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A relaxing evening on the lake with the Peruvian whistling vessels....

“My name is James Windisch and I live in Memphis, Tennessee,” this gentleman began, as he offered testimony into my portable tape recorder. “My first experience with the Peruvian whistles was pretty mind opening for me. I was immediately in the Mayan civilization. I was amongst an entire village and it was alive and vibrant inside of me. I just had some feelings that I’ve never felt before. That was at the ARE retreat of 2005 [Saturday, November 5th, for those of you who weren’t there] Then tonight, June 10th, I just experienced an entire vortex. I was traveling back in time. I don’t know where I was headed but that’s exactly how I felt. I was literally in a vortex just traveling back and it was swirling, and it was clockwise, pretty much like what everybody else experienced tonight.”

Indeed it had been an interesting evening. Around 7:37 p.m., there were fourteen of us altogether on Dr. Greg and Lora Little’s pontoon boat, anchored out on Coro Lake south of Memphis, as seven of us began blowing the set of Peruvian whistling vessels that I had brought. Though they were only blown for a few minutes, perhaps 7 or 8, many interesting impressions were later described from that brief session.

I next asked Mr. Windisch, “Was the swirling kind of like an energy?” He replied: “A lot of energy. A lot of energy, yes.” I asked if he had seen any people. “I didn’t see any people this time. I did experience for a brief moment where I could see colors, but it was more diamond shaped, but brilliant colors on the border of the entire circle. It was all swirling.”

I then asked how he had felt, to which Mr Windisch replied, “I was totally relaxed. I felt that I was traveling with entire energy. Maybe going through me. I was moving with that energy. That’s about the best way that I can describe it. ....I was very relaxed through that time.” I then asked if he meditated, and he said he did, to which I then asked, “Are these familiar type feelings, or was this more intense to you?” Windisch stated: “It was more intense than the normal meditation. Anything that I’ve ever experienced anyway in normal meditation.”

Also curious about his earlier experience in 2005, when I had led a Peruvian whistling vessel presentation at the ARE’s 34th annual Mid-South Retreat at Montgomery Bell State Park near Burns, Tenn., I asked Windisch, “With the earlier vessel experience where you saw scenes of the Mayan civilization and people, was this like temples and pyramids?” “Yes exactly,” he stated. “And it was alive. It wasn’t like looking at archeological ruins nowadays. It was alive and well.” I asked if there was any ceremonial activity going on or anything. He added: “Just a lot of activity. I felt like I was just in the middle of the crowd. I had like dropped right into the middle of that, and that’s about the best way that I can describe it.”

British author Andrew Collins and his wife Sue share their Peruvian whistle experience.

Acclaimed British researcher and author Andrew Collins and his wife Sue were Greg and Lora’s guests that day too, and they were on the boat with us. They both had experienced some unusual impressions as well. “The first thing that I saw was a man with an ape-like face, but then melted away and I could then see the skull of it,” Sue explained. “It was just there, suspended in mid-air. Then a lot of vertical lines just falling from the sky. Then the next thing was a sort of feathered, four spoked wheel...with a hole in the center of it, although it wasn’t spinning. It was definitely stationary. ...A completely trippy experience. Very, very almost drug induced experience without the use of any drugs.” We laughed.

Then Andrew began to share his experience. “What I saw was like three abstract, what I say (were) puma-jaguar like animals that a ring. This ring was constantly revolving and it was almost like their presence symbolizes the motion of this ring. The ring was definitely made of sort of energy, if you like, and there was like a hollow part of it. It was like a wedding band sort of shape. I was looking at this, quite transfixed trying to understand what it meant and suddenly, from my left, this bounding animal, like a human-animal hybrid on all fours. Almost like a baby or a young child would sort of come on all fours towards you. It just came on up, and its face was very weird. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, to start with, or why it was there, but when my logical mind sort of kicked in for a moment I realized that the face was very much like the Olmec images of what they call the were-jaguar, which is like the half man, half jaguar. You know, the body of a man but the face of like a weird, abstract feline creature, and this confirmed to me that the things that were going around in that ring were actually somewhat felines, but probably jaguars.”

“I then saw magic mushrooms growing and this immediately linked, in my mind, with Ecuador, which you had mentioned, (1) but I didn’t really see as relevant as this is Chimu Peruvian culture. For some reason, I felt the influence of Ecuador, almost as if like the experience was occurring in the mind of a shaman who was in Ecuador as opposed to anywhere else. But then my brain started to interpret it, to understand a bit more, and I felt that I had to follow this were-jaguar, and he seemed to be on a pathway and I felt that I had to follow him and he sort of scuttled upwards. I got the feeling that it was over mountains, and it was almost like it was a carpet, a big wide carpet. I seem to recall that it was like a purply color, and he was going upwards into the sky. It was probably meant to be like the Milky Way path, road or river to the stars or sky world.”

