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Did Six Egyptians Die While Digging for the Hall of Records at Giza?

by Dr. Greg Little

In September 2009 six Egyptian villagers died while digging an illegal tunnel shaft. The site of the illegal excavation was in the village of Nazlet el-Samman, under a ramshackle house adjacent to the wall surrounding the Giza Plateau—not far from the Sphinx. Newspaper accounts relate that the villagers had been convinced by a charlatan that an ancient treasure could be found by digging down to a tunnel complex under the house. Speculation immediately arose that they were attempting to access the Hall of Records, but precisely where they obtained the specific site information is an intriguing question. Both before and after the deaths, a lot of questionable activities took place. The pdf file on the above left contains my full report on the affair. The pdf file on the upper right contains only a summary of the controvery about Andrew Collins cave discovery.

To read of the deaths, click here and here.

Precisely how the site (just off the Giza Plateau) was identified as an access point is possibly explained in a claim made by Bill Brown, who says he was the manager of a Polish university ground penetrating radar project in Egypt. Brown performed a "secret" ground penetrating radar study adjacent to the site and found "gold and statues." He asserts that the Hall of Records can be accessed from tunnels there. According to Brown his GPR data was stolen. Brown and a colleague, Richard Gabriel (a pseudonym), also claim that a conspiracy is at work involving the Cayce organization (the ARE) and Dr. Zahi Hawass. Brown flatly claims that Hawass and the ARE are lying about secret excavations and he says that an "Atlantean high technology device" previously "seen" underground by him has apparently been removed. Brown and Gabriel also claim that they have seen other underground "treasures, gold and statues," in this area of the plateau. The claims also involved a now-fallen-apart story of how a friend of Brown's dressed in a policeman's hat and coat to slip onto the Giza Plateau at night and film a nighttime excavation. The entire film was shot from a roof top. The film was a centerpiece in their "conspiracy" claim and the fact that the details are not what was initially claimed cast doubts on the veracity of Brown & Gabriel. In an online video Brown placed online in late August (see bottom of page for link), he talked about the connection between his research and the deaths of the six Egyptians: "Someone started to believe that our information was correct and someone started digging there." That segment can be found here. With respect to the caves discovered by Andrew Collins back in March 2008, Bill Brown took full credit for the discovery by relating, "We have found a cave system at Giza." Andrew Collins was not mentioned or credited in any way. That segment can be found here.

There are many more parts to the conspiracy that are alleged, including an MJ-12 military group from Texas, alien artifacts, psychic discoveries, and so many exaggerations, distortions, and bizarre claims that I have wasted many hours looking into the many matters and specific allegations. It is all simply bizarre and included unfounded attacks on Andrew Collins who did nothing whatsoever except give a fair and honest reporting of his findings. Two long and detailed articles were produced by me and previously posted, which went through the various allegations one-by-one as carefully and meticulously as I could do so. After a discussion (August 25, 2010) with the Director of the ARE I have concluded three things. The first is that the claims made against the ARE by Brown and Gabriel are utterly and totally false, without any basis in reality, and the intention of them being made to begin with is unclear. The ARE as well as several specific individuals have been falsely and maliciously accused of doing something that is completely untrue. However, there are many people who want to believe that Atlantean artifacts have been secretly collected by the ARE. There are people who believe Elvis is still alive. The internet gives them ample places to list and argue their beliefs. They can find supporters and get derision at the same time, but both are forms of attention. But the truth is, the only way to win is to quit playing that game.

The second conclusion is that all of the defamatory statements made toward Andrew Collins by these individuals are also without basis and untrue. These include comments belittling his discovery of the caves, his discovery of a well in a Moslem cemetery, his own findings about the allegations of the coverup, and Andrew's thorough evaluation of the alleged secret excavation night film showing lights on the Giza Plateau. Andrew has answered all of these allegations honorably and with blunt honesty. His conclusion might be unfavorable to those who have made these claims, but they remain his honest conclusions. I have also made it clear that I agree with him.

