He Reported Being Taken to a Mothership from the Ruins at Tepotzlan. And You'll Probably Never Guess Who He Is.

by Dr. Greg Little

Recently I have been reorganizing my office— sorting hundreds of books, hundreds of magazines, and countless newspaper articles I have accumulated since 1972 or so. One paper I found from 1989 I felt compelled to reread, and it took me back to a story I told in People of the Web (1990). Unless you have read that book chances are the following story will be a bit startling.

The incident took place the night of September 17, 1985 on a hilltop at the ruins of Tepotzlan. A circular UFO appeared [to a lone witness] and three landing legs moved out of the craft, but it didn't land. A burst of light from the UFO struck the witness and he voluntarily allowed himself to be transported to the craft. He was then taken in the small UFO to a larger wheel, a "Mother Ship" high above the earth. The witness stated that the UFO was a half-mile in diameter. Inside the Mother Ship the witness saw a speaker, and from the speaker boomed the voice of a prophet. As the witness listened to the prophet's words, a scroll unfolded in front of his eyes. After the experience, he was taken back to earth, where he awakened shortly thereafter. He reported that the memory of the event faded quickly when he awakened, but a large earthquake he experienced in Mexico later that same month made the memory rush back. The man wrote that he had been given a message during his experience, and the message was that then-President Ronald Reagan was going to conduct military operations against Libya.

In October 1989, a Press Conference was conducted in Washington, D.C. by the witness and his organization. It was well attended by the press and other media. Minister Louis Farrakhan, a key representative of the Nation of Islam, stepped to the podium and told his story. While in the Mother Ship he had heard the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He related that Muhammad had spoken of the Mother Ship for 60 years and that it had been built by humans in the distant past. He then went into his main purpose, the probable actions of the U.S. military as well as other controversial issues in his organization's agenda.

I first found out about this when I bought my first and only issue of the Nation of Islam newspaper, The Final Call, from a street vendor in Memphis on November 30, 1989. I was startled by the 5-6 pages in the newspaper that told the story and described Farrakhan's experience. Today there are numerous online videos where Farrakhan tells his story and the tale has changed quite a bit since then.