ‘come to this area fairly often.’ ...About three weeks later Colleen was suddenly ‘beamed aboard’ a ‘mother ship.’ Here she saw many of the aliens and was able to observe their power source. ... After another three weeks she again had an encounter with the alien, only this time he was in one of the smaller one-man spheres like the one in the first contact. An interesting footnote is that in the first contact everyone in the group saw the aliens differently. She perceives the aliens as being the usual small, hairless, jump-suited type with large eyes.”

On October 25, 1981, Max, Vicki, her mom, and a couple APRO members accompanied them to the ancient stone circle site, and in his letter of November 12th Max included some photographs taken of the area. (See one of Max’s pictures included with this article)

“It is a large circle of small stones,” Max wrote. “It has no ‘spokes’ like other Indian sunwheels but does have some piles of stones inside that seem to line up with the moon and the rising of some constellations...The UFO that was involved in Colleen’s contact landed just a few yards outside this circle.”

“Petroglyphs are located nearby and some allegedly are of UFO type designs,” Max added. “There is a strange, unidentified stone wall located on the heights above the petroglyph area, on the hilly area in back of the Tortolita Mountains. ...This wall is hand-built of stones and is from three feet high to six feet high in places and it wanders without any apparent purpose for about six miles around the top of this hill. An ‘overlook’ commands a view of ‘the circle’ in the distance.”

Now just last week (12-05-04) I was on the phone with a researcher who lives out on the West Coast and we were talking about ancient sites and UFOs, and out of the blue he began describing a rather remarkable “large rock circle” he had once visited in Arizona. Come to find out Vicki had taken him there years ago....! When synchronicity is involved, what you thought was a “cold case” jammed back there in one of the draws of one of your filing cabinets can suddenly leap out at you and you can suddenly find yourself taking a second hard look at things, and it can certainly prove quite interesting and rewarding!

UFO Healings?

Ron and his family lived on a bluff, overlooking the Tennessee River, across that river from Fyffe, Alabama. Back around 1993, during the time Fyffe was known for cattle mutilations and mystery helicopters, it had become “like a past time” for Ron and his family to watch mysterious “lights” around their home. “The river itself was approximately 2 _ miles wide at that area,” Ron explained to me. “There’s a forest area...and it had little inlets...from the river, and you could see the lights go down in those trees...and then it would raise up and at times it would get so bright like an arc welder, even being four miles away, and then at times it actually moved over the river and go it would disappear under the water.”

One day, Ron was using a chainsaw to cut some trees down that were obstructing their view of the river, when a limb flew back and struck him in the chest. As a result, he had two broken ribs. One night, while in the early stage of recovery from this injury, Ron was sleeping in the recliner in the livingroom. Around 2 or 3 a.m. he got up to use the bathroom. During this time he would periodically make himself cough to get “mucus and stuff” out. He tried to do this at this time, and noticed there wasn’t any pain! “I looked and my shirt was burned,”Ron said. “Right over those two ribs. It just happened to be that my pen was in my pocket right over those two ribs. ...I pulled my pen out. The plastic was melted...and the ribs were healed. I never had another pain out of it.”

There existed within this family elements suggestive of “missing time” and “contact” around this same period of time. For example, Ron’s wife and then approx. 9-year-old son both had an identical dream of a “craft landing”, the same night. “He drew a picture and my wife confirmed that this was what she had dreamed,” Ron noted. One night they heard a strange “electronic noise” directly over their home. “Afterwards I could hear dogs everywhere barking,” Ron said. In fact, before this series of events (there were others), when the family was living in nearby Guntersville, Ron was with his brother and his brother’s son when they shared a “missing time” episode of at least an hour and a half. “Right after that I had this real vivid dream that I was laying a bed...there was a bright wasn’t actually like a light bulb...and these two or three tall, slim beings was like examining me...(and) across a small expansion was several of these smaller, darker beings...It was like they were learning or whatever. ...The next day I had two identical scars above the heel, between the ankle and the achilles’ tendon, on each foot. Exact location. Exact same size, and they were like a fresh pink scar that I had never had before, on both feet. I’d say in a month they healed up. ...They were about...maybe a third of the size of a pencil eraser in circumference. ...I took a ruler and measured and they were identical. ..That’s when all this activity started.”

