Classic Mysteries

A Threatening Presence in Sacramento

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

Date: January 23, 2010, Saturday.

Time: 1900 Hours

Betty Frazer and Cassandra Bushore moved into a home in Sacramento and discovered that the home is haunted by four entities. The four entities are a mother and daughter, a small dog and a dark presence.

They have lived in this home for three months and in the first week, they felt a haunting presence. Betty felt there was something wrong with the home, before they even moved in. Some of the problems that they have in this home are:

1. Lights will dim and go completely off on their own.

2. The bedroom door has shut closed by itself.

3. Messages have been erased off the telephone answering machine.

4. The occupants have been touched.

5. Woman entity has been seen; she is thin and has gray hair.

6. Woman entity has a daughter and the daughter seems sad and depressed.

Note: They learned from their neighbors that an older woman lived in this house and died in this house from a terminal illness and that her daughter in her 30s committed suicide by a possible drug overdose. The neighbors have told the occupants that the mother and daughter lived in this home for 26 years. The neighbors said that they had a small dog and the dog died in this home too.

Other tenants that lived in this home have not lived in this home for very long. There were tenants who ran out of the home late in the evening and packed up and left, one of the tenants was screaming when she ran out into the street.

Other activity is:

7. Clock hands spinning around.

8. Dishes have been slammed down to the floor.

9. Growling noises have been heard.

10. Plumbing sounds have been heard in the bathroom. It sounded as if plumbers were working on the pipes. The sound emitting from the bathroom was very loud.

Betty has been threatened by the dark presence. She felt like she was pushed down while walking in the kitchen. She had hard time breathing. Another night, she was laying in bed and her cane lifted up and was pointed to her face and she could see a black mass on the ceiling, again she had hard time breathing. Betty says that a dark entity was with her for 30 years that started in Reno. The dark entity wore a black trench coat; face was in shadows and wore a black brimmed hat. Betty felt this dark entity was protective and she does not believe this dark entity is the same dark entity that has been attacking her in this home in Sacramento. The worse situation in this home is when one night Betty felt she was attacked by the dark entity. She felt multiple stabbing pains from the dark entity. Another note for this story is that the paranormal activity increased during renovation of this home.

HPI Paranormal Investigators present: Deborah Baughman, Kathy Foulk, Angelita Reyes/Psychic and Gwen Johnson / Freelance Reporter. Lead Investigator: Paul Dale Roberts.

Equipment Used: Temperature gauges, digital cameras, digital audio recorders, Toshiba laptop, Spirit Box.

1st Session Evidence Gathered: Angelita picked up on the little dog entity and felt it snipping at her leg, before she learned that there was a dog entity in the home. Deborah felt like she was touched in the kitchen. Dark shadow anomaly shows up on one photograph.

2nd Session Evidence Gathered: EVP that sounded like Dark Vader talking from another dimension, trying to say full on sentences, but words are inaudible. More shadowy anomalies are seen in photographs. Angelita, Deborah, Kathy, Gwen were sitting on the master bedroom bed and the bed felt like it was breathing, moving up and down. Spirit Box used, with substantial words ‘suicide’, ‘cancer’ were used when asked how you died. When asking how many entities are in the house, the answer was 12 and this was said 3 times. Note: Spirit Box is not substantial evidence. Angelita channeled the mother entity and the mother entity through Angelita said..”do you want to feel my pain?”

3rd Session Evidence Gathered: Took a series of pictures in the front yard and in one part of the yard, I felt a quick suffocation and I snapped a picture and there was _ darkness and the other _ was light, 2nd and 3rd shot was taken and the picture was normal and I felt no suffocation. EVP of a man saying ‘Rod’. Strange ectoplasm type of pictures was taken. Ice shaken around in a glass was observed. Most of the investigators felt they were touched one way or another, even I felt like a ghostly finger stroked my forehead.

A Catholic blessing was conducted to cleanse the home and send any entities into the light.

I thank the occupants for the coffee, sugar cookies, chips and salsa to keep us going for this long evening.


With the EVPs, especially the Dark Vader talking from another dimension EVP, I feel there is definitely a presence in this home. I hope my blessing will be sufficient and that the occupants will no longer be harassed by these unseen forces. I will be in contact with the occupants to see how things progress. The occupants did tell me that during our visit, a mat in the backyard was shredded and they have no explanation on how the mat became shredded.

Pictures from the Investigation:

An email was received the following day after the investigation by Cassandra (occupant), this is what she relates:

“Good morning...

I can't thank you enough for your group attention last nite. It was certainly an eventful night and one that will stay in my memory for always. I loved your team; such good people!!

Wanted to follow up on the 'mat' incident that Betty called you about. It was right after you left when Betty took the dogs outside for the last time. She called to me and asked me what had happened to the patio mat. I didn't know what she was talking about, so went out there to see. It had been not only shredded to bits, but it had been moved a good foot or more. It seemed more wet than anything on the patio deck. Now I could blame this on the dogs, but it would be a real stretch... Particularly since the dogs weren't out there after you left, until they were taken out by Betty and the discovery was made.

Now let me tell you why this is so disturbing to me. First of all, this mat is so heavy (without being wet) it's a struggle to move it all. Very thick and made of some material like the stuff you use to make plant hangers (can't remember what it's called). It's specifically for outside use. It’s a good 2 inches thick. When it gets wet, it absorbs the water well, as it passes through the mat onto the concrete/decking, wherever it's sitting. Great to wipe your feet on as it can take all the abuse. THAT MAT you and I were standing on when you were on the deck, facing the back yard, in the far right corner (doing the blessing). I would have certainly noticed that mat being shredded and especially being 'moved' all that far. It was so wet that when Betty and I went to move it back to it's spot, it took us both to do it.

I tell you that if I went out there and wanted to shred the mat, destroy it, even 'move' it, I'm not sure I could have done it. That material (I think it's a heavy jute) is just too sturdy. Look at the pictures!!!. Dogs weren't out there between us being out there and Betty taking them out. This happened in that time frame. Any ideas?

There was a loud crash in my closet right after I turned off my lights. Dogs went nutz. Got them calmed down and slept for the rest of the night. Betty said her night was uneventful.

Where do we go from here?