“The environment that I was seeing this was not a normal, you know, our world’s environment. It definitely seemed to me like an alternative realm. The landscape was very dark, but very colorful as well. Like visionary paintings of like shaman’s visions that are very, very colorful. We’ve done a few magic mushrooms here and there in the past and it was that type of feeling. The realm, the visions that you see during that. So I would deduce that the shamans that would have used these would also probably have used some kind of strong psychoactive thing, either tobacco or mescaline, peyote, magic mushrooms. Particularly in Ecuador, because it was a big magic mushroom cult.”

Dr. Greg Little describes seeing a swirling “vortex” like image.

Andrew had been the first person on the boat to describe an image with clockwise spinning to it. In his case, with regard to the ring of three jaguar-type creatures. I was the second, who noted like a vortex of water rotating around in a clockwise fashion. Then of course there was James Windisch, and then a fourth person also shared this experience. None other than Dr. Greg Little himself, who pointed out that he had been exposed to the whistling vessels on two prior occasions and nothing had happened then. In his own words, “I got to the back of the boat. I didn’t take it serious. But I closed my eyes and blew the whistle, and instantly I saw a swirling circular thing, like a vortex, and it had these what I looked at as little nodules popping up, or little energy packets. Anyway clockwise. Opened my eyes, looked around, quit blowing. It went away. Just looked around, closed my eyes, blew it again, the second I blew there it was again. Opened my eyes again, looked around, and said that’s interesting. Closed my eyes, blew it again, there’s that swirling thing. I have no idea what it was. It’s never happened before.”

Interestingly four of us described a swirling “vortex” or circular pattern of some sort moving in a clockwise direction while blowing these whistling vessels together.

Andrew, after listening to my tape of Windisch’s testimony, discussed with me briefly what he perceived as the potential use and significance of utilizing the whistling vessels to remove oneself from “the normal confines of space/time.” He explained, “It may well be that in using this, for example, if you end up doing any controlled meditations, which might help people actually visualize something like this, and ask them to actually go into it or through it or interact with it. They could be carried to the future, the past, or they may be just carried to a different place. Almost as if by entering into the vortex they could become at one with almost like a different sort of concept of space/time.” He added that “once removed into a different realm” one might be able to use it “as a vehicle” to “fling them out, in a way, to wherever they want to go.”

Brad Steiger describes his work with the Peruvian whistling vessels

I emailed well-known UFO/paranormal researcher and author Brad Steiger recently and asked him to describe his work using the sounds of the Peruvian whistling vessels in his meditational work. He wrote: “I often utilized recordings of the Peruvian whistling vessels to assist individuals (to) achieve altered states of consciousness and found the effects gained from the vessels extremely useful. I especially found the vessels productive in what some now call ‘remote viewing,’ but in those days (1969-1986) we termed ‘traveling clairvoyance’ or ‘mind travel.’ Some readers will recall my book in the late ‘60s entitled The Mind Travelers. At any rate, I created a visualization which brought the percipients back to ancient Machu Pichu in time and suggested that they were acolytes who must prove their abilities to travel out of the body before achieving full status as priests. Other appropriate music effects were utilized as background until I counted down to the moment of out-of-body projection, then the sound of the whistling vessels would fill the room. We achieved some astonishing results with the vessels, both in instances where I would guide individuals to find specific people, places, and things and in instances in which I would allow them to free flight wherever they wished to explore.”

UFOlogy Loses Another SoldierThe passing of Prof. Hulvio Brant Aleixo

Brazilian ufologist Alberto Francisco do Carmo emailed me on June 23rd that Professor Hulvio Brant Aleixo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the distinguished founder of the Center for the Civilian Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Objects, established back in 1954, passed away that evening. He had been battling with cancer for sometime. Hulvio was a psychologist and had been a university professor in Belo Horizonte. “I was one of the early members of the group,” Alberto recalled. “I was just 12 years old, the gang’s mascot.” Alberto added that if anyone would like to send condolences to the family then the address is:

Hulvio Brant Aleixo (family)

Av. do Contorno, 5270 -Cruzeiro-30110-100

Belo Horizonte -MG Brazil


1. It seems that the earliest known whistling vessels may have originated from the late Machalilla and early Chorreran cultural complexes of Ecuador from between 1200 and 900 BCE.

For more information, check out this website: http://home.eckerd/edu/~ransombc/enigmaofwhistlingwaterjars.htm