Back in 1975, I met a very interesting “contactee” named Donna, who described a couple of dramatic UFO “healings” that occurred back during her childhood. Donna lived in Ohio, and she was one of many contactees introduced to me by Madeline Teagle of Cuyahoga Falls, a contactee herself. (Some of Madeline’s experiences are described in my book, Visitors From Hidden Realms)

Donna’s story began back around the summer of 1950. She was only about three and a half years old at the time, but she said she clearly remembered it. Her dad had put her in bed early as she had been suffering a toothache. Alone in her room, a “being” of oval shape and of “shiny golden and silver light”appeared. She was looking directly at it when “an arm” touched her around her right shoulder. “Whatever it was it completely overcame any fear I had because I accepted it,” Donna stated. “I went right back to sleep immediately.”But when she woke up later she was suffering “excruciating” pain. It was a burning sensation. She suffered with it off-and-on for some three weeks. Then X-rays of her spine were taken, and although she had been born she said with a severe case of spine curvature, “it was completely cured.” As for being touched, she told me, “It’s hard to describe. I felt many fingers on my back. Not five, but like 20, 30. It was like feelers.”

Then, at age six, on July 4th or 5th, 1953, she and several others witnessed a UFO with “flashing multi-colored lights” flying nearby. “When the white came on I noticed a similar burning sensation that went from...the base of my spine and went to the top of my head and centered in my throat. And after that my defective vision in my left eye was corrected and I never had another epileptic seizure after that.”

“I was brain damaged at birth,” Donna continued. “My mother was 38 when I was born and she had toxaemia and so I was a PKU [Phenylketonuria] baby. It results from the RH factor in parent’s blood not matching, so I got a complete transfusion at birth that left me slightly brain damaged. And my intelligence level went up after I was healed too.” She went on to say that at the time of our interview her IQ level was 150.

I asked Donna about how well she recalled the details of the event of age three. “I remember it detail for detail because I didn’t tell them everything that happened,” she said. “There was something passed to me. It was in the form of a golden ball and it was lodged in my brain. It passed through into the base of my brain. So I don’t know if my nerve damage began to be healed at that time or later at the later sighting when I was 6 years old. ...It was all very pleasant and I remember all of these experiences with a lot of pleasure.”

At age 10, Donna was in a cornfield and also saw a UFO that resembled a pancake. Nothing else unusual happened to her at that time, but not long before our interview, one night early in June 1975, she and her husband were driving near Akron when they observed a “large bright white light” and “little dots of light” taking off from the larger one. “I had mental communication,” Donna added. “It was in the nature of feeling me out, testing my reactions, to see if I was a viable channel. ...I felt pressures in various parts of my brain...” Later in a letter she wrote me, “When I’m in a certain set of circumstances, I can see auras and I can go into trance (and receive messages telepathically). ...The bulk of my paranormal experiences occurred between ages 8 and 15.”

The Invisibility Question

In my last Alternate Perceptions eZine (No. 85, November 2004) I referred briefly to human “invisibility” cases, both within and outside of the UFO context. Budd Hopkins recently caused this subject to become popular with his new book, Sight Unseen. Hopkins has come upon cases involving alien abductions in broad daylight wherein aliens and “craft” (and the abductees themselves) were seemingly rendered invisible. But as I pointed out, back in the No. 37 Winter ‘97 edition of Alternate Perceptions, researcher Donna Higbee had written an article which we published, and which was entitled “Human Invisibility.” Donna is an abduction researcher, and noted back then that “invisibility is one of the components making up the abduction phenomenon.”In fact, she noted: “The first several people who came to me with invisibility experiences were abductees,” noting also that people who reported such experiences had “higher than average psychic abilities.”

Hopkins was quoted in a recent interview that his focus was on the scientific and he was trying to take the “‘para’ out of paranormal” with such data, but I’m afraid it’s way too early and unscientific to be dismissive about much of anything normal or so-called “paranormal.” At this stage, there’s still so much we don’t know and understand. But as I stated in my eZine report, after Donna’s article appeared in our magazine, two readers (who also described UFO contact and psychic experiences) also shared personal experiences with “invisibility” as well. Again I dug through my own files recently and retrieved a couple of suggestive accounts that I thought might also interest my readers. Here they are:

Those of you who have read my book Visitors From Hidden Realms, may recall the story from Palermo, Maine, of the man who described to me how, as a young boy, he and his family periodically saw mysterious balls of light back in the 1930s, until the night that his grandfather passed away, when it was seen by his dad on a stone wall that divided their farm from the next one. This was the last time it was seen and the closest it ever got to this family’s home.

