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Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Ray Fowler’s MIB encounter

Noted UFO author/researcher Ray Fowler read Priscilla Wolf’s MIB article in the last issue and shared: I had a few MIB reports in my files. The account is similar to an experience my oldest daughter and I had while cross-country skiing in deep snow on a golf course. As we were skiing home, we noticed in the distance a rather tall man dressed in a black coat and an old fashioned hat similar to a top hat. He was standing under a tree looking at us. We glanced at him now and then as we got closer to him but when we glanced to look again he was gone. We skied over to the tree to look for foot prints to see where he had gone as we could not figure out how he could have disappeared so quickly as one could see quite a distance around the tree. There were no footprints!

Readers may be interested to learn that additional details of this and many other intriguing anomalous events can be found in Ray’s book SynchroFile (2004).

Native Teacher and Healer reveals: There is a connection between Shamans and UFOs!

Back in August, I received an email from Tommy Lightning Bolt, a Native American spiritual teacher, counselor, and healer who lives in Oregon. Medicine Grizzlybear Lake (Bobby Lake-Thom) had shared with him an interview I had done with him in this magazine earlier in the year (February #121 and March #122 ). He informed me that he had “had MANY UFO encounters” and that “I, unfortunately, can’t even get into full detail with the public just how deeply connected I have become with the Star Nations or ‘The Grandfathers.’” Then he added, “You are right, there is a connection between ‘Shamans’ and UFOs.”

Needless to say, I was very interested and looked forward to learning more. Now several months later, I can honestly report that I certainly haven’t been the least bit disappointed from what our exchange has thus far revealed. The pace of our email communications and a recent long telephone dialogue brought out a wide range of fascinating, thought-provoking, and at times mind-boggling information and insights. Periodically Tommy would ask me, “Am I tripping you out again yet”? While I’ve heard just about everything over these past 41 years of personal ufological involvement, admittedly Tommy covered some pretty strange ground. However, various aspects of what he was sharing seemed to meaningfully connect with things that had come my way lately. For example, there was a conversation that I had with Apache medicine woman, healer, storyteller, artist, and UFO contactee Priscilla Wolf, while visiting with her in New Mexico in early August. It has to do with a kind of psychic duality of consciousness (read Priscilla’s account entitled “Living in Two Worlds” in this issue), and once again I’ve found myself corresponding with British author and researcher Anthony Peake (see my interview with him in December 2007 AP) regarding just such encounter accounts. In fact, that correspondence got initiated in a novel way back on October 19th as my wife Joan and I were doing a sound therapy presentation for a metaphysical group in Alabama and unknown to them I was going to play a portion of my taped interview last year with Mr. Peake. During the first break, before I had gotten to that point, a young 19-year-old participant wanted to share a recent experience that turned out to be a synchronistic bombshell. He claimed that at this group’s meeting two months earlier, while an abductee friend of mine named Sandy Nichols was delivering his presentation, he had a really weird déjà vu moment! Suddenly he remembered how about ten years earlier he had dreamed of us there, including me and my wife, in this very room. Mr. Peake has found that people who have déjà vu experiences often have precognitive flashes, plus other symptoms and abilities connected with the brain hemispheres, including a complex dual identity, consisting of our normal everyday conscious self and then something Micheal Persinger calls a “sensed presence,” Ernest Hilgard called a “hidden observer”, generally referred to by many as simply a “higher self.” The Greeks called it a daemon, a kind of guardian spirit, not to be confused with the Jewish concept of “demon.” This hidden presence seems to reside primarily in the non-dominant right hemisphere of the human brain. This is where many of your parapsychologists believe that paranormal abilities reside. Most of us, it would seem, are unconscious of this other inner self until a stressful, life-threatening situation arises. Peake speculates that the quantum theory of multiple worlds might even play into this and that this higher self occasionally breaks in with meaningful data and insights during crisis situations because that normally hidden and divided identity has access to levels of reality existing outside of the time and space we normally are restricted from processing and perceiving.

The young 19-year-old had a number of the symptoms that Mr. Peake has been researching, and synchronistically enough about a week after that meeting I received in the mail a review copy of Peake’s newly published book, The Daemon. Peake and some of his associates have already responded that like many such subjects, they suspect that this young man has some form of temporal lobe epilepsy. (

“I have endured and survived severe trauma in my life and obviously heightened periods of extreme stress,” Tommy noted. “One of the first parts on the training I did was meeting the supernatural force (or spirit) of Death. This triggered much within my psyche and spirit. The chain reaction began waking up of a very conscious level my psychic abilities. I know all too well about parallel or alternate realities. I live in these realms daily.”

Tommy was apprenticing under a man he calls Coyote.

I asked Tommy to describe his UFO sightings. “I frequently, during thunderstorms, when there’s thunder clouds, I’m usually seeing lights,” he told me in our phone conversation. “To me, they look small. If you’re up there at that cloud they may be huge. They kind of like dart in and out of the clouds.”

