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Ongoing EVP Research: Was it John Keel or a Mimicking Ultraterrestrial?

Bret Oldham asked his technician (or spirit guide, if you wish) named Bishop to locate John Keel for us, mentioning that today (July 3, 2010) marked the one year anniversary of his passing. Within just seven seconds (Bret and I both had our digital recorders running) we all heard “Keel” boom from the two speakers hooked up to the spirit box (see my last column for an explanation of this device). For about two and a half minutes after that attention getting feedback, there seemed a variety of words and voices chaotically competing perhaps for our attention. Bret explained that Bishop was trying to locate Keel, and at one point told the spirits to be patient, they would have a chance to communicate later, that right now we were looking for John Keel. Then again we distinctly heard “Keel” once again. “Hey John, was that you?” Bret asked. Then came the words “John Keel” (13 seconds after the Keel that had just been spoken). A few of the EVP files described can be found here.

“John Keel, Brent Raynes is here and he’d like to speak with you,” Bret said. Three seconds later we heard “good,” by a voice that was similar to a voice that would minutes later reappear again, giving us some surprising responses. “Hello John, this is Brent Raynes. I want to ask you now that you’ve been over there on the other side for a year, how are you doing?” “Good” again, seven seconds after my question.

From this promising beginning, things for awhile seemed to progress very slowly. I asked our “Keel” if his views about ultraterrestrials, his name for what he perceived as an earth-based intelligence that was behind UFOs and many other unexplained manifestations, remained the same or had changed. About 24 seconds later what sounded like “changed” came through. I naturally asked how they had changed, but none of us detected any forthcoming explanation.

I strived to steer the conversation into areas that I knew would have been familiar to the real John Keel, including several private little tidbits taken from our years of personal correspondence. Several minutes seemed to drag on as I tried to get something I could identify as a definite, meaningful response to my questions. Then one of my favorite “Wow” moments occurred. I had asked, “John, what is Jadoo?” Only those really familiar with John Keel know about him and Jadoo. As a young man in his twenties he had traveled through India and met many so-called saints, miracle workers, and snake charmers. Himself a magician he was able to expose a great many of their miracles as frauds, but then he did gain a healthy respect for what he perceived as the genuine telepathic abilities of the spiritual adepts who practiced their faith in isolation and solitude and weren’t trying to sell their performances on the busy streets of major cities catered by tourists. He also tracked a Yeti during his adventures in this part of the world. In 1957 his book entitled Mysteries of the Orient: Jadoo was published. To the people of India, Jadoo was considered black magic.

Anyway, getting back to the spirit box session, it was only about four seconds after I finished my question that a strong male voice, with a seemingly irritated tone to it, replied with what distinctly sounded like “Jadoo”, immediately followed by something like “eh.” We were stunned. Bret looked around and asked if he just said the word, and Sandy Nichols (whose home in Thompson Station, TN we were doing this session) replied, “He did.” Realizing that I needed to strike while the iron was hot, I again repeated, “What is Jadoo?” Within just a couple of seconds that same male voice, stated, “Into the fire, into the fire.” To me that response made perfect sense, as we were touching upon a subject that had consumed a large part of his life’s passion and, as he explained in his book, had certainly consumed the lives of many ignorant, superstitious and fearful people of the Orient. John was certainly no stranger to this fire. His whole life seemed to have brought him to the very edges of it time and time again. In Mothman Prophecies he described the “unruly mob of true believers, cranks and irresponsible self-styled investigators” in the UFO field who he wrote were like “moths attracted to the flame.”

We heard bits and pieces of this voice again, but frustratingly he would fade in and out before all too soon just fading out completely. Before doing so though, I heard the voice say “teach me outside,” whatever that was supposed to mean. Excitedly we began talking among ourselves. I heard a voice over the speakers say “Brent?” It made me feel as though someone was wondering if I was still there. Then, after about a minute of time had expired since it had all begun, that part of the dialogue seemed to be over.

After a short while “Bigfoot” came over the speakers. After about 20 seconds Bret asks John Keel about Bigfoot, and again a clear male voice is heard to say what sounds like “Smuck Bigfoot…see?” This was soon followed by another voice that said “See.” During another part of our session, Bret asked Keel, “Where does the creature Mothman come from?” Immediately what sounds like the word “planet” came through.

Even as this feature is being prepared, Bret continues to go over his own audio of this spirit box session with a proverbial fine tooth comb, using software techniques aimed at further cleaning up, enhancing and thus discerning additional contents of select portions of this session, and, as a result, intriguing new audio anomalies have come to light. One that really caught my attention, and which I had certainly missed in my own review of this material, was the point at which I had asked “John, who are the men in black?” Immediately after that (only one second) a male voice says “Lord!” Now I had indeed heard that one earlier, but the one that I had missed came a few seconds after that where there’s a voice that, it seems to me, is saying, “That’s just stupid, see.” I would not have thought much about it, but that voice and the use of “see” seems to match up with the same sounding voice that said “Smuck Bigfoot” and then said “see.” Soon followed by another voice that said “see.” Interestingly, in this newly isolated portion, within four seconds of the “stupid see” part, you hear another “see,” and then after three seconds a third “see.”

It seems to follow a similar pattern.

Bret had also isolated a portion of audio where he had asked Keel about what Mothman is and within a short time you hear the words “spirit bird.” Bret also isolated a portion of this session where he had said “Thank you, John” and within a second you hear “save us.” Somewhere in the Jadoo portion of it, Bret cleaned up a section that sounds something like “it just hurts to say Satan.”

In a recent July “Filer’s Files” e-newsletter from George Filer, he presented a tribute to John Keel, stating that he had been an “influential author,” mentioning his MIB studies, his observations on “windows” and UFO wave patterns (plus the Wednesday phenomenon), adding how he looked into the paranormal aspects, and concluding with this personal observation: “I met with John Keel and asked what are UFOs all about? He told me after years of study, ‘I have concluded it is the devil and his demons.’”

Researcher Joe Fex had also read this tribute, and emailed the following personal observations to me: “I feel it only fair for clarity’s sake to mention here that as with Charles Fort and Ivan T. Sanderson before him, John Keel had a strong sense of often very sarcastic humor. It got him in a lot of hot water as many would take these wise-assed remarks too seriously and or misinterpret the points he was attempting to express entirely.”

“His comments regarding demonology are simply to say that we are studying the same phenomena that inspired the age of religious superstitious mythology. Keel (himself a life-long devout agnostic) is not attempting to place such concepts, interpretations or identities in a religious context.”

Perhaps Joe’s description of Keel’s “sarcastic humor” and the way he expressed “the same phenomena” from a religious and mythological “context” are points worth pondering when reviewing the statements heard and recorded from the aforementioned spirit box session.

A definite and strong Keel indicator was indeed his “sarcastic humor.” I had to chuckle over this audio file that Bret just shared with me wherein he said, during the session, “John, this is Bret. I’m a friend of Brent’s.” A second later it sounds like the word “bummer.” Yup, it sounded to me like something Keel would have said!

Of course, when John Keel was sharing the physical earth-plane with the rest of us, he warned sternly of taking such manifestations literally. “There are marvelous mimics who can imitate any voice on the telephone,” he wrote me way back in 1970. “It may be vain to hope that we can ever pin everything down and make something rational out of it.”

Bret was recording minutes before the spirit box session and picked up several apparent evps. While his wife Gina was talking an unidentified whisper-type voice seems to interrupt with “get out.” Bret was arranging the equipment and a female sounding evp is heard to say “don’t touch here.” Sandy was saying “Tonight let’s speak real loud” (so that the recorders would pick us up clearly), at which point an evp is heard saying what sounds like “pray.”

As the first spirit box session was ending, Sandy wanted us all to come over to his side of the foyer, to the dining room, where he had felt a presence and smelled a strange odor. Gina was sitting fairly close to Sandy and had also detected the odor. “That’s his pipe smell,” Sandy exclaimed. “There is no doubt that was his tobacco smell. Now it could have been somebody else who smoked the same tobacco.” Gina agreed that was what it smelled like to her, stating that her father and an uncle had both smoked pipes too.

In reviewing the audio of this portion of the evening, while we were trying to figure out the origin of the strange smell, I located two apparent evps myself. Most of the group discerned one of the evps as saying “farted,” which was noteworthy since just a few seconds earlier Bret had jokingly asked Sandy, “You didn’t pass gas did you?”

I realized that sometimes when a presence is sensed and seems to create some sort of physical manifestation, a photograph of the scene will produce anomalous imagery. With that in mind, I took a quick snapshot of my wife Joan and Bret, as they stood in the area leading into the dining room where Sandy and Gina both detected the odd odor. In fact, it was the strongest right about where Bret was standing, and where he was standing was a strange dark area in the picture. When I showed it to Bret he called out, “Sandy, look at this. Remember the pictures we took before with the black mass?” “It could be talking to us right now,” Bret remarked. Then he recalled, “I was walking out of a bedroom upstairs and I felt it and I told Gina, ‘Take a picture now.’ You could see this black mass coming toward me. Right after that Gina kept taking pictures. It was like it was going through me. You could still see the white shirt and like it was coming out again.”

