Reality Checking with Brent Raynes


Discover the connection between UFO visitors and shamanic lore! Brent Raynes' stunning book—intro. by Brad Steiger.

Visitors from Hidden Realms: The Origin and Destiny of Humanity As Told by Star Elders, Shamen, and UFO Visitors

Brent Raynes lecturing at UFO Watchtower Conference in Hooper, Colorado, August 10, 2008 where about 50 people attended. In addition, one orb, seen in upper right center of photo, attended.

Priscilla lecturing at UFO Watchtower Conference on August 9.

Petroglyph that Priscilla said was a skinwalker.

Extinct volcano in San Luis Valley where UFOs and other strange things happen, according to Priscilla.

Alien Visitors and the Dead Zone

Anne Strieber, the wife of Dreamland’s and Communion’s Whitley Strieber, recently wrote an article in which she explained how her theory of “the visitors” is different from the majority in mainstream ufology. In her article, she described how for years she and her husband have received large volumes of mail from people who have connected spirits of the dead with the UFO “visitors.” Back at the beginning, she began to make a list of commonalities that she would come across in the hundreds of letters that came pouring in after the publication of Whitley’s book Communion. One that particularly struck her, because she had not read about it in the UFO literature, was this: “They have something to do with what we call death.”

After the publication of Communion, Whitley got a phone call from his agent. His agent had received a frantic message from a government official who said he urgently needed to talk to Whitley, to ask him something. Curious, Whitley went ahead and called the man, who began by explaining, “I have to know what you think about this. I have to know if this is true.” He then described how his wife stepped outside to walk their dog when a huge white light flew over their backyard and their little boy came running down the stairs to announce his older brother, who had died a short time before in a tragic auto accident, had appeared to him “with two aliens, and he said to tell you he’s all right.”

In another instance, a woman wrote to the Strieber’s to describe how she and her young daughter were abducted and lost about two and a half hours. One night the daughter woke up screaming and then told the mother that the alien beings on the ship had informed her that she had, the aliens explained to her, “little bugs” that had entered her body, and that she was going to die. Then she slipped back off to sleep. The next morning, the child woke up with a high fever and severe swollen joints. It was discovered that she had a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma, which involved the nervous system. A few months later she passed away. Just the day after her funeral, a friend called, and sounding frantic insisted on seeing her, explaining that something had happened and she had to tell her about it. When they got together they went out for pizza and the friend, feeling very awkward and like she was losing her mind, began to explain the urgent need for meeting with her. Something very strange had happened. Two nights before, around 2:20 in the morning, she described how two alien beings had appeared to her, and in between them was this woman’s daughter. They wanted her to let this grieving mother know that her daughter was doing fine and was with them. After hearing this, the mother then shared with her bewildered friend the secret she had told no one since it had happened, and explained about the alien abduction that she and her daughter had both experienced. Then the two friends both cried together.

While interviewing an Alabama ghost hunter for the last issue, this man remarked to me how he would not be surprised at all if it turned out that alien beings and ghosts used the same dimension to travel between this world and theirs. This merging of experiences and beliefs, that in the past were strictly kept within their respective and separate categories by those of these various disciplines, seems to gradually be catching on with some. Maybe change is in the air.

The awkward merging of old and new, often a considerable challenge to a modern intellect’s cognitive sensibilities, certainly surfaced very noticeably during our recent sojourn out West. Talk of UFOs was interspersed freely with tales of Bigfoot, skinwalkers, demon dogs, shapeshifting witches, and encounters with the devil himself. Lurking in the shadows of all this high strangeness are ominous black ops types, or at least that is what some folks are saying. Some of those folks are admittedly a little “out there,” if you catch my drift, while others seem ordinary, down-to-earth, and decidedly credible. One Colorado resident described to me how she felt certain that two men in a black unmarked helicopter had attempted to abduct her right in the city limits of her hometown of Alamosa. Nearby Mount Blanca, regarded as a sacred place of emergence by the Hopi and Navaho, is suspected by quite a number of UFO believers as harboring a concealed military base of operations that monitors the local UFO activity. UFO activity in this area is said to be quite high. There certainly have been a lot of strange and puzzling reports in the San Luis Valley of Colorado over the years.