At any rate, one curious aspect of the story I left out was this. Here’s a direct quote: “One time we were watching it from the yard, about three hundred yards from the object where a man was working crops with two horses and a two row cultivator. He worked down from above it on the hillside two rows at a time until he entered the row where it was. He nor the team, showing no signs of anything abnormal, ran over it. As the horses walked over it, it grew smaller until about the size of a baseball. When the cultivator teeth went over it it rolled with the dirt and regained its former size behind the machine.”

To me, that was interesting. Animals often seem much more acutely aware of UFO and paranormal phenomena, but neither the horses nor the farmer in this case seemed at all aware of what the people from a distance were plainly perceiving. .

Now for the next case. Back in 1975, I had been working closely with the Ohio UFO Investigators League and they put me in touch with a lady who lived in Cincinnati. She had a very interesting UFO experience to share that had occurred back on the night of December 1, 1973. She and her daughter, who at the time was 13, were at Lancaster, Ohio, heading out from there toward Columbus on a 4 lane highway, when an ordinary evening turned really strange. In her own words, she told me: “We were going west and all of a sudden this craft came across the highway to my side of the road, where I could see it and then it would move up and down and change all different positions. Well I slowed down about this time to about fifty, to get a better look at it, and all of a sudden my daughter said, ‘Well ma here it comes’, and that the flash of an eye, it was over to the edge of the highway. Now this was the other road going...east, and it stopped in midair and...the reason that I can kind of judge the length of it was because there was a car that went right beside it and kept right on going. Now this was above the car, of course, but it came along the road and the craft was right beside the road. I’d say that it was 50 to 60 feet long.”

“None of the other cars showed any indications of..” I began, and before I could complete my sentence she replied, “No, they showed no indication of having seen anything at all.” “That must have struck you as quite unusual,” I said. “It did because I watched this car going and I said ‘What’s the matter with you? Why don’t you stop when you see that?’ Because there is this big craft, it is metallic, it’s silver, and it’s a cigar type shape. It’s thicker in the middle and it has a red light at one end and green at the other. And kind of bluish-white lights in the center. And it stopped, and of course by this time I’m going 30 miles an hour and another thing that struck me as strange is that I’m on a four lane highway and I’m in the right hand lane and not one car passed us during this whole interval. Let’s say that there wasn’t much traffic that night because of the gasoline stations being closed that night at six, but even at that not one single car passed between us. So by this time I’m going about 30 and I told my daughter I’m going to pull over, and you know I never did get that car off the road.”

“I drove 30 miles an hour and no cars passed. There were lights behind me. I could feel the car lights behind me, and all of a sudden the light all became one light on this craft and it was the brightest light I’ve ever seen. It shone inside of our car. It came right across the road and into our car and it was just as bright as daylight. In fact, my daughter even said, ‘Mom, I could even read a book.’ ....The craft went along with us for quite a ways and it was really low. I mean it was really low. ...I don’t know how long an interval that the light was shining in the car but I was not watching the road and I did not go off the road one time. I didn’t weave, and naturally when you see something like this you’re going to be watching it, and I kept saying ‘I’m going to pull over,’ but that is as far as the thought got. ...So we go up a little ways farther and finally I couldn’t look in that direction anymore because it hurt my eyes so much and I said, ‘Oh, it’s so bright. I can’t look’ and she said, ‘Mom, here it comes.’ It started across that other road and it ....was up over us and it was as close to us as the car would have been had it passed us.” Then it moved off into the sky and followed from a distance.

In reflecting on the experience, this woman noted again how “not a single car seemed to notice that craft was there,” but added, “maybe they couldn’t stop any more than I could.” I asked if she or her daughter had any odd sensations during the sighting, to which she replied: “Well just like I say like you had had a glass of champagne and you get a little giggly. She and I both felt that way. ...We just kind of laughed and were silly about it. I guess excitement more you might call it, or something of that sort. But I don’t think that she was afraid at all and I wasn’t either. There was no fear at all.”

Was the craft invisible to other motorists, or were minds and automobile movements controlled during a close encounter? Or was this a bizarre form of so-called “highway hypnosis” somehow shared between a mother and her young daughter? Or, could it be, that occasionally, under certain circumstances that remain unclear to us, people with psychic sensitivity see into other realities that may from time to time partially overlap or intrude into our own?


UFOlogist and artist Aileen Garoutte of Covington, WA. Photo—Brent Raynes, 2004.

Artistic rendering of alien being encountered in 1937 in Washington State.

Portion of ancient stone circle approximately 20 miles NW of Tucson, AZ, site of alleged UFO landing and contact. Photo: Maz Calderwood, 1981.

Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors