Number 100 • June 2006 • Issue 102

Reality Checking with Brent Raynes — Da Vinci Code—Brad Steriger comments, & 6/06/06

UK Ministry of Defence "Condign Report"—UFOs are Plasmas by Dr. Greg Little

Interview with UFO Contactee "Pepper" by Brent Raynes

Classic UFO Cases by Brent Raynes — 1991 Brazil UFO Encounter

Encounters with the Unknown: 2004 Poland UFO Case

X-Sightings... UFO Reports

Book Review by Brent Raynes: Edgar Cayce's ATLANTIS

Underwater Stone Formation At Bimini, Bahamas Reveals Its Secrets: Ancient Maritime Culture In Bahamas Confirmed by Dr. Greg Little

Free QuickTime Video Clips From the DVD Documentary: The Ancient Bimini Harbor

Alternate Perceptions Free Quicktime Video Clips