I had never been to New Mexico or Colorado, so I was certainly very excited about this trip, as was my wife Joan. Flying into Albuquerque, New Mexico late Thursday night, August 7th, we were met by Priscilla Wolf (whom I’ve written quite a bit about in the last several issues) and her dear friend and long time companion Steve. They greeted us as we were headed to pick up our baggage. The way we conversed and laughed a stranger watching us doubtless would have assumed that we had all known each other and been close friends for years. But the truth of the matter is that we began communication with one another via the Internet, snail mail and telephone back in April of this year. I owe a solemn debt of gratitude to that indefatigable researcher and prolific writer Brad Steiger for ultimately bringing us together.

Though the trip to their home in the mountains of Tijeras, east of Albuquerque, is approximately twenty miles, it seemed like no time at all till we arrived at their beautiful mountain home/retreat. However, not long after arriving the adrenaline was beginning to wear thin from the long trip, which our gracious and perceptive hosts quickly picked up on as they introduced us to our sleeping quarters. They told us to feel at home and they certainly did indeed make us feel that way.

Powerful Earth Energies

The next morning we proceeded at a relaxed pace. A healthy and very delicious home prepared breakfast was set before us as we found an endless variety of subjects on which to converse. Day One was going to involve a trip over to Albuquerque, to the west bank of the Rio Grande where the Petroglyph National Monument is located. I had proposed this particular field trip to Priscilla a few weeks earlier and had even emailed her a copy of an interview I had done last year with New York researcher and writer John Burke, author of Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty. Priscilla was very impressed with Burke’s work and even began exchanging emails with him. Burke had visited ancient mounds, henges, pyramids, stone chambers, and known sacred spots at such diverse places as England’s Silbury Hill and Avebury Henge, Guatemala’s oldest Mayan city of Tikal, the Black Hills of South Dakota, to name but a few, and using a fluxgate magnetometer, a standard voltmeter, and an electrostatic voltmeter he and his colleague Kaj Halberg repeatedly detected unusual earth energies at these places. “Overwhelmingly, the ancient megalithic architects all over the world chose to build on conductivity discontinuities, and then designed and built these enormous structures in such a way as to further concentrate the natural electromagnetic energies present at these sites,” Burke explained in our interview. He further expanded, “A conductivity discontinuity is simply the intersection of two zones of land, one of which conducts natural electrical ground current relatively well and the other less well. At such sites the normal daily fluctuations of the earth’s geomagnetic field are magnified several hundred percent, and with them the telluric currents that flow through the ground.” Burke also pointed out that Canadian neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger had “confirmed that the magnitude of magnetic changes we have found at these sites conforms to those he has found capable of creating visions in volunteers in his lab.”

At any rate, the largest conductivity discontinuity that Burke had ever studied was (you guessed it) the Petroglyph National Monument! As he explained in our interview, “it contains thousands of rock carvings which are considered by anthropologists today to have been made by shamans illustrating their trance hallucinations. I measured very powerful and extremely odd surges of electric current in the ground there. When the ranger at the Visitor Center heard what I was finding, she said to me, ‘You know, periodically I get these ‘New Age types’ coming in here and telling me they just love to go sit up in the rocks and feel the energy. I thought they were a bunch of flakes, but you’re telling me there might be something to this.”

These thousands of ancient petroglyphs are scattered across the face of a 17-mile long West Mesa escarpment that was the result of volcanic eruptions that began about 150,000 years ago. There are said to be more than twenty thousand images covering many of the countless volcanic rocks at this immense site, images said to have been created four to seven centuries ago. Most of these petroglyphs are found on south and east facing slopes. We visited the Boca Negra Canyon portion of this site, walking what is known as the Mesa Point Trail. Boca Negra Canyon was the area where Burke took most of his measurements.

While we were walking slowly up the volcanic rock-strewn hillside we were startled when Priscilla’s plastic water bottle made a pop sound and she cried out that she had just gotten an electric shock. “When I was going to put the top back on the bottle it shocked me and I put the lid on and it made a loud pop, (as) you heard,” Priscilla recalled later.

