Peruvian Whistles, Hemisync, Kundalini, 2012, and the ETs: What might they have in common?

By Brent Raynes

It’s always interesting to include a meditation using fully functional replicas of the ancient Chimu Peruvian whistling vessels whenever I do a presentation somewhere. Most recently, Sunday morning, August 10th to be exact, it was the UFO Watchtower Conference held out in Hooper, Colorado, where I talked on UFOs, Bigfoot, paranormal phenomena, and shamanism. What better way to demonstrate a consciousness altering shamanic experience than to conclude such a presentation with just such a meditation.

As usual, various participants shared their interesting experiences afterwards. One lady, self-described as a psychic and a medium, shared with the audience her consciousness altering experience with the whistles, which was particularly interesting on account of her previous meditative experiences using the well-known Monroe Institute’s hemisync method. I gave her my business card and asked her to email me a statement later if she would.

I am very happy to report that she most certainly did, and it was truly a very detailed, precise and fascinating statement. In addition, as we exchanged thoughts and information, she expounded on some intriguing potential implications and significance with regard to the use of the whistles in connection with Kundalini and 2012.

In an email dated August 14th Dori Alsop Paden wrote me:

Hi Brent!

I really enjoyed your presentation, and the whistling vessel experience.

When I volunteered, I really did not know what to expect, and was surprised to find myself ‘vibrating’ up to what the Monroe people had designated as Focus Level 49, which is only offered in the Starlines program at the Monroe Institute.

To explain how the Monroe Programs work, Monroe offers six seminars, which allow the participants to learn the various Focus Levels, using the hemisync process. The intent of the seminars, if one continues with the program, is to be able to identify the Focus Levels without the aid of Hemisync. Some can do this easier than others. As I had 15 years of rather esoteric psychic training before I ever took a Monroe course, and had been in some of those places without having a reference point (such as Focus

Level) to know where I was at, learning the different vibratory levels was relatively easy.

Monroe offers a variety of seminars, but, at this time, I see the program as having six different seminars which assist participants in learning the various levels:

1. The initial seminar is called Gateway, and allows people to experience Focus Levels 10 through 21, but with emphasis on 10-15.

2. Guidelines, which also works from 10 and goes up to 21, but the stress is on learning how to contact and work with your ISH (Inner self helpers).

3. Heartlines – I have not taken this seminar, but I understand it explores level 18 and emotional issues.

4. Lifelines – In this seminar the student explores Levels 21 through 26 – the realms of dreams, belief system structures, and how to do ‘soul rescues’.

5. Exploration 27 - This deals with the exploration of Level 27 – the place where transitioned souls end up (if they do not get ‘stuck’), plus where there are hospitals, libraries, one’s own ‘special place’, and where those ready to be reincarnated gather before they are born.. The Monroe participants have actually created a structure there, called ‘TMI there’ where participants, past and present, can go and communicate with each other.

6. Starlines – This investigates all levels past 27 up through 49, and acquaints us with focus levels where we can dialog with extraterrestrials, and where we can connect with the ‘All’ of this galaxy – Level 49.

So, when I was blowing on the whistles, I was able to identify that the sound had created the opportunity for those in the room to stretch to Level 49.

I doubt that everyone made it to Level 49. It takes a little preparation and training for bodies to ‘stretch’ that much, but I am sure that the whistling energy stretched all that were in the room as far as they could go. It was interesting that one of the participants that described her experience as seeing darkness and then being in clouds is very consistent with the shared experience of many Monroe students – who see the Level 30 something levels as dark, then when they get to the more esoteric levels, bodies tend to clothe their experience in symbols of clouds, or something they cannot quite see.

In general, trying to express a vibrational level that is very distant from our normal physical reality is difficult for most people, unless they spend a certain amount of ‘time’ there. Of course I also see the place in my own symbols. But I have also worked with the energy at that dimension, which has a different ‘equation’ than what we experience in our physical reality.

So I understand, as we stretch to that dimension, and then return to physical reality, we bring a small piece of that equational energy back with us. As Level 49 is about oneness and connection, those that have that equation in their bodies – even a small amount – have the opportunity to use it to work through their own issues that keep them from experiencing oneness, and they can experience the essence of oneness better, and unconsciously pass that energy on to others.

One person cannot do a lot – but from what I understand, as more people touch that level of reality, the little bit of energy each brings back can begin to impact the masses and could actually assist us in creating the peace and balance that our planet needs.

So I would encourage you to continue to demonstrate the whistles wherever you go.