“We tried to duplicate it,” Bret added. They were not able to achieve the same effect, and neither was I. The “black mass” I had photographed and that they had taken upstairs in Sandy’s house weeks earlier, looked like the same effect. In both instances, a presence was sensed, Bret was in the picture, but a different photographer and camera was used.

I took two more photographs immediately afterwards. They turned out normal. The photos are here.

“We’re beginning to believe that the foyer is a portal within itself,” Bret emailed me a couple days ago, when he was describing the evps obtained just before our spirit box session at that location. “Just way too many different spirits gathering there. Great place for spirit box sessions too!” It should be noted, that when Sandy had the house constructed a few years back, he had a large amethyst crystal buried in the ground beneath the foyer and invited spirit influences to manifest in his home, so long as they behaved themselves and were not disruptive or destructive.

After the spirit box session in the foyer, we took us a long break before beginning a second session in Sandy’s home office, located in his spacious pool house in the back of his home. For a good two hours we talked about alien abductions, as the second session was going to be an “alien” session instead of a strictly spirit one. This wasn’t their first “alien” session, but this was mine and Joan’s.

I have known Sandy for a number of years, and it only seemed natural when he later became a ghost hunter too. Like ghosts, Sandy’s ufonauts defied what to us seem like fixed physical laws. In my first interview with him for this magazine (AP #47, Summer 1999) he recalled this experience of seeing a grey alien while on vacation in May 1998 in Destin, Florida. Sandy was about to descend the stairs from the second floor of his condo when it happened. “Smack dab in the middle of the air of the foyer itself, about second floor level, a small grey being appeared. It just appeared in the middle of the air and then…it literally floated across the mid air and actually went through the rail. It just went into the bedroom. Just floated right in there.”

Another abductee I recently met (known by many as Zayne) is working with Sandy using the spirit box. Their theory seems to be that the aliens know what they’re doing because they have “implants” and so because these beings are monitoring these two men then they know what they’re doing at all times and can easily engage them as well in these AM frequency spirit box sessions. They have noticed that with the “aliens” in these sessions they seem easier to hear than the spirits as there seems to be less static and noise interference. In a previous session, the “aliens” communicated some interesting information, and seemed quite aware of the intimate details of both men’s abduction experiences. For example, Zayne was told “they cut your ass,” when in fact he does have a strange and unexplained scar in his anal region. “They told us we humans were not free and this was not our planet,” Sandy told me. “Zayne and I are breeding stock and they experiment on us.” “We were very impressed with what we got,” Zayne noted. “Notice how sometimes it’s the spirits answering but sometimes they answer as if it’s the aliens. Even seem to be void of any emotion in the voice characteristics.”

“They asked the purpose of fish,” Sandy noted. “Kind of strange question since they obviously know we humans eat fish. Then Zayne and I kind of figured it out. We think they were asking about the purpose of the fish I have in my fish tank here in my office. Guess they don’t know that keeping fish has a calming effect on us humans.”

“Throughout the many abduction experiences I’ve had I’ve learned about them and what they want and need,” Zayne told me. “There are the little Greys who do most of the work. There are tall ones who dress in a different uniform and who are clearly in charge. Everything with the little ones is done in a very matter of fact routine manner. They do not have emotions per se and are very logical thinking beings. If anything happens that is illogical they get confused and don’t really know how to react.”

“They work in groups of 4 or 5 when they come after you. I have memories of them being outside my window when I was a child and in my bedroom at other times but I have no memories of how I’m taken aboard the craft itself. I’m usually taken to a ‘receiving room’ before being taken to other parts of the craft for whatever procedure they are planning on doing. The light is very bright but oddly enough not blinding. It is a very sterile, cold type of environment. I don’t mean cold temperature wise, just the vibe about it. Everything is rounded and mostly a silver gray color although I have seen some blue type material that is used in bed type structures and on some seating.”