We came upon one large black volcanic rock on the trail that had a place in it just perfect for putting our heads inside. “It fit all of our heads,” Priscilla recalled. “That was the most amazing thing.” She placed her head inside, trying to get rid of a headache. With her eyes closed and her head inside the rock, Priscilla said that she could see various colors, but mainly purple. I remembered myself “seeing” a green glowing cross shape, it’s four appendages appearing to be of equal distance. Later, on another part of the slope, I pulled three whistling vessels from my bag. These are fully functional replicas of the ancient Peruvian Chimu vessels, believed by a number of researchers to have been shamanic instruments of sound. I was going to use them in my presentation that upcoming weekend (August 9th and 10th) at the UFO Watchtower Conference in Hooper, Colorado, where both Priscilla and I were scheduled to speak. They are great for inducing profound altered states of consciousness, and I was interested in observing what impressions might be produced at a site as obviously powerful as this one. After a few minutes of blowing the whistles, Priscilla had a report for me. “I seen the energy of lights, first like flashing lights, and then it was like a sun rotating itself, coming down, like moving towards me,” Priscilla recalled later. “I could see it just rotating around and around.” I reminded her of what she had told me at the time about her back injury, to which she replied: “Oh yes. I just hurt my back a few days ago and I’ve been in a lot of pain and I thought, ‘Oh no, we’re going to be heading for this UFO place and my back is hurting so bad,’ and I thought that I had probably damaged my back by lifting up the microwave. I wasn’t too sure what had caused it, and on the vision today, during the whistles, I saw that I was real mad and that I had allowed an opening to come into my body, because I had been wanting that microwave moved. What happened is the anger had allowed an opening into my body to cause pain, so that’s when I seen light and I used the light of the sun to close that.”

Earth Spirits and Energies of the San Luis Valley and the Gates to Other Worlds!

A couple days later, late on the afternoon of Sunday, August 10th, as we were leaving the UFO gathering in Hooper, I would wonder again about unique earth energies and their possible connection to volcano sites, as in our departure from there Priscilla, in our drive into the southern San Luis Valley of Colorado, wanted to show us her childhood home and where many people had experienced many strange things down through the years. As we road down this dusty, gravel road of hills and prairie land an extinct volcano drew closer and closer. Conspicuously absent was the presence of homes and other people as we drove on mile after mile through this region. “That’s a portal, what they call an opening, of Gates to Other Worlds, right here,” Priscilla said. “Right in this field?” I asked. “Right in there, and the markers are one, two and three hills right there,” she said, pointing out three nearby hills located around the volcano.

“And you used to come up here as a child with your brother and you used to see the disks?” I asked.

“Yeah, the black disks flying around and just totally going into the volcano, disappearing in there.”

“When they disappeared into the volcano, did they go down into the top of it or did they go into the side?” I asked.

“No,” Priscilla said. “I don’t know where they went to but they disappeared right into it. Like when you’re going straight into the mountain. Never went up or down.” Priscilla recalled climbing to the top of it and looking down into a crater. “Just rock like we’d seen over there at the petroglyphs,” she added. I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of readings Burke’s instruments would pick up at this location.

“This is all cerro do las brujas. Witch mountain,” Priscilla said at one point. “Witch mountain?” I said. “Yeah,” she replied. “The Catholics and all the Mexicans named it that because of the weird stuff here. Nobody will live up here. No ranchers. Nobody. A lot of land.” She pointed in the distance, “There’s a camp over there of sheep herders.” Then she muttered aloud, “Thirty miles of nothing.” As we continued on, we saw exactly what she was talking about.

Priscilla shared so many strange stories about this region that it’s hard to know where to begin. Her family knew a Ute Indian who had for years been a sheep herder in the cerro de las Brujas region. This allegedly happened back in the early 1900s. “He had a lot of experience with the black UFOs,” Priscilla explained. She recalled one instance where he described seeing like a “dust devil” that emerged from “this weird craft” and this “dust devil” looking thing “took him up” and then “the next thing he knew he was in these people’s home. …it really was like back East. They were having a big party and there were a lot of white people. There was a lot of green grass. The place looked different than what we [had] … When he moved outside they offered him food. He ate the food and everything. It was something that he thought was the future. Then, all of a sudden, he looked back and there was like a flash and he was back on the prairie, back here. He had been missing for several days and they had been looking for him, but to him he had just been there and gone and come right back.”