Now, about my OOB experience with an ET: I have been a working psychic since 1964, but, other than talking to extraterrestrials that ‘came through’ a medium’s body, I had little contact or interest in ET’s or UFO’s until October of 2004, when, coming back from my Lifelines training, while sitting in a plane, I did a mini OOB exploration and ended up on a spaceship where a very tall Gray, whose name I later learned was Grickohonen, was there to welcome me, and give me a tour of the ship.

Instead of trying to write all that out again, I am going to cut and paste my experience at the end of this email.

Regards and Ashunayetya! (The greeting that Grick and others use)

Dori Alsop Paden

From Rise From the Myst – A Psychic’s Perspective on Extraterrestrial Realities:

In October of 2004, I went back to Monroe for the Lifelines seminar, an interesting course, using the hemisync tapes, that opens one up to the thought form constructs of dreams and belief systems. Like most seminars at Monroe, the last day usually involved a ‘peek’ at levels in the next course, X27, which is more about contact with those who have ‘transitioned’ and nonphysical beings that interact with physical reality.

While taking Lifelines, I ran into only one difficulty. I ran out of reading material. The Institute had some lender books, but only to use while there, so, on the day the Monroe bookstore was opened, I wandered about looking for something to read on the way home. That turned out to be Talking to Extraterrestrials by Lisette Larkins, which I purchased and put in my carry-on to read on the plane.

In the last two seminars I took at Monroe, the trainers emphasized, as usual, that we were still coming down from altered states and to be careful if we were driving, but also recommended abstention from alcohol for a few days, until normal reality again set in. In Lifelines, they forgot the second recommendation. So, soon after I opened up the book, the flight attendant came around for the drinks round and I ordered a red wine.

In her book, Lisette spoke of making friendly contact with some highly conscious grays, and the more I read, the more curious I became. Halfway through the book, I put it down and decided to take a look at these ET’s myself.

Immediately, I found myself on a spaceship. I was expecting to wander around it unnoticed, but, to my surprise, that wasn’t the case. A large, friendly gray was there to greet me – as if I was expected- and took me on a tour of the ship. I didn’t stay long. My most poignant memory – other than the friendliness of the Gray – was of a creature that looked like a human sized spider in some kind of transparent box. The creature was alive and sent out a telepathic message, and did not look like a prisoner. The Gray explained that its kind could not tolerate the atmosphere of the ship, and the box it was in had environmental controls that kept it comfortable.

I did not stay long. I returned to the plane and began to write down my experience, which quickly turned into a ‘channeling’ session.

(As the channeling session had personal information for my husband, who has been told he was an abductee, I am not going to add this).

Immediately I responded with the following message:

Hi Dori,

Thank you ver-ry much for your most interesting and welcomed reconstruction of your thoughts regarding the whistling vessel experience. Thanks also for sharing the details of your astral encounter with the friendly gray being.

I'm going to copy and paste an excerpt from an article I recently wrote, which I thought that you might find of interest:

Can Sound Frequencies Activate the Kundalini?

Don Wright of Silver City, New Mexico, who has been making replicas of the Peruvian whistling vessels since his own dramatic personal experience with them back in 1980, has wondered about that first experience and if what happened was associated with kundalini.

To begin with, let me excerpt portions of a phone conversation between us. I was telling him about Bonita Luz, a psychotherapist from North Carolina who had given me my own first hand experience with the whistles back in December 1999. I explained to Don, “She had told me that she had heard that they were not just for altering your consciousness but also for creating a channel into like another dimension or something.” On the other end of the phone, Don excitedly replied, “Man, that’s what I felt the first time I experienced them, in that group back in Boston . It was clear to me that we were opening a doorway and I was frightened by that because it was like a cylinder was infinitely open above and infinitely open below, and I didn’t know what that might be opening to.”

“The truly weird thing about the cylinder was that it was much larger than the room, yet was in the room,” Don added. “I can’t explain how that could be. The wall of the cylinder had light fluctuating through it. The light was fluctuating in resonance with the fluctuation of the vessel sounds, and the thickness and density of the wall seemed to reflect the changes in volume of the vessel sounds. A wind of void ness beyond void ness seemed to be wafting through the inside of the cylinder.”

“Another interesting thing about this experience is that as I was blowing the vessel, I suddenly began to experience bubbling energy begin to flood over my brain. The energy seemed to be coming from the cylinder. It was steadily increasing, and I realized that if it continued it would exceed the threshold of my ability to maintain control of my experience. I stopped blowing, put the vessel down, and walked out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen. I could still hear the vessels, however, and the flow of energy over my brain was still increasing, but at a greatly slower pace. To escape it, I returned to the hallway until I was at the room of a guy who was earlier in the evening playing his guitar in the room. He was sitting on his bed with the guitar next to him. As I entered the room, he picked it up again and just strummed across the strings. That sound of the guitar stopped the effect of the energy from the cylinder.”