“Not all the events are medical related. The medical procedures are not pleasant and sometimes are extreme. I have several scars across my lower back by my spine and puncture scars on the side of my upper torso. I have a pronounced scar under my scrotum going to my anus. Yet, I have never had any type of surgery or accident that would have caused such scarring. I have had these small rashes come up in my upper groin area that no doctors were able to determine what it was. They eventually disappeared on their own. I have had a long history of episodes of unexplained nose bleeds, often waking up with blood on my pillow. I do believe that they have also healed me and kept me healthy too. I’m sure for their own uses. I have never had any sickness except for sinus infections that I’ve gotten about every 4 or 5 years for at least the last 30 years. I’ve always felt that in and of itself was very strange. I once had what looked like skin cancer about the size of a dime come up on my chest. I was visiting my mom and showed it to her to get her opinion. She told me that it looked like skin cancer to her. She had skin cancer before and knew what it looked like. She told me to get to the dermatologist right away. I made an appointment to have it looked at and most likely removed, but I ended up never having to see the dermatologist. Two days later I woke up and noticed the skin cancer was gone! No sign of it ever being there. I rushed over to show the area to my mom again. She was speechless. It was as if nothing had ever been in that spot on my chest.”

“They are also very interested in how our emotions work. They have done some very cruel experiments on me in regards to measuring my emotional responses to certain external criteria that they artificially produce.”

“They have a chamber that they use for some of these emotional mind experiments. It would remind you very much of the holodeck from Star Trek. They will put you in there and somehow create a scene based on your memory. Pull something from your subconscious that had deep meaning to you. They’ve done this to me on several occasions. At first you have no idea what is happening but the experience becomes so real that you are consumed by it and go along with the experience. They once put me in there and all of a sudden I was in a familiar setting and then I saw my dog who had died several years before come running up to me all happy to see me. He was like he was when he was in his younger years. I questioned it at first because my logical mind knew he had died but it was so real and I was so happy to once again see him and pet him. I knelt down to pet him and give him a hug. He kept wagging his tail and licking me and appeared to be very happy to see me again too. The more I accepted this reality the deeper the feelings of it got. This went on for what seemed like 10 or 15 minutes and then suddenly without warning it all just vanished. My dog Sam was gone. Everything was gone. I was alone in this barren looking room. At first I felt like crying but I realized what they had done to me and that they were observing my emotional responses to this event. When I saw them come in to get me I was extremely angry and started yelling at them and threatening them. I’m sure that’s exactly what they wanted me to do so they could observe that emotion too. It was useless. It was only moments and they had mentally controlled me again.”

“I’ve had many experiences throughout my life with these creatures. Medical, sexual, emotional, and mental. They have a definite agenda and it does involve cross breeding and creating a hybrid race. I’ve also seen the hybrids. This is going on, on a grand scale. I do believe that there are certain genetic traits they have found favorable. Those of us unfortunate enough to possess those genes will be the ones they use.”

Then we did the “alien session.” Sandy and Zayne asked their various questions, and then Sandy invited me to come closer and join them, as I had told them earlier that I had some more questions. Actually this was an experiment I had planned earlier, using 3 x 5 index cards with certain things written on them. Only I knew beforehand what these words were. I wanted to determine if these “voices” could “see” these words on these small cards, or if they had to hear us in order to respond to our questions. The first card had Ivan Sanderson written on it. Ivan Sanderson had been a very good friend and a colleague of John Keel. We initially asked for the first name, and then the last name. We did get what sounded like Ivan, but the second time around we got a very distinct “Sanderson” over the speakers! The next card was “MIB”. We heard M but weren’t getting the whole thing. Sandy said, “We’re only getting one letter. Give us all three letters.” Then only about four seconds later we hear what sounds to us like “MIB.” All three of us heard it. “Oh MIB, wow!” Sandy exclaimed. We had both jumped back from the speakers. Slapping me on my arm he said, “Pretty slick, isn’t it?” I had to agree. The entire evening had been an impressive one!

Bret also located on the MIB card part of the second session, before we had gotten the response just cited, a place where he himself asked what was on the card, and the words “dark spirits” can be heard. This may too be a significant answer as Keel (as mentioned earlier) expressed many of these things in a religious context. Referring back to that same personal letter I got from Keel back in 1970, he also wrote: “MIB apparitions are a classic and traditional offshoot of witchcraft and black magic. That lore is filled with reports of MIB incidents.”

In addition, Bret pointed out how during the effort to get the “voices” to give us the letters to MIB, the name “Keel” came through twice. At first this made no sense to me, but then I realized that the real John Keel liked to kid around sometimes and dress up as an MIB. I even emailed Bret and Sandy a picture of him doing so once. “I thought the name Keel coming through made perfect sense and even got a bit of a laugh from it,” Bret wrote later. “His connection to that term and us getting his name when we asked what was on the card was pretty cool I thought!”