Priscilla recalled another incident that he had described. “In the part where the volcano mountain is at, that’s where they would appear at,” she explained. “Another time, there were three flat white disks and he spotted them out there and they disappeared into the volcano mountain, like they went into another dimension, and then the man in black was walking around.”

“Around the base? [of the mountain]” I asked.

“Around the whole area that we went to,” she said. “He was just walking around after the three white disks went into the mountain.”

“Like right inside the mountain like?” I said.

“Yeah,” Priscilla stated. “Where they call it Gates to Other Worlds.”

“Then the other time it happened to him and it was like he was taken into the past and there was a huge house,” she recalled. “This huge house is not there any more. Close to witch mountain. There were a lot of people in a circle praying to the devil, doing devil worship, and this man who was half human and half goat, he said he was the devil, started dancing in the middle of the circle. Then he bent down and asked all of them to kiss his ass. When he got to him he asked God to help him, and he disappeared and all of a sudden he was just back, all dusty and dirty, with the dirt there back around his camp.”

Priscilla’s grandfather, also a sheep herder, recalled going down to the river to collect some fire wood one night. “This was the early 1900s,” she said. “Right there across the river, on the Rio Grande, a big black dog appeared and wouldn’t let him cross and the horses were backing up. He took his rifle out, and he always kept it loaded with silver bullets, and he made a cross on it and shot it and when he shot the black dog it turned into an old woman. So he said it was a brujas, a witch turned into a black dog.” Priscilla recalled that the Ute Indian sheep herder “had also seen the black dog there after sightings of these weird flying objects.”

I asked Priscilla to describe this mysterious “dog” a little more. “It’s not a normal size,” she said. “It’s a huge black dog. Fire comes out of his eyes. Real red eyes. Then he vanishes. It’s never been known that he hurts anybody. It’s just that he appears and scares people.”

Another curious anomaly described in the area are “fireballs” that come “rolling down” from the tops of nearby hills. “They look like they’re coming at you and they’re going to hit you, and then right before they make it to you they disappear,” Priscilla said. “I had a lot of experiences with those energy balls, I call them. The ones that I saw were like red balls of fire. Some of them were white, yellowish – like electricity.” In a few instances they apparently struck motor vehicles, but then they’d “just vanish.” No sound and no heat, and, Priscilla added, “There was never an explosion.”

Then there is the phantom faceless hitchhiker! “I know some ranchers here have seen it,” she said, “I know members of my family have seen it. A lot of people have said that it’s an old man in raggedy clothes barely walking and they stop to ask him [if he needs] a ride or they’d even honk at him to get off of the road, and then when he turns around his whole face is skeleton.”

We also stopped and took pictures of a mound of huge boulders next to the road. People claimed that animal sacrifices to the devil had been performed there. Some even alleged human sacrifices had also been done.

Recently Lightning Bolt, a Native American spiritual teacher, counselor and healer from the West Coast has engaged me in an ongoing dialogue about the UFO/shamanic connection. “You are right, there is a connection between ‘shamans’ and UFOs,” he wrote. He explained that he’s had many personal UFO encounters. Though we hadn’t been specifically discussing volcanoes, he wrote: “Have you ever wondered why so many UFO sightings happen around volcanoes? Mt. Baker, Mt. Saint Helens, all the way up into Canada/Alaska down into the volcanoes in Mexico. They gather energy, including radiation, out of the volcanoes to power their ships. Volcanic eruptions emit a lot of radiation. Did you know that? The UFOs know how to gather the radiation for a source of power.”

