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The Crop Circle Formation of Madisonville, Tennessee

Back in May 2007, sensational news came out of Madisonville, Tennessee, regarding a spectacular crop circle formation. Reportedly, it was first discovered on May 14th by Monroe County Sheriff Department’s Patrol Captain Bryan Graves while he was flying over the area in an airplane. Then on May 22nd, Mark Boring, co-owner and editor of the local Monroe County Buzz newspaper took a look at it from the air also and photographed it. The wheat formation consisted of four evenly spaced outer circles approx. 41 feet in diameter, with four smaller inner ones spaced between them, described as a kind of “Celtic Cross” arrangement, but with a central circle containing a triangular pattern in it.

A crop researcher named Paul Shishis has noted that the Tennessee formation was similar to one found August 3, 2002, up in Howick, Quebec. He further noted that eight symbolized infinity to many Native Americans. Jeff Wilson of Ohio’s Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association visited the site over the Memorial Day weekend with a team of fellow researchers. Reportedly, Wilson’s team removed over 1,500 samples from the site. Unnatural elongation of wheat nodes and “expulsion cavities” at the stems of some of the wheat turned up, anomalous characteristics that have been discovered at other crop circle sites around the world . “We now have enough scientific evidence to conclude that this formation was not man-made,” Wilson was quoted as saying.

Recently (06-30), I got to speak with Mark Boring, the editor of the Monroe County Buzz, about the crop circle formation, and even UFOs. He said, “This whole thing started off as a lark with a pilot who said he wanted to take me up to see a crop circle. I said ‘Sure,’ and I put him off because I didn’t believe him. I was busy the first time and didn’t think anything about it, and then the second time I thought, ‘Well, I hadn’t been on a small plane ride in awhile,’ and then there we were, we were up and there was this beautiful crop circle and I was just fascinated by it.

“Then this Jeff (Wilson) came down and showed me different aspects of what they look for and I was even more fascinated by it. Even now I’m fascinated by it just by the fact that it appears to be non-manmade, and if it is non-manmade why did it manifest itself into this particular geometric design? What in the world would make it do that or what would be behind it, or the underlying cause. I want to think that it is man-made but for the life of me I can’t get to that point.

“To me it could be as natural as a rainbow or a snowflake, and that would be fine with me. I just don’t understand the energies at work, but I’d kind of like to know what made it and why there’s a triangle right in the middle of the center circle that points right to the landowner’s house. It points as straight as you’d point a gun sight right toward his house. I don’t know what that means either.

“They were all folded over counterclockwise and some of them were woven together, the way that the grass fallen and incorporated itself upon each other, and all of the circles were different, but they all ran counterclockwise, and it was fascinating to Jeff Wilson. He was very intrigued by it. He said that ‘if it is man-made I want to meet the person who did it and then I want to find out how they did it.’ It was a complicated way that they did it. I watched and he pointed out some things to me and I don’t know how it was done.

Recent UFO Activity

“I’m a real skeptic unless I see it myself. Somebody can tell me that they’ve seen a fifteen legged giraffe and show me a picture, but I tend not to believe them unless I see it myself, but since this crop circle has come out there have been three reports by three different people, and two of them I know personally who are very credible people, and the third one was a lady who appeared to be very credible, a 70 year old little grandmother, who said ‘please don’t tell anybody that I’m telling you this they’ll think I’m crazy.’ There’s been a UFO that’s been spotted here, whether it’s the U.S. government or otherwise, they all describe it the same way.

“There’s always been a certain amount of UFO activity, or some kind of activity, and here lately, since the crop circle, there is this one description of a UFO that has come back to me three times, and maybe more people have seen it. They described seeing a circular, but a little more an oval, elongated circle that’s probably 50-60 feet at its longest point and maybe 40 feet wide, and it’s surrounded by blue lights. It floats without a sound. The first guy who saw it was a businessman who I’ve known all of my life (he’s 65 years old) and he’d be the last person in the world to make up a story. The second one was a lady I’ve known for probably 25-30 years, and she’d be another one who would be the last person to make up a story. They both described it just exactly alike. It floated right across the highway about treetop level. Made no sound. Then the little lady, who lives at a different part of town, said that she saw it just hovering for about an hour over this graveyard.

“I said, ‘Why didn’t you call 911?’ and she said, ‘Well, I didn’t want anybody to think that I was crazy.’ She had come into the office to pick up a picture of the crop circle because she was fascinated by the story and all, and she saw it twice. It came once and then it came a week later, she said.”

I asked Mr. Boring if he had written any of these UFO stories up in his newspaper, to which he replied, “Those I did not because when we did the crop circle (story), for this area around here we might have pushed the bounds of reality. I think that we did okay with it. We didn’t want to take our paper into The National Enquirer. We just wanted to keep things on a reporting basis rather than on a sensationalistic one.”

I next asked Mr. Boring when these UFO sightings began. He responded, “The first sighting, by the businessman, was probably two months ago. Then a week later the lady saw it and then about a month ago the little older lady saw it.”

“Once again you’re talking to the biggest skeptic, somebody who would laugh at you, if you told me that you saw a UFO, and the crop circle has just mystified me. I’m still trying to figure out if this thing is man-made, and we just haven’t figured it out. I haven’t given it 100% approval yet.”

Strange Light at the Farm

“I coached little league baseball a few years ago. He’s (landowner where the crop circle formation appeared) got a son the same age as mine and we coached together when our sons were coming up, and his son reportedly told another friend, and it made its way back to me through a couple other people, so it came through about three or four other tellings, that prior to the finding of the crop circle that he and his dad were pushing a wagon into the barn and a bright light came out of the sky and shone on them, and scared them to death and they ran into the house.”