The third conclusion is based on inflammatory and simply outrageous postings on the internet coming from a few supporters of Brown and Gabriel, many of whom are known. For example, Judith Elter posted the wide-ranging comment that "The article is full of lies." But not a single example was given. As far as I know, there were two small inconsequential errors, which were quickly corrected in the articles, and both are posted below. Elter added that both Collins and I are members of the ARE. (Apparently being a member of the ARE is somehow a slur.) However, Collins is not a member of the ARE. It is a classic ploy. Call someone a lier and then tell a lie. Such statements are a game to the people doing it. One other poster admitted that he simply liked causing trouble presumably then sitting back and watching the show. In an August 10 forum posting by "Horus," a supporter of Gabriel and Brown, he wrote that there was a legal proceeding underway for defamation of character, apparently after Gabriel or Brown told him such. That's an interesting way to issue an idle threat and such threats deserve a close look and appropriate response. Horus expressed that the articles were a smear campaign and hatchet job and related that the 2012 ideas expressed by Brown and Gabriel shouldn't have been mentioned. However, the 2012 ideas appear to form the basis of their quest to find the crystal that they say is in Khufu's mummy. If putting the crystal saves the world in 2012 by activating the world's pyramids, great. I never stated that it wasn't true, but I wrote that in 2013 we'd know. However, except for the minor retraction or clarification and update below, I fully stand by the overall facts and conclusions of the articles. But I will not argue with anonymous posters or wide-ranging comments such as "It's filled with lies." There are and were no lies in it. The truth is, that the facts are unsettling to the supporters of Brown and Gabriel. Prove your case. Prove the allegations. List the lies you allege. Show the alleged film. But what you have done with the allegations and baseless claims you make is create the opposite of what you seek. You have an online petition to the Egyptian SCA asking for a formal excavation of the area where you say you found the Hall of Records. The deaths of the Egyptians and the outrageous and baseless claims made against the ARE and Zahi Hawass will, no doubt, block any research on the Egypt Hall of Records. As to the ridiculous claim that the "ARE is lying" it seems that insiders and certain members might be in a better position to know what happens there than those who claim to know secret activities from the outside.

In essence, it is impossible to fight anonymous internet postings filled with accusations and outrageous claims that change from day-to-day, moment-by-moment. At this point it is a hopeless, time-wasting, and futile venture to address the bizarre ideas and claims that Gabriel and Brown make about 2012, a crystal in Khufu's mummy, the idea that the crystal has to be put in the Great Pyramid, the idea that it activates all the pyramids in the world to protect the earth and create a vibrational balance. The MJ-12 involvement, secret Washington agency analyzing film, secret satellite surveillance of Giza, knowledge of secret entrances, and so much more are a monumental waste of time. To those who believe in it, okay, believe in it. As I related many times, we'll know by 2013, and the craziness everywhere will only worsen till then. Thus, my response to this is simple. I won't play the game any longer and won't respond to the daily-changing nonsense. As I have related from the beginning, the main article is being condensed for a print publication, so that it goes into formal print. I know that it will be posted online eventually, and it's currently scheduled for print in about one month.

The ARE typically ignores outrageous statements made about it but does eventually take notice of such things. And unproven accusations can indeed cause damage. The oddest thing is that after Bill Brown sent out emails stating that the ARE was "lying" about a coverup of Atlantean artifacts being recovered, he asked me to arrange contact with them so some sort of meeting or project could be set up. A meeting with the ARE designed to be helpful to Brown's agenda certainly won't happen. There are consequences to such false accusations. I can see no reason to engage in any further dialog with Brown and Gabriel or their few supporters. I am also urging Andrew Collins and his supporters to ignore the same nonsense, at least for now.

Retraction & Correction: The previously posted article inadvertently mentioned Gabriel's "wife," but didn't state a name. Judith Elter, is actually described by Gabriel as his "partner."

Update: Bill Brown has now posted the video presentation from May 2010 on his www.gizamap.com site (click on movies when you go to that page). According to Brown the presentation contained the proof of his conspiracy and other charges. He took credit for Andrew Collins discovery of the caves and also directly at Giza to the illegal excavation and deaths.