All of this dark and sinister history aside, when we first entered the San Luis Valley, on our way to the UFO conference, Priscilla gave us a little history lesson about the Native American history of the region, which illustrated the area’s predominantly positive characteristics. She explained, “The Ute Indians, the Comanches, the Navahos, Apaches, the Pueblo Indians, years before the white man came, would go here to hunt and fish. They had plenty of elk, deer, bear and fish. Nobody fought here. It was called The Bloodless Valley. The Great Creator would not allow any blood shed. It was a place of energy. They could kill animals, but killing human beings was not allowed.” The region is surrounded by a majestic mountain range. One of these mountains, Mount Blanca, is considered very sacred to the Indians. “That’s where a lot of the Navahos and the Hopis claimed that they emerged from the ground and they were taken care of by the ant people, the little people,” Priscilla noted.

Before the conference, we stopped in Alamosa and I got to meet Priscilla’s sister Angela. Back in the June issue, I had interviewed Priscilla about Angela’s haunted home and Priscilla’s skinwalker encounter there. Angela told me herself how she too had seen the entity, how she had come home from the hospital and then saw it crawling toward her, it’s long black panther like body, but with a head like a man.

In New Mexico, Priscilla recently spoke with a real estate lady who “got real scared” when the subject of skinwalkers came up in conversation and admitted that she didn’t like talking about them, but that her brother and someone else encountered one together while out riding. “The skinwalker was half man and half wolf,” Priscilla recalled. “The faster they went he kept up with the car, looking at them, on the side of the car. It really scared them to death. They were going as far as 50 and probably a higher speed than that. It’s well known about skinwalkers appearing to people on Route 66. That’s nothing new.”

Incidentally, Priscilla lives just off Route 66.

Do the skinwalkers worry her? She says, “You’ve got to know how to really protect yourself. If you have the protection of a medicine bag, a silver cross, and you’re religious, they can’t touch you. They can’t take your soul. I’m not going to say I never get scared. My God, it’s a miracle I haven’t had a heart attack and died right there. Because all of a sudden you see something that’s half human and half animal.”

Other stories and information that I had intended to include in this column will have to wait till later. There’s just too much to write about. Suffice to say, we met a lot of great people and saw a lot of breathtaking landscape. We did and saw an awfully lot in four days, but four days isn’t hardly enough time. There’s so much to see and do.

Before I finish this, I’ll include one more story. My own. I debated whether I should include this one. Priscilla emailed me back that I should.

Friday evening, the day we had been to the petroglyph site, we had returned and were relaxing and sitting at the dinningroom table. Steve was sitting at the other end, and Priscilla was to my left and Joan to my right. It was approximately 7:25 p.m. when I heard a male voice yell “Brent!” It seemed to be coming from outside, in through a screened window to my left. I looked at the others seated at the table close by, expecting them to comment or chuckle over this, but instead everyone gave me this puzzled look back as to why I was looking at them the way I was. I soon discovered that not one of them had heard what I had heard! I then asked Priscilla if it would be okay if I excused myself for a moment to go get my tape recorder and begin taping some of her stories. She was agreeable to doing that. Soon I returned, at which time Joan and Steve had gone into another room to talk among themselves while I questioned Priscilla about her stories. I also wanted to be prepared in case I was to hear that voice again. I was a little puzzled as to why no one else said that they had heard it. I began asking Priscilla if this sort of thing happened to her. She admitted that she occasionally heard her name called. I asked if it came from any particular side. “I usually hear it from my left side,” she explained. “….what’s weird that’s my hard of hearing side.” Recently, as I was transcribing this tape I came to a part of the conversation, that same evening, where I thought that I had seen a cat run by the table. Priscilla seemed to think it was just one of the house cats, but then she added, “I do have a ghost cat that passes by. No really, honest to God,” and then she laughs. Right after that, on the tape, you hear a female sounding voice, quite clearly say, “Brent!” But we keep talking like we didn’t hear a thing, oblivious to this voice. So this time the tape recorder heard my name being called and I missed it!

I’m 56 years old, and I’ve been to lots of haunted locations and spoken with a lot of psychics, and I’ve never had (to the best of my recollection) this experience of someone calling my name whom I can’t identify. Many people have told me about hearing someone call their name, how there’s no one there or no source for it, but it never happened to me. Never, that is, until the evening of August 8th, when it happened twice….the second time as a possible EVP.