Pennsylvanians Report Close Encounters With UFOs and Bigfoot During 2009

From Researcher: Stan Gordon

Pennsylvania continues to be an active state for reports of unusual activity. During 2009, strange incidents came to my attention that were reported by Pennsylvania residents from forty-eight counties across the state. Some of the types of unusual events reported included sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, Bigfoot and other creature encounters, photo anomalies, strange footprints and sky flashes.

I have been researching and documenting such odd happenings of Pennsylvania incidents for over fifty years. My on-scene investigations of such occurrences started after the Kecksburg UFO incident took place in December of 1965. I began to take calls from the public in 1969 regarding such encounters. Over the years I founded and directed three volunteer research groups that investigated these mysterious events across Pennsylvania for many years. Today, I continue to investigate current strange encounters as an independent researcher.

UFO, Bigfoot, and other anomaly reports continue to be called in to my phone at 724-838-7768. I also receive such reports via e-mail at: . I also maintain contact with many local and national researchers and organizations in the UFO and Bigfoot field who also receive reports. The National UFO Reporting Center and the PA Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network also receive UFO sightings from Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society conducts current Bigfoot investigations.

I continue to find that while many of the encounters reported seem initially strange and mysterious, quite often after investigation most are determined to be either of a manmade or natural origin. For example, some UFO reports can be explained as bright planets and stars, fiery meteors, re-entry of space debris, or even searchlight displays.

One explainable example occurred on the evening of September 19th when numerous UFO reports were received from western Pennsylvania and across the state as well as from numerous other states. Sightings were quite consistent of a bright light source or cone shaped light beaming down from the sky, then soon disappearing. I quickly did some research and found the unusual lights to be the result of a sounding rocket being launched from the NASA facility at Wallops Island, Virginia. Also, some Bigfoot observations over the years were determined to be bear or large shaggy dogs. However, not all such reports are so easily dismissed.

Bigfoot Reports

2009 was very active with reported sightings of Bigfoot from various statewide locations. Many of the reports originated from Fayette County, where there has been a long history of such creature observations along the Chestnut Ridge. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society looked into creature sighting in Pike, Elk, and Clearfield counties, as well as the following Fayette County creature encounters.

In early July on a late warm afternoon, a woman driving outside of Uniontown swerved sharply to miss hitting a large man-like creature covered with dark hair that walked out in front of her car. The woman got a good look at the creature which had large dark wide set eyes that were, “wild looking” that frightened the driver. A similar incident occurred in August near Jumonville, when a woman driving down a road in the early morning hours turned abruptly to miss hitting a large hair covered creature walking down the center of the roadway. In late August, also near Jumonville, a man driving through the area reported seeing a reddish brown orangutan-like animal run across the road on four legs. In September, a woman and her daughter taking a scenic ride in the mountains near Dunbar observed a large, upright broad shouldered, hair covered creature run across a gas well line and go into the woods.

UFO Sightings

Reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects originated from many locations throughout Pennsylvania. There were reports of hovering spheres and cylindrical shaped objects, as well as formations of lights, and numerous observations of triangular shaped objects.

In January, a motorist during an afternoon drive on a rural road outside of Greensburg observed a metallic cylinder-like object similar in shape to a hot dog with a fin on the back. While hovering low in the sky, the object suddenly flipped upwards from the bottom to the top, and seemed to change into a different shape. The object made an odd backwards J shape motion, than shot across the sky at a very fast rate and went out of sight.

On September 4, two people in Latrobe observed a bright yellow-white pulsating sphere of light hovering low in the sky. The silent object suddenly shot across the sky and was gone. One witness stated, “With the snap of a finger it was gone.” He said that it moved off with “astronomical speed.”

During the early evening of October 31, on Route 30 outside of Greensburg near the entrance to Home Depot, a somewhat stealth-like, triangular shaped object described by a witness as “like a fighter jet with its tail end down, and nose up”, passed low over the highway. The object was initially observed as a bright white light source moving rapidly, but as it got closer it slowed down. The solid dark colored structure could be seen surrounded by white light as well as a cloudy mass. The silent object moved off in the distance across the sky.

A solid white chevron shaped object, which seemed to follow along the path of Route 30 heading eastward, was reported during an afternoon near Greensburg in early December. The slow moving object either went through the clouds or blended in with them as it passed underneath them.

On December 23, in rural Armstrong County, a man went outside after hearing an odd sound. The witness observed a large cylindrical object moving slowly across the evening sky. The object, which appeared quite low, was moving towards Freeport. The observer quickly ran inside to get a camera. When he soon returned, the original object was gone, but in the same location in the sky was a huge triangular pattern of lights. The light pattern and the movement suggested that the lights were attached to a larger structure. The object moved slowly and silently into the distance. The witness attempted to take pictures with his older model digital camera but was unsuccessful.

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