Number 98 • February 2006 • Contents

Reality Checking with Brent Raynes — Synesthesia

Interview with Dr. Jacques Vallee by Brent Raynes

Classic UFO Cases by Brent Raynes — 1954 Argentina Case

Encounters with the Unknown: 1968 Maine UFO by Mary Kimball

X-Sightings... UFO Reports

Book Review by Brent Raynes: PMH Atwater's Future Memory

Free Video Clips From The Yucatan Hall of Records DVD

UFO, Atlantis, & Edgar Cayce Books & DVD s on the Search for Cayce's Yucatan Hall of Records and the ARE's Search for Atlantis

Alternate Perceptions Free Quicktime Video Clips

The Ancient Bimini Harbor: Uncovering the Great Bimini Hoax by Dr. Greg Little