“Even though I had recently written an article published in The Univercolian about the awakening of Kundalini, I didn’t associate this experience with it until days later.”

In an email just received from Don he mentioned how that initial experience with the whistles had been previously written by him in an article for the Southwest Source, Fall 1982, entitled Peruvian Whistling Vessels: Rebirth of Ancient Sounds of Consciousness. He wrote how that energy flow was rather like “effervesant bubbles pouring over my brain.” He added again, “In that moment, I became fearful that I would not be capable of controlling the steady increase of the effect of the ‘bubbles’ flowing over my brain. I mentioned, in the article, that I was knowledgeable about chakras, and kundalini and its activation and had even had an article about it published in The Univercolian. Recognizing it as what seemed to be a kundalini related event, however, did not occur to me until much later.”

Don continued in his email with another story: “The second event occurred when my teenage son, who was visiting me from Germany and had never even heard of kundalini, blew the vessels with me and my partner, Sherri, the first time. He suddenly became very agitated and informed me that he was feeling heat rise and wave through his back, making him dizzy. I recognized that what he might be experiencing is kundalini weaving through the Ida and Pingala, but not the Sushumna Nadi. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be more enlightened through the experience, but that’s okay.”

“I was sharing dinner one night with Shyam Bhatnagar and friends, after which we blew the vessels. One of my friends asked him “What chakras do the vessels address?” After a moment of reflection, he said, “They activate ALL chakras!” Considering that the number of chakras are considered to be from seven to thousands of chakras, depending on the sect asked, this was quite a profound opinion expressed by an acknowledged and respected enlightened Guru.”

Well I hope that you enjoy it. Thanks again for sharing your personal info and observations and please take good care!


In an email follow-up dated August 16th, Dori wrote me these thought-provoking comments:

Hi Brent:

I have given a little thought about the whistling vessels and the kundalini, and would like to add some – but what do I know? - comments on that.

During my time as a student learning how to identify energies, the kundalini is one of those energies we worked with - not once, but for years.

What many people are not aware of is that the kundalini not used in a balanced fashion can cause illness, insanity or death.

If you want proof of that, look around you. At this moment, according to my teachers, the planet is generating a lot more kundalini than usual. This actually is in anticipation of the 2012 Event, whatever it will look like. Right now, we were told the planet (and the solar system and nearby solar systems) are gearing up for some kind of vibrational shift, and the kundalini has been rising since 1988 or thereabouts.

In the life cycle of a planet or solar system, this is about half a second (Somewhere along the way I earned a BA in Geology also).

I hesitate to suggest that the rise in the kundalini is actually a contributor to global warming because there are elements in our human society that would love to jump on this and try to avoid responsibility for their own actions, and we do need to learn to reconnect with the planet and respect its resources.

However, all one has to do is read a newspaper to see that violence, odd illnesses, and mental instability seems to be on the rise, and has been reflected in our leadership, particularly since the late 90’s.

Our teachers suggested a contributing factor is that the majority of people (and some animals) have no idea of how to work with the increase in the kundalini energy.

That’s the ‘bad’ suggestion.

The ‘good’ suggestion is that the sound generated by the whistles may be a aid to balancing the kundalini. This may be why some think that the whistles ‘activate’ the kundalini when what may be going on is that multidimensional expansion the whistles activate make people more aware of the kundalini.

We learned how to balance the kundalini by consciously blending the Earth energies and the multidimensional energies in our bodies. A ‘side effect’ of this, if you wish to call it a side effect, is a balancing of the chakras, as best as they can be balanced.

I must reiterate that the whistles will work with bodies in different ways, and those bodies that have not worked with multidimensional energies will benefit, but not as much as those who have worked with the energies; this could be through Reiki, meditation, Tai Chi, or any process that involves people to learn how to connect with less physical energies (including some Alien abductions), so there are many that can benefit deeply from using the whistles. (I, for one, plan to buy a set).

But I also sense that the whistling vessels, unlike the kundalini, do not do harm, but assist most people in their ‘opening up’ process that will hold them in good stead when the planet has finally changed vibrational levels, and all of us need to live on a planet of a different energy than was around when we were born (except for those born after 1988).

Cheers and Ashunayetya!

Dori Alsop Paden