Living in Two Worlds

by Priscilla Wolf

When I was in my teens, I started living in two worlds. One is a beautiful and healthy life, and the other one is with problems of good and bad on the earth. It’s like one Indian friend told me once (paraphrased), “You have an old soul, one that has learned a lot and learned how to separate, one living in the under world and the other living on top of the world.”

Grandfather believed that all was the same, that this was a dream world and the other one was reality, but to me this is reality and the other one is my dream world. “You never die,” he said. “You live in two worlds. You are the same person as before.” When I speak of two worlds, very few understand that many people can live in two. One would be as you see it, another would be different. One would be without pain or suffering. You still work and have a place in society, there is music and laughter, you love and hug.

I can help my family in my second world because I can appear to them at their homes and be of help. My mother used to say, “Priscilla scares me. She will walk right in my room and talk to me and I will ask her when did you get here? She would say, I’m your Angel. I just thought I’d check in on you and visit.” My father would wake up to see me standing next to his bed and he would tell me, “Why did you wake me up?” He said, “You and Ralph have the habit of appearing to me and checking on me.” The only difference is that my brother Ralph was dead and I’m alive. My sister Angela was having a difficult time after her divorce and supporting four children. She had gone for her child support that day and the case worker told her she was sorry, but her ex-husband had not paid the support. She left home real sad. That night she woke up to the front room lights on. She got up to shut the light off and there I was sitting in her rocking chair. “Priscilla,” she stated. “When did you get here?” I smiled and said, “Go for your check in the morning. It’s there. So is all your other help you need!” She said I vanished and the lights went off. Next morning she went early to check again, and there was the check. The girl said, “I’m sorry, I misplaced it.” Her ex-husband fears me. Tells his kids I’m a Bruja, a witch with powers, to be careful. I’m no witch. I have a gift. Most Hispanics and also Indians fear the unknown.

I have seen myself separate and go to the next world. Have you ever seen three of you? Have you ever seen your soul or spirit cry? It all has to do with the power of energy. In the second world my first name is Maria.

In 1978, grandfather paid me a visit and we sat up and talked for several hours. I love his visits. I catch up on a lot. Grandfather died in December 1961, but he isn’t dead. Only his earth body is dead. When you accept that communication is easier, they can appear as before, but they are not sick or old. Their world is full of love, joy and happiness. They can see what will happen before it does in the world we live in. Grandfather said, “Listen to what I have to say to you and show you. You must warn your brother Tony. He will die during deer hunting in Platero. He must not go.” He showed me the day of the hunt, like a movie screen. From afar I could see a man shoot my brother Tony and it would be ruled out as an accident. Mistaken for a deer. I seen the funeral and my brother Adam by his grave saying, “He had to die!” As he passed me by grandfather said, “No, it’s not his time. You must go there tomorrow.” I said, “I don’t have a way, grandfather.” “I will provide a way,” he said. “You get ready.” Next morning at breakfast time, my sister Dolores drove up and came to my door. She acted weird. We had not talked to each other for twenty years. She said, “Don’t ask me why I’m here. Last night grandfather came to me and told me to take you to Colorado and that you had an emergency trip there and had no ride.”

So we went. When we got to the San Luis Valley, after visiting my mother, I asked her, “Can you take me to Tony’s house?” She said sure. When we got there and visited he was surprised to see us together. I called him to the side and told him, “Cancel your hunting trip. You are supposed to die. It will be ruled out as an accident.” He acted upset and said, “Okay.” It all seemed to fall in place so neatly. I knew Grandfather was there too in spirit. I came home and everything was back to normal. Time for the hunt came and Tony didn’t go. A year later I visited Colorado and Tony and his wife talked to me about the warning. “Remember you warned me,” Tony said. “A relative of mine came in from Denver and was ready to go hunting. I said that I had changed my mind. He acted so upset. He invited me to go to the bar and have a few drinks. He had made plans to kill me and he was going to do it anyway. Inside the bar he acted very strange. He excused himself, said that he needed to get more money from the truck.”

So he went outside and he had his rifle on his window rack. As he went for the rifle to put bullets in it, out of no where he told Tony a woman, dressed in white with black long hair moving in the wind, showed up and held my hand with such a force that I couldn’t move. “I stared at her and sobered up,” he said. “It was your sister Priscilla. She stopped me from killing you. I went back in the bar and said let’s go Tony. You kept asking me, “What’s wrong?” I said nothing.

“A year later he visited me and told me his plans were to kill me during deer hunting and make it look like an accident,” Tony stated. “I haven’t been myself,” he told Tony. “I had seen your sister at my mother’s home and she stared at me, with those deep eyes. Scared me, to tell you the truth.”

“She knows,” he said. “She really knows. I don’t know how she does it but she knows.” Tony told him that I had come to warn him about it and to cancel his trip.