Tommy explained that several esteemed colleagues in the Mii-Dii-Wii-An (the Great Medicine Society) have told him that the Marble Mountain wilderness area of northern California is a UFO hot spot, and he admits: “Ever since the training I’ve done I can go out into the Marble Mountains, and the first night that I go out there a very bright light flies over my campsite. Very low, very bright. Brighter than the evening star without making any sound. It usually travels from like west to east, when all of the aerial traffic in that area goes from north to south and vice versa. I even took a photo of it one time and a friend who worked in a science lab said ‘Oh my gosh! The stars don’t even show up in comparison.’”

Tommy asked me if I had heard about another UFO hot spot, the Olympic National Park on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. “That’s a place that I like to go,” he said. “It’s about a 6 or 7 hour drive from where I live. It’s a very incredible place. I talked to Coyote about it, after the first time that I went there, and he was telling me that there is a race of star beings that live in there.” According to Coyote, our government went into the area and was told to leave them alone or, in the words of Tommy (who was paraphrasing what Coyote had told him) “they told the government if you people don’t back out of here we will make war on you.” Tommy also heard that there is a “universal dimensional portal” located in that same region.

In Tommy’s first email to me (August 10, 2008) he described how just a little over two weeks before (on July 23rd) he apparently photographed a UFO while on a return airplane trip from Tennessee. He had seen something unusual on this flight to Tennessee from the West Coast, but didn’t have his camera on him at the time. “We were way above the clouds and I just kind of chalked ‘em up to ‘thunder beings’ because they can appear in a number of ways. Coming back I happened to have my camera on me and so I was taking pictures out the window of different cloud formations.”

“(Later) as I’m showing my wife the photographs I see a bright dot in the picture and I’m like ‘What’s that?’ So I pull out the disk and throw in it and then blow it up and I’m seeing a saucer shape getting bigger and bigger and bigger as I’m zooming in. I’m like ‘Oh my gosh!’ Then I sent it to the president of our board of the Eugene Astronomical Society [Tommy is an amateur astronomer]. He said he blew it up 800 percent and that it still maintained it’s form, which he said he thought was rather impressive.”

Tommy shared with me this statement he had made about this UFO sighting in an email to a UFO group soon afterwards. He wrote: “It is difficult to relay the exact time and where it happened. I would say around 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. I was on a jet flying back from Knoxville, Tennessee to Chicago, Illinois, then to Phoenix Arizona, then back to home here in Oregon. I had taken a photo out of the airplane window when I saw it, but I did not dare to even think that I had actually caught it on film! I also saw it GOING TO Salt Lake City, Utah, on my way to Knoxville, Tennessee. I was probably somewhere over eastern Oregon toward Utah, but I did not have my camera on me at that time in my travels. It was zigzagging at an extremely high rate of speed and pulling 90 degree turns without slowing down. I cannot relay exactly where the photo was taken (over what state). Probably Tennessee or the next state north in the flight trajectory path. The photo clearly shows a glowing object in the sky above the plane (The plane I was traveling in was at 36,000 feet). I had shut off the flash on the camera, so I know that the object in question was NOT from some flash reflecting off the window, nor is it the moon. I took a photo of the moon while on the plane so I can compare it if it is thought to be the moon. I saw one object, glowing white. It was brilliant. It was a cross between a saucer shape/upside down wide teardrop shape. Look in the upper right corner of the photo. Blow it up if you wish.”

Tommy states that Coyote is enrolled in the Yurok tribe on this man’s father’s side. “He has unspeakable power,” he said of his teacher. “He has told me things I did 150 miles away and no one else was around and I never told anyone! He is one of the Grandfathers. Five years into the apprenticeship he revealed himself to me to be Fools Crow, revered holy man of the Lakota Nation, who had ‘passed away’ six years prior to the beginning of the apprenticeship. I found out after the whole thing Fools Crow is hailed in literature as ‘the greatest medicine man of the last 100 years.’ Yes, Beings capable of spanning time and space and even death itself. Does the U.S. Government fear Native American medicine people? You bet they do! And they really feared Fools Crow. They feared what he stood for, all people coming together in unity and harmony and the perpetuation of the ‘old ways’ as a living thing in everyday life and ceremony.”

Tommy added: “To me, anything within the last 50 years is New Age. To Coyote, anything within the last 6000 years is New Age!! He is an Ancient.”

At one point, I shared with Tommy details of my own spiritual quest and of my efforts to understand the Christian faith. “What would an ‘immaculate conception’ be considered in the UFO community?” he asked. “I know of women who have mysteriously gotten pregnant and several months into the pregnancy the baby is mysteriously gone. I would never try to shake your faith. It is well placed, but the writing is on the wall. In the first book of the Bible, in Genesis, the ‘Sons of God’ were gathered about the throne of God…Adam was only one of them! Our Iroquois people say that the ‘Peace Maker’ Deganaweda, who came to our people was said to have been born in a Huron village of a virgin mother (sound familiar?) He won the five nations of the Iroquois to his vision of peace, democracy and unity with several displays of supernatural power including producing a solar eclipse for the Seneca! People fear the truth. People fear what they do not understand. People fear death. Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of God is within you and all around you. Not within mansions of wood or stone. Split a piece of wood and you will find me, turn a stone and I am there.’ He was talking about the true oneness of all things, the basic principle of the energy concept! All matter is energy! And all energy is one! My teacher, when he revealed himself to me as being Fools Crow, my skin crawled and the hackles on my neck stood on end, and I asked him, ‘How did you cheat death?’ He said, ‘No matter what happens don’t ever let go of Number One.’ And I said, ‘Creator?’ and he said, ‘Yes!’ (with a big smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes)

“I went to the desert for a day with Coyote to gather sage for ceremony and about two weeks later I noticed a ‘scoop mark’ on my shoulder! Kind of being a smart ass I asked Coyote, ‘If they are so advanced how come they left a mark?’ And he said, ‘It is to remind you who’s pulling the strings!’”

“The really scary part was after I noticed the mark I looked in the mirror and looked into my eyes and saw something bigger behind my eyes than what I was seeing in my physical reflection in the mirror! I burst into tears, scared to death. I wrote in my book (1), ‘What’s scarier? Not knowing who you are? Or coming into the realization of who you are?’ When I shared this insight with Medicine Grizzlybear Lake during a fairly recent visit at his home he said, ‘the second is the scarier prospect.’ I have learned that the highest medicine people are usually genetically modified by the good star people because the human body was not designed to handle such extreme levels of power, and that is why they are so powerful! They are part Star Nation!”

Tommy pointed out that Coyote has moved to New Mexico. “He has shared with me that he has seen MANY Navajos that clearly are part…well…not all human! The first visible sign is when he looks in the eyes of the individual. The other sign is the energy that they emanate. He said you can feel it when you are around one (a hybrid, or a pure alien). They resonate at a different frequency than humans.”

For more information on Tommy Lightning Bolt and his fascinating life journey, visit his informative website at:

This report has barely scratched the proverbial surface about Tommy. Hopefully he will further honor us by allowing continued chronicling of his important story.

1. This refers to a quote from a book that Tommy has written that has not, at this time, been published, but is currently in the hands of his Literary Agent. Hopefully though it will not be a long time off into the future when it is.

Wading into the Stormy Oceanic Waters of UFOlogy

How do we evaluate and interpret psychic occurrences? Furthermore, how do we evaluate and interpret such occurrences when they seem interconnected with UFO case histories? Introducing together two categories of the unexplained certainly further compounds our ability to understand and define as objective reality, at least employing current mainstream sciences and belief systems, occurrences that within a single frame of reference alone prove almost impossibly enigmatic.

However, it just may be that in isolating commonalities within such data that significant factors may be identified. Various forms of popular belief oriented pre-conditioning may well hinder objective scientific inquiry into these decidedly complex and controversial realms. The traditional roles of the parapsychologist/ghost hunter and the “nuts and bolts” ufologist are often sharply and distinctly divided. Researchers from either camp often have a very difficult time wrapping their minds around phenomena characteristic of the specialized field of the other being incorporated into any portion of their own respective field of inquiry. The main problem is in the clash between the conflicting belief systems that emerges in the inquiry process. How can you have a close encounter UFO witness reporting poltergeist (noisy ghost) phenomena in apparent conjunction with said encounter? Must be mere coincidence, right? Only investigate that part of the testimony that has to be relevant to ones specialized field of inquiry, right? Or, alas, how about the paranormal researcher who happens upon a witness who has all of these intriguing psychic experiences, classic textbook examples so to speak, but then shares how it all began after a childhood encounter with a mysterious being who floated down to him/her from a glowing saucer shaped object hovering in the sky.

I recall years ago reading about the situation that existed within some UFO abductee support groups wherein they would be told not to talk about such things as out-of-body experiences or ghosts, if such subject matter came up, but rather to stick to the straight abduction aspects in their conversational interactions. This is a sad state of affairs, because the underlying mentality of any objective process should be to allow free association and discussion alone to guide the witness/abductee through their therapeutic evolution of self-discovery. The researcher/investigator should gently help facilitate that process, fostering complete openness and freedom on the part of such experiencers to share whatever comes to their minds. The data itself should guide the natural evolution of the process. The process should not necessarily be dictated to the experiencer (unless there are obvious delusional elements involved, for example, and the intervention of a mental health specialist is called for). Otherwise, let the phenomena itself set the pace and help to lead the exploration process in whatever direction seems appropriate in the natural unfolding awareness of the experiencer.

Needless to say, there are numerous barriers, walls of resistance and hurtles that can be obstructively imposed in the mindsets of witnesses and researchers alike as they purview the mountain of data, theory, speculation and belief that is already posted and published out there. All the more reason, therefore, for the conscientious and thoughtful researcher to strive to help objectively facilitate and navigate a constructive journey through the minefield of explosive, often sensationalistic data and belief-ridden speculation and fantasy. An experiencer searching for answers and insights into explaining his/her own past experience(s) or ongoing situation could quite understandably find themselves very confused and overwhelmed as they waded into the stormy oceanic waters of ufology.